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    posted a message on superflat preset problem

    Is it meant for 1.19?

    My guess is that there is a problem with the structures (format).

    Ocean monument don't generate in plains biome btw, but that should not be the problem.

    Try to generate a world with the blocklayers only first.

    Save that preset in a document.

    Then generate a world with the structures you want.

    If that works as well, combine the structure strings with your blocklayer preset.

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    posted a message on Expanding on the idea of exploration as a playstyle
    Quote from rebeljc_92»

    I do think content creators might be more attracted to an exploration approach, simply because there's joy in sharing discoveries. For myself, I'm planning to walk to the world border via the Nether roof in a 1.19.2 world. It will take a week or two, but it's the challenge that makes it appealing to me.

    It is fun to find structures, especially Villages if they're in interesting locations. I'm more excited by the less "scripted" side of exploration, like trying to get past the world border, or exploring glitched and "broken" worlds. I've seen a lot of videos about exploring abandoned servers, and that's very interesting to me.

    Abusing the nether roof to reach the border is no challange at all.

    Some people fly atop the roof, other use horses.

    If i would ever try to rech the worldborder abusing the nether roof, i would ride a pig since they provide autowalk.

    That might be one of the slower methods but honestly: what is fun or challanging about travelling thousands of blocks on an empty bedrock plane?

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    posted a message on Guardian Building Suggestions

    How about a ufo or an upside down floating pyramid, with a beacon beam coming from your monument?

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    posted a message on Structure ideas

    A sandcastle with random almost useless "treasure", like wooden shovel / axe & sword, bucket, water bottle, nautilus shell & stuff.

    Things kids would bury as treasure.

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    posted a message on mobs whit size spawning in the world

    I have not heard about commands that change mob size but there is a mod called thic entities.

    It let's you adjust some attributes of mobs (including mobs added by other mods).

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    posted a message on For the purposes of general understanding, how likely are you to create a 'well-rounded' trading hall?

    I must say, i don't quite understand the question.

    The only workstation that could be difficult to get is the brewing stand, since you need to find a fortress if you don't get 1 in the overworld.

    It depends on what you want to trade i guess.

    My main objective is to get enchanted books, so i usually use 1-2 fletcher & sell them sticks from big spruce trees, which can be farmed quite fast, if you chop them top to buttom. That's actually the fastest way to get a whole enchanted set fast. In the long run, you want of corse automized farms for effortless trading.

    What's obvious is that some workstations require iron, which can be dealt with by building a golem farm first.

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    posted a message on Question about saved game.

    If you did not uninstall minecraft, & made a backup, you should still have both: the saved world & the backup.

    (Unless it was a demo world (5 days maximum).

    I don't know if you can make backups from a demo world.

    The seed for it however is: North Carolina)

    On windows you can locate the minecraft folder by using search funktion:

    Type: %appdata%

    Open the folder .minecraft

    In saves should be your world and or your backup.

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    posted a message on Village Expansion + New Traveller/Villager mob [Wanderer?]


    The village idea is harder to implement as you'd be replacing blocks after world generation with villager blocks. How does the world decide when this is and is not okay?

    The wanderer sounds fine to me if they just play a torch down where they go and are not attacked by mobs. They should be frequent though, or spawn based on player conditions (if this is possible, given there may always be a chest nearby etc).

    The village update (blockgeneration) as op described seems possible to me,

    as long as the chunks are loaded & the conditions are fullfilled.

    It's not so different from how structure spawning mods work, difference here is a lot of conditions.

    The more blocks to generate (or override), the bigger the worldlag.

    The mod ruins for example has a few realy big structures, which sometimes make my pc crash on generation.

    (Especially the "Kingdom" structure from RLcraft)

    A little village override should not be a problem, unless we talk about multiplayer.

    The village itself is a rather complex structure, to how it generates.

    (It begins with the fauntain i guess, then the pathblocks.

    The pathblocks again have a chance to spawn the building structures.

    There is a rare bug where you can find villages without buildings.

    I can't remember the version)

    Making a mod with upgrading structures isn't so complicated imo.

    Making a random generating village (like minecrafts default) is a true challange.

    Adding upgraded structures afterwards is possible,

    but a REAL mess as you have to figuere out how on earth it works again.

    So i share your opinion for different reasons.

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    posted a message on Village Expansion + New Traveller/Villager mob [Wanderer?]

    I'd like to just point out some problems.

    First off, the underground spawning.

    That's a huge problem imo as it's VERY unlikely to ever encounter the NPC when you REALY could need food or whatever.

    Assuming he spawns as frequent as the wandering trader. That would make your mob the absolute rarest overall.

    2nd is the lantern.

    Not saying he can't hold one but mojang won't add dynamic light to the game.

    As far as i know, there aren't even textures, which are allways displayed at 100% brightness.

    (Also known as emessive textures.

    A feature of optifine, which some texturepack creators make use of to create "glowing blocks/ mobs".

    Take a look at glowing ores or zombie tissues texturepacks.

    This is actually the only way i could emagine mojang to implement a lantern holding mob, that doesn't cause light-updates.)

    3rd is Chain Armor beeing more resistant to projectiles...

    I don't get it. It's real life weakness basically IS the possibillity of beeing pierced by projectiles or piercing weapons.

    4th the village update.

    A nice idea indeed, but far from what (or how) mojang wan'ts us to interact with them.

    One reason, the village buildings are so simple (or more accurately UGLY) is that mojang wan'ts us to do better, to be creative!

    Plus, there are 1 or 2 mods out there, very simular to your idea.

    Don't get me wrong, i like the idea. Traveler sounds more interesting then the wandering trader.

    But it's unlikely, that your suggestion makes it into the game. Especially the lantern part.


    Your suggestion is close to a wishlist imo, since the Trader & the village are unrelated.

    Please make sure to not suggest unrelated things in the same Thread.

    Otherwise the Moderators will lock your threads.

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    posted a message on Is anyone else think that Minecraft is losing its touch?
    Quote from Omnimetatron»

    Eh, anyone who doesn't like Mojang's changes will mod them out, the chat changes included.

    As for getting lost in the caves, I think that people forget about wolves. Yeah, they can be annoying, but they're useful as markers, partly because of the coloured collars and partly because they make noise.

    I don't know... I mean, dogs making noise is one thing i did not think of jet,

    that could realy be helpful to not get lost while cavemining.

    But taking dyes with you, to dye the dorgs underground doesn't sound practicle.

    (Iknow, you did not say so. I assume you dye them before you take off.

    Btw, what do you memorize using dogs with colorized collars?)

    I used to place signs all over the place.

    Nowdays i just dig upwards & travel back, when i realize i got lost.

    Another issue is that dogs tent to get in the way, while mining or while fighting in close caves.

    It's allready dangerous enough to fight creepers near bats, as they can take the hits instead.

    Plus dogs don't fight creepers. They don't even flee from creepers.

    A cat might be the better companion when dealing with creepers underground.

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    posted a message on Ships?
    Quote from Krispytaco59»

    Mojang doesnt give actually cool updates that people want.

    I don't like chat reporting either. It's even worse for bedrock players, so i've heared.

    Imo the village & pillage update as well as the nether update are fricking awesome!

    To survive a legit raid, you have to strategicly plan ahead. It's even more fun in hardcore mode.

    It doesn't feel like a bossfight, it doesn't feel like a raid, it's a bloody war imo.

    Since 1.16 we are able to start in the nether, which is by far more dangerous then the overworld.

    I head to learn a lot, just to escape the nether. My first successfull escape was on my 6th try.

    Mojang does cool updates.

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    posted a message on Discussions for newcomers to the game

    If you just startet & still have fun exploring the game (or your world) then STOP reading / watching random stuff about minecraft.

    The research time starts when you get interested in doing redstone or how to build some farms.

    Without further information about what you find difficult to solve, just join a multiplayer smp.

    It's best to jump in vanilla, not modded.

    If you have problems with navigation: press F3. The debug screen shows you an assload of cryptic data INCLUDING your position.

    The X & Z coordinates tell you your position, the Y coordinate tells you your hight.

    You won't get more infos from me becouse i believe exploring the game fresh without knowledge is the best expierence.

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    posted a message on Why are glistering melon slices inedible?

    They didn't have the imagination at the time to give it a unique effect when eaten, and since the ingredient is rare and very narrow in purpose, it's mostly seen a non issue. I personally wish we could eat a lot more things even if we get sick from it.

    It isn't an issue, you are right about that. There are enough food sources already.

    It's just so odd. We can eat raw chicken, spider eyes & rotten flesh.

    Glistering melons exist but are inedible.

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    posted a message on Why are glistering melon slices inedible?

    So, i got confused while brewing,

    crafted some glistering melons & realized they where the wrong ingredient for what i was going to brew.

    Never mind i thought, just eat the leftovers.

    -So i thought.


    After some research on the wiki, turns out,

    the update history doesn't contain any information of them beeing edible in the past.

    Which implies they probably where never edible in the first place.

    But WHY? Don't get me wrong, i'm not mad about it.

    It's just so RANDOM! I don't get it. Is it becouse balance?

    (Zombified piglin/pigzombie farms)

    Or is it just a troll move from mojang?

    Thoughts, theories?

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    posted a message on How to create a boat?

    I recommand the mod JEI.

    (Just Enough Items)

    It adds a searchbar & GUI to the right side of the screen,

    which also shows items/recipes added by other modifications.

    When used in creative mode you can also pick your items from that GUI instead.

    An absolute must have mod imo. I can not imagine ever playing without it,

    as i will stick to modded minecraft anyway.

    Also there are a lot of vanilla recipes i just can't memorize.

    It's much more compfortable to look them up ingame then to use the wiki.

    It also supports potion recipes btw, which can be very confusing.

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