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    posted a message on Choosing custom gamerules

    I'd say let's go with your own rules. Try to beat minecraft as a vegetarian. Or play without armor.

    Disable the "time of day" and play only during night.

    Maybe you can find some inspiration through challanges on yt.

    One of my favourits is to start in the nether and make it back to the overworld.

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    posted a message on Archeology Decorative Skull Wall Mounts


    What mojang has shown us about archeology so far doesn't look like fun.

    I'm not a fan of collecting pots or diamonds by carefully mining a block 10 times.

    That's like mining gravel to get flint imo. Altough i don't know much about the actual method.

    If you can customize blocks to have different higths, like stacking snow layers, archeology already improves building a lot.

    But then again, i wouldn't be digging for treasure.

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    posted a message on Mimic - Hostile chest mob

    Minecraft is the best game suited for a mimic mob. Think about all those chests that generate in the world.

    (Including nether & end)

    Each one would have a chance to jumpscare you!

    Instead of creating spawneggs for them, i'd like to see a mimic chest / chest-minecart in the creative menu.

    If you try to open a mimic chest, it will become the hostile mob. If you mine it instead, it will drop a normal chest.

    Of corse it would be possible to check every chest using debug screen first,

    but most of us don't do that with infested blocks either, right?

    I'm not sure what it should drop. I just think it's a perfect jumpscare. And i don't think shulkers are simular to mimics.

    There might be other issues with my idea. How should a mimic chest respond if filled with a hopper or dropper?

    I just don't know. What do you think?


    Should a mimic chest "burp" if filled with a hopper or dropper?


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    posted a message on Tickled to death

    For Multiplayer yes, sounds funny. But there are ways to do that. Plugins, datapacks & mods.

    (I'm not familiar with bedrock tough)

    For singleplayer it would only work if a zombie tickles you. I'd actually like that as an achievement.

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    posted a message on Custome craft recipes

    I used the mod CraftTweaker to create my own recipies (also furnace recipies) and to alter some recipies of other mods for my modpack.

    But you are an X-Box player, right? I don't know if you can load external features on X-Box.

    The simplest thing i can think of is to create your own texturepack,

    to alter the textures of ugly blocks like sponge or this terracotta block with the arrows.

    Datapacks are a good choice for multiplayer. If someone joins your server, the datapack can be installed with 1 confirmation-click.

    Modpacks have to be installed manually.

    And texturepacks are completly optional but you can upload them to your server,

    so other people can decide to install them via 1 click confirmation as well.

    That's all i can think of from a java player perspective.

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    posted a message on Cheese

    Never thought about cheese in minecraft. Jet another food item that could be placed like cake.

    I just like the way you restore hunger without swapping through your hotbar i guess.

    Anyway, rotting / molting food doesn't fit vanilla minecraft right now imo. We have so many food choices available.

    The worst vanilla food i can think of is dried kelp, cooked on a campfire! Compare that to a foodsource that can rot away.

    (And yes, i actually ended up in a scenario where i had to chew on campfire dried kelp...)

    However, if every foodsource could rot most people would probably focuse on the easiest foodsources available.

    And that wouldn't be cheese.

    In that case could see myself doing the same thing as always: horting haybales!

    Imo the ultimate food when it comes to storarge.

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    posted a message on Please, mojang. Let us have one Realms world free.
    Quote from oakbricks»

    if you want a free server so badly just setup a dedicated server, this also means you can play with mods if you ever wanted to do that

    I agree. For modded Minecraft Aternos provides good free server options.

    However Aternos servers are best for just a hand full of people. Render distanze for example is capped and it might lag a bit.

    But Aternos servers are free and highly customizable!

    There are more free server providers, which focuse on different aspects.

    Since i am only interested in modded minecraft, i only use aternos.

    But you can find a lot of free server providers using youtube & google.

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    posted a message on How do I change the day counter?

    Afaik there is no command to change that. I assume you need an external tool to alter the ticks of the world.

    The day counter calculates from ticks. You can change the visuals (day / night) using commands but not the ticks themself.

    Don't mistake them for random ticks, that's something different.

    I tried to locate that using nbt editor but i couldn't find it. Try to find another nbt tool but be careful.

    I suggest you make a backup first before hacking your world. However altering the past ticks shouldn't corrupt anything.

    Maybe you can alter the days into negative values but that's just speculation.

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    posted a message on Rice
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Honestly it would make more sense if rice could be put into a bowl for a food item that restores 3 hunger points per bowl, which would each need at least 16 rice grains, but could be easily farmable en masse using a fortune hoe, in rice grain fields, I'd suggest farmland, not lily pads.

    alternatively, if mixed in with something else to increase its nutritional value, restores 5-7 hunger points per bowl.

    Obviously curry and chili doesn't exist in the game yet, but it would be interesting if it did.

    Not exactly a vegetarian or vegan food item, but chicken and curry rice could exist in Minecraft,

    there are some people who may take issue with those things existing in the game, perhaps PETA?

    but it's a video game, who cares? the death of bits and bytes never bothered me.

    Or you could have rice cakes with soy sauce Japanese style, but then this would necessitate another food item being added to the game, the soy bean.

    Rice cake on its own could exist in the game but wouldn't exactly help much as it wouldn't restore more hunger points than the bowl of rice, in theory.

    But rice cake mixed in with some other ingredients? sure, could restore 5 to 7 hunger points depending on what's in it.

    You could have fish or sushi in the mix.


    Ok i may be picky here but if i would serve someone a bowl of something with an extra 16 grains of rice,

    that person would probably ask me if i added them by mistake.

    -Just kidding :P

    In case of rice, i'd also like to see blocks of rice as placeable food like cakes.

    No idea about the values but they might be cool for decoration too.

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    posted a message on Please, mojang. Let us have one Realms world free.

    I have to agree.

    During my first days of minecraft my friend who suggested the game to me tried to set up a hamachi server or something.

    It was a real pain to me. In the end it didn't work so we played the free realm trial.

    After that we diskussed if it's worth continuing and he denied, becouse he only wanted to kil the end dragon with me.

    From there on i researched a bit about multiplayer, joined public servers ect.

    Still don't know why there are realms and how they are different from servers but to me it seems easier to start multiplayer that way.

    So having a free realm could potentially pay out.

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    posted a message on What you need to venture into The End after the adventure of the Nether World

    Eye of Ender is also a ressource to craft end crystals. Very powerful if used as a weapon. Be careful tough.

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    posted a message on What is the best minecraft youtuber?

    I struggle between ForgeLabs and Mumbo Jumbo when it comes to entertainment. Watching their videos makes me happy.

    Dreams manhunts are thrilling but that's it. I expect some new "how did he surviva that?!" -stunts but nothing else realy.

    FitMC makes "historical" content about his favorite server 2b2t. His voice is very dramatic but the content is interesting.

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    posted a message on Prismarine Ore, Is It Worth It?

    I think that would be okay. I'm not a fan of building guardian farms. I've only done it once and it was pain.

    Guardians give a lot of exp but you get damage in return (thorns) unless you use ranged weapons.

    But that's not why you want to build one. You want their drops and you can get a ton of that in no time if the farm is well constructed.

    Imo it wouldn't be gamebreaking to get these items from ores as well. I for example don't even mine lapiz bc i dislike the enchantment table.

    Other people don't like granite ect. Like tow4rzysz said, aside from setting up conduits, they are just building block materials.

    If i'm not mistaking, the seelantern has the same lightlevel as glowstone or jack o lantern.

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    posted a message on Took random damage when i was in nether
    Quote from Sirick»

    Man this constant random spawning in nether is what stopped me from playing...it really needs a sound to play when a mob spawns near you. You really cant anticipate the attack. In the overworld i had multiple moments when creepers literally spawned 1 block away from me!!!!

    I don't know if creepers spawn more close to you on hardcore (they spawn more frequently on hardcore),

    but every mob needs a distance of 24 blocks from the player to spawn, from peaceful to hard.

    Unless you are playing with mods.

    Dying in minecraft can be frustrating. Especially in the nether, where you have a high chance to loos all you goods to lava.

    In my early days i was shot from behind, probably by a blaze while i was standing on a fortress bridge.

    I fell into lava and ragequit. Took me a few days to cool off and go on.

    From my perspective the most dangerous areas in the nether are the bastions,

    with their piglin brutes and the basalt deltas, where you encounter a lot of magma slimes.

    If you have trouble surviving in the nether, maybe try a nether escape challange once in a while.

    It's easy setup: create a world with cheats activated, go creative and build a portal.

    Once you are in the nether, you destroy the complete portal, go survival mode and simply try to escape.

    It's not easy to win the challange but you will improve your survival skills in the nether the more you try.

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    posted a message on Should I start a war server
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Your server, your rules,

    just don't do anything illegal and you'd be fine.

    I agree.

    Furthermore i'd like to suggest you start an anarchy server. Allow anything but illegal actions and hacked clients.

    Hacked clients can have modifications which makes minecraft super boring.

    I am not talking about flying hacks here, more about chest esp. That's an Xray modification which takes away any fun imo.

    The best would be if you yourself, declare which mods are allowed, IF you allow mods.

    (Minimap including player radar, damage indicator, autofish and what so ever)

    There are some anti cheat plugins, which might help you out. Unfortunatly most of them target flying hacks and Xray for ores.

    Chest-Esp still plays a big role on anarchy servers. That's probably why those players travel out millions of blocks to build their bases.

    Anyway, anarchy can be a lot of fun! The older the map, the more it becomes messed up.

    I realy enjoy escaping completly destroyed spawns and visiting old ruins.

    You as admin shouldn't abuse your OP status.

    Remove lagmachines or leak their coordinates and bann people who want to actually harm the server.

    Keep it clean. Enjoy the redicolous destruction. Who knows, might turn out as a fun social experiment...

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