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    posted a message on Option to toggle picking up items, and/or press a key to pick up nearby items.

    I actually agree with this.

    I'm playing with a mod, that requires me to sneak to pick up nearby stuff or rightclick for a single item i look at.

    If that where standard vanilla, almost everyone would complain about it when doing farmwork or tearing down large builds.

    Especially becouse sneaking slows you down. So it has it's flaws.

    To me, it makes the game way more enjoyable since i don't have to deal with lillypads,

    from crossing swamps by boat, worthless drops like rotten flesh or leather etc.

    Also, sometimes there are just items laying around at random, like eggs or flowers & they can mess up your inventory rather fast.

    Another pro about this is that i don't have to throw away items far enough, to not recollect them.

    Automatic collection should be optional by now.

    -Full support!

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    posted a message on Efficiency and you - Sharing tips and tricks and ideas!

    I'm puzzled. How do we determine effeciency? To get something done fast? To automate as much ressorces as soon as possible?

    It completly depends on playstyle. Survival ist just a game mode.

    A complete new player i would reccommand to not kill every animal near spawn. For lazy ones, i'd recommand breading chickens.

    Giant spruce trees are the best to farm, if you climb them with waterbucket & chop from top to buttom.

    (Spruce trees or more accurately sticks are a good trading ressorce earlygame)

    Now the fuel properties! You can safe lot's of coal if you use sapplings/wool/etc instead of 1 coal for 2 iron ores. Or use lava instead.

    1 coal smelts 8 items. 8 coal smelt a stack. 16 coal make 1 stack of torches. And you want lots of torches!

    Don't throw away leftover bulding materials. Store them seperated from your organized storage.

    Don't craft swords weaker than iron-tier. Use stone-axe instead & practice critical attacks.

    No iron shovel/hoe. Stone is good enough untill you hit diamond.

    For my personal playstyle... i'm an overworld nomad. And i sattle down extremely rare, when i'm in the mood to build something.

    The only effeciency related stuff to me is NOT TO DIE & inventory management. Otherwise it's just travel, trade, fight, mine that cave or loot that structure!

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    posted a message on What is your least favorite or least used item in the game?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    To prevent unwanted items going to the hotbar, you can do this by filling it up with stuff you want there,

    or in early game do what I do and put placeholders there until you've gotten more advanced tools and food items.

    True. Tho in the situation i explained, where you want to cross a swamp, the lillypads take the place where the boat needs to be.

    That's the point. To prevent that, i have to take them into the inventory.

    If the swamp is a larger one, i end up with 2 stacks lillypads IF i have that space left.

    That's why i hate lillypads. There is no way around them but mods / frostwalker.

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    posted a message on Is anyone else think that Minecraft is losing its touch?
    Quote from Omnimetatron»

    Eh, anyone who doesn't like Mojang's changes will mod them out, the chat changes included.

    As for getting lost in the caves, I think that people forget about wolves. Yeah, they can be annoying, but they're useful as markers, partly because of the coloured collars and partly because they make noise.

    I don't know... I mean, dogs making noise is one thing i did not think of jet,

    that could realy be helpful to not get lost while cavemining.

    But taking dyes with you, to dye the dorgs underground doesn't sound practicle.

    (Iknow, you did not say so. I assume you dye them before you take off.

    Btw, what do you memorize using dogs with colorized collars?)

    I used to place signs all over the place.

    Nowdays i just dig upwards & travel back, when i realize i got lost.

    Another issue is that dogs tent to get in the way, while mining or while fighting in close caves.

    It's allready dangerous enough to fight creepers near bats, as they can take the hits instead.

    Plus dogs don't fight creepers. They don't even flee from creepers.

    A cat might be the better companion when dealing with creepers underground.

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    posted a message on Ships?

    We probably won't see cannons anytime in the future. Same with guns, rifles ect.

    About your demand for ships:

    Have you ever tried davincis vessels mod?

    It allows you to build ships, airships & submarines from your favourite blocks in almost any shape you like.

    Just attache the steering wheel & off you go!

    Altough, there are some requirements if you want to fly or build insane big vehicles.

    So yes, you can basically fly & dive with your house or mansion or whatever.

    So stupid & jet SO MUCH FUN!

    -Highly recommand it. ;)

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    posted a message on A neutral tamable mob for Minecraft
    Quote from cerie»

    Thanks for the feedback on my idea, and i will probably get rid of some of the overpowered things like riding, cropgrow, and chest equippable, but i like my sheering idea. Also, i intended for them to be a hard mob to find and if you find it you can tame it and let it work on your farms and tree farms as an upgrade instead of constantly having to collect bonemeal. As an example, people have to constantly walk around in deserts looking for cacti to break for green dye, and then at one point they can finally make a green dye farm as an upgrade instead of constantly having to collect cactus blocks.

    There are plenty of cacti farm designs but i get what you mean. It would add some fun to the game if this mob would knock down some grown cacti.

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    posted a message on More Customization for Armor

    Uhm.. first of, this forum isn't run by mojang. They don't even read here.

    This is where you post your ideas, get feedback & then you post your suggestion to minecrafts feedback site or minecrafts reddit.

    Based on what you suggest, we, the readers, would need to know that specific series you watched.

    Do you realy expect people (or mojang developers) to watch a youtube series just to understand what you suggest?

    What i understand so far is that you want random armor customization with effects simular to suspicious stew.

    So armor with possibly: poison, mining fatigue & nausia? O.o

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    posted a message on A neutral tamable mob for Minecraft

    Ok, you have a lot of ideas for this mob. In general i like your suggestion.

    Ther are just 2 problems:

    Minecraft does not have male & female mobs. But there are brown mooshrooms, so alternate textures aren't a problem.

    The mob should not be able to destroy blocks. Creepers don't grief unless they come close to a player.

    Enderman are the exception here.

    Also: Riding, chest equippable, sheerable plus cropgrow bonus are a little overpowered.

    I would add none of them, even the cropboost. Becouse that would make bonemeal almost useless.

    Ramming trees to make sticks & sapplings drop is pritty cool & useful.

    Your texture is cool as well.

    You should overthink your suggestion, post it on minecrafts official feedback website or minecrafts reddit.

    If mojang should turn your suggestion down, suggest it to mod developers instead.

    This mob idea has potential, don't let it go to waste.

    So i partially support.

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    posted a message on Do you think Steve is the strongest character in all of fiction?

    Minecraft isn't the only game with broken inventory when you want to take the wight of items into account.

    (Carrying stacks of goldblocks in shulkers)

    The most broken things i have seen are dolphinspeed plus depthstrider 3 & boats on ice.

    When you move faster then the world can load, you know that something is just broken.

    Or the PC / server is just bad.

    There is nothing we can interact with (lift things for example) to somehow determin the strenght of the character.

    It's all speculation to a game with broken physics compared to real life.

    I remember i played a dungeon crawler on ps2 with a weight based inventory system. But then i found an item that gave me streanght boost (atk dmg & more carrying capacity) for just having it in my inventory. Since the multiplayer was also broken (import char, drop stuff & export WITHOUT SAVING) i could just dupe these items endlessly, maxing out all streanght related stats. So i just killed the last boss on the highest difficulty with 1 hit.

    You can't do that in minecraft, so i would argue that Steve is no where near the strongest.


    The game was Champions of Norrath. It got an expansion called Champions return to arms. The devs didn't remove the obviously broken parts, so me & my friends just kept making godlike lvl 1 Characters.

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    posted a message on Remove the new music

    Your best option here is to mute ingame music & play it with youtube or music player program.

    To be honest i never liked aby of minecrafts music (except pigstep), so i play what i want seperatly.

    There is also a musicplayer mod for forge, which let's you play music ingame from your pc or youtube.

    But it crashes sometimes when playing together with other sound related mods like dynamic surroundings or soundfilters.

    That's why i stoped using that one.

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