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    We may be nomads, but our playstyles couldn't be more different. I don't stay at spawn. I pick one direction (mostly north) & travel off.

    When i have a day off, i travel about 25k blocks in a session (~8 hours) while caving, trading, fighting, the adventure stuff.

    When i find a location that inspires me to build something, i settle down for a while.

    Since i play at hardcore, i did not manage to reach 300k out of spawn jet. There are 2 things i find rare from 1.12.2 -1.16.5:

    -Mooshroom biomes


    Even on my very first playthrough with a friend, where we had our base at spawn, we traveled around 5k in every cardinal direction.

    So no, i don't think it is difficult to find a desert or a jungle. One of their structures may be another thing but cacti & cocoabeans are all over their biomes.

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    Alltough i must say, traveling 5k around spawn to find specific ressources is not "hard".

    Within 10k you should at least have 1 jungle biome (desert isn't rare btw).

    And yes, i consider 10k spawn. Exploration is one of minecrafts strong points.

    That's what makes survival mode so enjoyable to most people in the first place.

    But then you become a builder, realize you want stuff NOW, have to travel AGAIN and go brrr...

    I feel you. But...

    Imho dyes are very easy to obtain, especially since you can mix colours.

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    posted a message on Option to toggle picking up items, and/or press a key to pick up nearby items.

    I actually agree with this.

    I'm playing with a mod, that requires me to sneak to pick up nearby stuff or rightclick for a single item i look at.

    If that where standard vanilla, almost everyone would complain about it when doing farmwork or tearing down large builds.

    Especially becouse sneaking slows you down. So it has it's flaws.

    To me, it makes the game way more enjoyable since i don't have to deal with lillypads,

    from crossing swamps by boat, worthless drops like rotten flesh or leather etc.

    Also, sometimes there are just items laying around at random, like eggs or flowers & they can mess up your inventory rather fast.

    Another pro about this is that i don't have to throw away items far enough, to not recollect them.

    Automatic collection should be optional by now.

    -Full support!

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    posted a message on Trapping the End platform

    Can't you just make a datapack that excludes stronghold generation?

    That way, only you as operator (or a command block) using creative commands can teleport a player there.

    If you choose the command block option, you could come up with fancy conditions that must get done so one can enter the end.

    That way, you as operator would not have to be online for someone to enter the end.

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    posted a message on Efficiency and you - Sharing tips and tricks and ideas!

    I'm puzzled. How do we determine effeciency? To get something done fast? To automate as much ressorces as soon as possible?

    It completly depends on playstyle. Survival ist just a game mode.

    A complete new player i would reccommand to not kill every animal near spawn. For lazy ones, i'd recommand breading chickens.

    Giant spruce trees are the best to farm, if you climb them with waterbucket & chop from top to buttom.

    (Spruce trees or more accurately sticks are a good trading ressorce earlygame)

    Now the fuel properties! You can safe lot's of coal if you use sapplings/wool/etc instead of 1 coal for 2 iron ores. Or use lava instead.

    1 coal smelts 8 items. 8 coal smelt a stack. 16 coal make 1 stack of torches. And you want lots of torches!

    Don't throw away leftover bulding materials. Store them seperated from your organized storage.

    Don't craft swords weaker than iron-tier. Use stone-axe instead & practice critical attacks.

    No iron shovel/hoe. Stone is good enough untill you hit diamond.

    For my personal playstyle... i'm an overworld nomad. And i sattle down extremely rare, when i'm in the mood to build something.

    The only effeciency related stuff to me is NOT TO DIE & inventory management. Otherwise it's just travel, trade, fight, mine that cave or loot that structure!

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    posted a message on Does the game have too many structures now? Should it aim to focus itself around structures or not? (Poll)

    I haven't touched any version past 1.16.5 couse my potato can't even run them.

    Anyway, i'm an overworld nomad. I love exploring & caving. I love to expose myself to the dangers of the night.

    I don't even enter the end anymore, i use datapacks instead to make ElderGuardians drop shulker boxes.

    I'm perfectly fine without the elytra.

    From this perspective, i can only WANT more structures.

    Kinda like rl-craft. That would be a good portion to me.

    Especially when it comes to ruined structures.

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    posted a message on Beds exploding in the Nether and the End is bad actually. We all just got used to it and think nothing of it.

    There is 1 more thing you guys did not talk about yet: pvp!

    I admit, i suck at pvp. Heck i would loose 9/10, even if i relied on beds as weapons.

    And that's exactly what they are! 1 out of 2 reasons (endcrystals) why you would consider using blast resistence.

    The chance to ever encounter a supercharged creeper is next to zero & normal creepers don't pose a threat that would require this enchantment.

    (Especially since netherite introduction)

    Dou you realy want to remove pillow-fights? :(

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    posted a message on What is your least favorite or least used item in the game?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    To prevent unwanted items going to the hotbar, you can do this by filling it up with stuff you want there,

    or in early game do what I do and put placeholders there until you've gotten more advanced tools and food items.

    True. Tho in the situation i explained, where you want to cross a swamp, the lillypads take the place where the boat needs to be.

    That's the point. To prevent that, i have to take them into the inventory.

    If the swamp is a larger one, i end up with 2 stacks lillypads IF i have that space left.

    That's why i hate lillypads. There is no way around them but mods / frostwalker.

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    posted a message on What is your least favorite or least used item in the game?

    I don't know where to begin. Since i am an overworld nomad, there is a ton of stuff i consider annoying or useless.

    What makes the messed up inventory worse is actually how items are sorted, when picked up.

    They wander straight into the hotbar, which annoys the hell out of me, when i swim with a boat through a swamp.

    So Lillypad might just be my most hated, becouse i KNOW i'll have to sort them out AGAIN.

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    posted a message on I've (somewhat) figured out the attack speed system!
    Quote from Rob4ix1547»

    it means, attack speed attribute means, how many hits per second you can make, correct?

    Attack speed is just the cooldown of the weapon/tool you wield.

    If you hit again, while the cooldown is active, you deal miserable damage.

    Also, mobs have a timer that prevents spam damage. I don't know the exact intervall.

    If you for example shredder mobs in a grinder, using a sword, you get used to that 1.6 seconds delay soon.

    When i figth mobs 1 on 1, i still focuse on the cooldown indicator.

    When i'm cornered by a horde, i focuse on blocking & strike back when i feel the timing is right.

    Also, i suck at pvp. I can not give any advise how to deal with none predictable entitys in minecraft lol.

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    posted a message on superflat preset problem

    Is it meant for 1.19?

    My guess is that there is a problem with the structures (format).

    Ocean monument don't generate in plains biome btw, but that should not be the problem.

    Try to generate a world with the blocklayers only first.

    Save that preset in a document.

    Then generate a world with the structures you want.

    If that works as well, combine the structure strings with your blocklayer preset.

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    posted a message on Expanding on the idea of exploration as a playstyle
    Quote from rebeljc_92»

    I do think content creators might be more attracted to an exploration approach, simply because there's joy in sharing discoveries. For myself, I'm planning to walk to the world border via the Nether roof in a 1.19.2 world. It will take a week or two, but it's the challenge that makes it appealing to me.

    It is fun to find structures, especially Villages if they're in interesting locations. I'm more excited by the less "scripted" side of exploration, like trying to get past the world border, or exploring glitched and "broken" worlds. I've seen a lot of videos about exploring abandoned servers, and that's very interesting to me.

    Abusing the nether roof to reach the border is no challange at all.

    Some people fly atop the roof, other use horses.

    If i would ever try to rech the worldborder abusing the nether roof, i would ride a pig since they provide autowalk.

    That might be one of the slower methods but honestly: what is fun or challanging about travelling thousands of blocks on an empty bedrock plane?

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    posted a message on Guardian Building Suggestions

    How about a ufo or an upside down floating pyramid, with a beacon beam coming from your monument?

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    posted a message on Structure ideas

    A sandcastle with random almost useless "treasure", like wooden shovel / axe & sword, bucket, water bottle, nautilus shell & stuff.

    Things kids would bury as treasure.

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    posted a message on mobs whit size spawning in the world

    I have not heard about commands that change mob size but there is a mod called thic entities.

    It let's you adjust some attributes of mobs (including mobs added by other mods).

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