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    Quote from Pale_Crusader»

    Unfortunately, I was unable to get permission to use this mod in my modpack due to complete lack of response from the creator.

    Fortunately the Just Another Spawner Mod was able to give me the same gameplay with the proper configuration. Additionally it has the side benefit of making squid spawn less out of control.

    I'm glad you found another mod that worked for you! I'm very sorry for the lack of response. I have not been involved in Minecraft modding for a while and didn't get the message until today, when I logged back in after years.

    Better late than never... I've now given open permission in the OP. :)

    Can you please opensource the mod?

    Done! I am unlikely to continue work on this any time soon, so I am happy to put it up on GitHub. I should have done this years ago, but at least now it's out there and under an open license. See the edited OP for the link to the source.

    It's a pretty simple mod at version 0.1, and the code is only a couple screens' worth. Have fun!
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    Quote from 555Strato1»
    Definitely going to give this a try...

    However, I would like to know if there are plans for future config options...such as disabling spawn restrictions on certain mobs. If I were to, for example, install a mod which adds bears to the game (which are assumed to be hostile) would they not be allowed to spawn in the forest?

    Also, does this apply to only the overworld?

    I am planning a config file. I hadn't thought of adding a whitelist for creatures, but I can see that being useful. I'm already hardcoding the "whitelisting" of slimes, and generalising that would be nicely flexible...

    Yes, this applies only to the overworld. It wouldn't make sense for the End or Nether since those are supposed to be unrelentingly hostile in the same way caves still are in Peaceful Nights, Dangerous Caves, so I made sure Nether and End spawns were untouched. (So are spawner-blocks in dungeons.) What I am still pondering is how to handle custom dimensions like Mystcraft dimensions, which are currently left alone too even if they look like an "overworld" type of dimension. I don't know of an easy way to auto-detect "overworld-like" custom dimensions, so a config option might be a reasonable stop-gap solution. (And, if I did that, you could add the Nether and the End to the list of dimensions PNDC applies to, if you wanted to.)
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    Quote from mdf25»
    Nice idea - will be downloading later :)

    Does this mod work in conjunction with Zombie Awareness and Mob Spawn Controls 2? Not sure if they would all conflict.

    And are custom mobs from other modpacks also supported?

    I can't say for sure as I haven't tested it with those to find out, but it should just layer on top of what they do and not interfere. Judging by the description of Zombie Awareness it doesn't touch spawning rules, only mob behaviour, so there should be no conflict. (But of course, there will be fewer mobs above ground to hear the player with Zombie Awareness.) Mob Controls looks like it changes how often and in what biomes mobs can spawn, but PNDC's spawn-check happens in a different part of the code after those, so they should work together fine with Mob Controls changing what tries to spawn and where, and then PNDC disallowing the spawn attempt if there's too much "night light" at the spawn block.

    Custom mobs should mostly be supported, so long as they're not doing anything weird in their code. PNDC checks if a mob is hostile by checking if it's based on the IMob class, which any mod's custom hostile mob should be based on to ensure compatibility with other mods.

    I'll be compiling a list of confirmed incompatibilities that get reported. Hopefully the list will be zero, but let me know if there are any. :)
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    It really works good, no monsters at night. But when I tested the world generation with this and some other mods, I saw a zombie at day under a spruce tree.. I have no idea how he got there

    Most likely the zombie spawned somewhere properly dark, walked around at night, and when the sun rose hid under the tree to avoid burning (they're smart like that now).

    If you have NEI, turn on its mob-spawning overlay (default F7) and fly around the area a bit. You'll probably find a red X somewhere nearby.
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    Quote from medsal15»
    This mod is awesome!

    Thank you! :D I'm quite a fan of it myself.
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    What about modpacks? This mod seems like a very interesting game mechanic for one!I would really like to implement it if I make one.

    I'm happy enough to give permission for using it in modpacks if someone asks! I just don't want to give free permission in the OP until I'm sure it's not hiding horrible bugs. When I'm confident that it's relatively free of any nasty bugs, I'll add blanket permission for modpacks in the OP. :)

    I just don't want it appearing in a bunch of modpacks only to find out that it's hiding some kind of horrible lag bugs, or stops the Enderdragon from spawning sometimes, or something stupid like that.

    Edit: OP updated to say that!
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    Quote from LunariusH»
    This mod is really intriguing. Since a block has to be open to the night sky, does that mean that mobs can still spawn under trees and in shallow caves and the like?

    Near an opening to the night sky is enough: it tests a block's sky-light value to find out how far away from the open sky it is, and if it's close (daylight equivalent of light 8+) it marks that spawn location as invalid. I originally tried it with just a direct view of the sky, but it made even sparsely-treed savannas more dangerously monster-ful than I was intending. (This might actually be something I'll make selectable in a future config file, for those who want normal forests and other places with small overhangs to be a no-go zone at night.)

    Shallow caves and under normal trees should not see any spawns. Deeper overhangs, very large trees (such as TFC's sequoias), or large connected leaf-block canopies (such as parts of Dark Oak forests) will give enough distance from a direct view of the sky to allow limited hostile spawns at night. (These locations would already be legal spawns during the day without this mod, actually!)
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    Peaceful Nights, Dangerous Caves

    Peaceful Nights, Dangerous Caves makes hostile mobs spawn only underground, where they belong!

    Enjoy stargazing, late-night construction sessions, and moon-lit walks on the beach. Rediscover the great outdoors with an overnight camping trip. Clean up the litter of torches in your yard. Light your house with natural light during the day and let comforting darkness descend at night.

    But keep your mines and basements lit, and beware of dark cave mouths when walking at night. Monsters still spawn in dark tunnels and sneak out of cracks in the earth to terrorize unwary surface-dwellers.

    How does it work?

    An extra check is added to the spawning rules in the Overworld that makes any block that can see the night sky directly, or is near an opening to the night sky, a safe non-spawning location. The effect is that if it's a safe block during the day in the sunlight, it will be a safe block during the night too. If you use NEI's mob-spawn overlay, this means only blocks marked with a red X are still legal spawning locations.

    An exception is made for slime spawning, so that they can still spawn in swamps at night. Nether and End spawning is unchanged.

    Will this interfere with my mob spawner?

    So long as your mob spawner works during the day, it will keep working at night. In fact, it may become more efficient at night since the nighttime surface won't be a legal spawning location anymore.

    How do I get it?

    • Download PNDC version 0.1
    • Forge is required, naturally. Drop the .jar file into your mods folder.

    The source is available right here on GitHub: https://github.com/eggdropsoap/minecraft-pndc (see license section below)

    Will there be bugs?

    Oh, probably! Version 0.1 is the very first release, and bugs are to be expected in a brand-new mod. Please report any bugs you encounter here, and I'll get them fixed as soon as I can.

    Why did you make this?

    Because I wanted to go for a long journey and camp under the stars beside my firepit in Terrafirmacraft, to properly enjoy the slow pace of Minecraft "life" in that mod, but still be truly terrified of the monsters that lurk underground (and in my poorly-lit malachite mine). Peaceful mode makes nights more, well, peaceful, but takes all the challenge out of exploring underground.

    Also, it's always bothered me that monsters just "pop" into existence at night. I've always felt like if they're creeping around at night, they should come from somewhere, not just coalesce out of the darkness before my eyes. With this mod, now monsters never pop into existence where I can see them — they're always coming from somewhere deeper in the tunnels ahead of my torches, or sneaking out of a dark hole to ambush me while I putter around my night garden.

    Can I include it in a modpack?

    Go for it!

    How is it licensed?

    PNDC is licensed under the FreeBSD license, as follows:

     Copyright (c) 2015, Keenan Scott 
     All rights reserved.
     Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
     modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
     1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this
     list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
     2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
     this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation
     and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
     The views and conclusions contained in the software and documentation are those
     of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing official policies,
     either expressed or implied, of the FreeBSD Project.
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    posted a message on 128x64 CHROMA HILLS RPG/Cartoon ish**1.14v2 update LIVE + Shader add on pack 09/09/2019!
    [licensing discussion taken to PM]
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    Quote from painter73

    have you read any of the last 50 pages?

    I admit to not having read 1K posts on spec to find a crash report that might not exist that a search did not turn up for a trivial problem I have already fixed by getting rid of an optional mod.

    Quote from ModderWizardDude

    Remove Optifine, it is horribly incompatible with Forge ATM

    Thank you! That's helpful intel. From the Optifine OP it seems like it was supposed to be compatible with 804 (I knew it crashed with 801), but that information appears to have been... optimistic? is I suppose the word for it.
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    There is a crash in CCLib when rendering Ender Storage items in the inventory, but only when OptiFine is installed. (I didn't check in-world blocks, so I'm not saying it's exclusive to inventories.)

    Relevant versions:

    Forge #804
    Optifine HD U B4

    Crash log in a pastebin.

    I experienced/reproduced this in Creative mode by opening inventory, going to Decorative items tab, and trying to scroll down past the carpets (which is where the Ender Chest and Tank live).

    It also crashes here in CCC and, which indicates that this bit of code hasn't change, and it might be a bug in Optifine? If I should report this to Optifine instead/too, let me know.

    I can live without Optifine to avoid the crash, but I figured you'd want to know that this incompatibility exists.
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    posted a message on [Solved] How do I use Forge Ore Dictionary names in a shapeless recipe?
    Quote from thislooksfun

    Try this:

    That worked! Thank you. I see how I was adapting the shaped recipe tutorials to shapeless recipes wrong, now.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Spreading Lilypads
    Quote from edi1012

    If i go afk for 1 hour,with 26 lillypads near me,in the ocean,how many lillypads will be there?

    Like wheat and mushrooms growing, it's somewhat random. I haven't timed it yet to find out the average growth rate under optimal conditions, but if I had to guess... that will probably at least double in an hour, if not triple? Maybe? Let me know if you try it. :)

    (Of course, they won't do anything if they're in ocean deeper than two water blocks, because they only grow to places of shallow water.)

    Quote from Count_Chuckula

    I like it. Possibly trying out for the next version of my modpack.

    In fact I wrote it for a modpack I'm assembling, with the idea to make lilypads renewable for the sushi recipes in Usefulfood.
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    posted a message on [Solved] How do I use Forge Ore Dictionary names in a shapeless recipe?
    From the tutorials I can find, this should be as simple as replacing the ItemStack references with Strings, but the CraftingManager is throwing the "Invalid shapeless recipy!" [sic] exception when I run.

    Here's the working code before trying to convert to ore dictionary:

    // 1 tin + 2 copper dusts = 3 bronze dusts
    ItemStack dustCopperStack = new ItemStack(dustCopper);
    GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(dustBronze, 3),
    	 dustCopperStack, dustCopperStack,
    	 new ItemStack(dustTin));

    And here's what I'm changing it to in trying to use the ore dictionary versions:

    // 1 tin + 2 copper dusts = 3 bronze dusts
    GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(dustBronze, 3),
    	 "dustCopper", "dustCopper",

    and that code gives the crash by uncaught exception.

    The ores names are all registered properly and work in other mods' recipes and show up in NEI as alternatives to (for example) IC2 dusts, so the problem isn't that the names are wrong. I must be reading these tutorials wrong.

    How is this supposed to be done?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge] Spreading Lilypads
    Quote from Horsea1

    The lily pad texture is glitched when in your inventory

    Thanks for the report! That was behaving properly in the dev environment, but I can see it's bugged in release form. I'll look into it.
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