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    posted a message on Extremely Common Suggestions
    -better/rarer than diamond ore+tool+armor
    Enchanting diamond items makes them better than normal diamond, or rather it will.
    -lettuce, tomato, cheese, cotton, corn crops
    Not too unreasonable. Less easy than watermelon.
    -apple, orange trees
    Honestly I don't know why Notch Has not made these yet.
    is he just waiting for more and more tree tweaks?
    -iron, diamond, bone tool handles (increases durability, not strength)
    It's silly, we have item repair now which is sufficient.
    You can just mine more diamonds! Also enchanting may have a tiny probability of doing this.

    and we will be able to level up strength in 1.9 too : P

    -chest-link systems (multiple chests open the same inventory of items)
    This is alot less unreasonable than people think.
    -redstone tools*
    We have redstone tools, they are called compass, watch, and torch.
    -lapiz tools
    What? no, why- oh come on why not make leaf-tools and air tools and tool-tools.
    Notch has a system for what materials can make tools! Plz stick to it.
    -rideable, controllable mobs (?)
    Not unreasonable.
    -flying transportation* (for survival)
    Notch has said he wants to add this previously. He may or may not add this, in the end.
    Theoretically minecarts should be enough. But I find them to be waffle at times.
    -tin/copper/bronze tools, armor
    Diamond is known to be the hardest material in tools in the real world. This makes it the hardest of tools in minecraft. We don't need to add tin, copper, or bronze to make the tools we already have.

    -oil* (perhaps only activated when a mod using it is loaded)
    I don't see anything particularly wrong with having oil.
    I assume it makes good fuel
    -hidden blocks*
    I have no idea. Probably? Also it sucks that I have to go find slimes for sticky pistons.

    -colored redstone (different colors don't connect, all connect to uncolored redstone)
    -redstone can be placed on walls and cielings
    just tooo complicated

    -metal (iron) ladders, torches
    What? Why?
    Maybe when Notch has finished adding half-blocks. Ha ha ha.

    -growable gunpowder*
    I don't want people farming gunpowder in multiplayer.
    Mob traps make me cringe a little.(because tnt everywhere is bad.)

    We'll get furniture. Notch is making it out of wood bits we already have now.

    -ore plants*
    For just gold and iron?
    No more than doubling ore would be reasonable. 2x or less isn't really necessary.
    Too much damage at a distance.
    I wish minecraft had variety in weapons.
    -fire-arms* (NO NO NO NO NO!!)
    I agree.
    There is so much lag in multiplayer I cannot defend from zombies properly.
    -torch arrows (place torch when it hits a block)
    Seems tooo peachy. The darkness is not supposed to be easy to banish.
    It could pop up as an item enchantment though.
    -mobile light sources (torch in hand creates light)
    no idea.
    -explosive arrows (explodes when it hits a block)
    Hell no, griefer tool. except maybe in adventure mode, or doing no damage to any blocks.
    -baby creepers/tamable creepers
    Just silly.
    -easter egg versions of mobs* (much rarer)
    Not unreasonable to have easter eggs.
    -any mob can spawn with any one of a list of skins (randomobs)
    Not unreasonable.
    -underwater breathing aperatus* (so many different implementations of this, hard to define) ( What? )
    We will be able to level up breath-holding in 1.9
    -ability to play as an animal or monster*
    pvp isn't unreasonable.
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    posted a message on Why won't animals spawn on my grass in my survival map in 1.8.1?
    Er, animal spawning was changed to be based on biomes.

    That grass looks like ALL of it was placed on a desert biome.

    The desert has no animals.

    Try editing in a different world, or different place.

    The grass really is greener on the other side.
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    posted a message on Animations!
    I've heard some mention of how static and boring the monsters are.

    And to be frank, getting shot by a skeleton feels retarded.
    Did he actually draw that bow? It's awfully quiet for drawing a bow.

    Minecraft needs badass animations!

    When a monster attacks you, .

    Monsters should when hit!

    And most importantly, When they die there should be and spinning(but there is already spinning, I guess)!

    When they attack, I should KNOW!

    (animations might need to be exagerrated because of how dark minecraft gets)
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    posted a message on Ever got choked by a tree?
    Yes, I've been hit by a few exploding trees before.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Coder Pack (Java) where do I place this?
    I heard about a deobsfustificator that should allow everything to be properly named... but sadly he won't tell me where to get it.
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    posted a message on URGENT permanent Minecraft damage
    Quote from BuilderJim »
    Quote from Casand »
    Just delete everything minecraft-related.

    Read what I've done above... and deleting certain things makes the reinstallation freeze.

    Quote from eerr »
    What system?

    Uhhh, unload the script from greasemonkey?

    Could you be more specific about "what system"? and Greasemonkey is already uninstalled, so shouldn't that fix it?

    Well for a start, windows, mac, linux, ect.

    Also, Greasemonkey isn't bukkit, it's not necessarily required for scripts to remain.

    Reinstall it, then see if you can remove the plugin.
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    posted a message on The New Weapon Ideas Megathread

    1.5x the damage of a sword, but extremely slow.
    (I mean dealing damage about .75x as fast, but I'm not sure the exact formula used for swords)
    (hitstun is a factor)
    knocks creatures back twice as far.


    A sword, and an axe, but slightly slower than both.

    Slightly more knockback.

    makes enemies bleed, as if set on fire.(alternatively, poison)
    2.5 hearts, and 2.5 bleeding.(diamond)

    Can be used to pry up various things faster, without the -2x damage of a sword.
    Most especially, cuts leaf blocks, and removes glass without breaking.

    Very little knockback.

    Stun stuff, keep it from breaking you.

    Best verses zombies and spiders.
    low damage, low durability.

    Crossbow: a sniper's choice.
    Wound up for charging shots, this weapon fires swift bolts that fall prey to gravity far slower.
    double the damage of a bow,but at the cost of slow reloading.

    I musta posted this ages ago, nevertheless.
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    posted a message on making gold apples worth their rarity
    Perhaps with the coco bean update, which is upcoming.

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    posted a message on URGENT permanent Minecraft damage
    What system?

    Uhhh, unload the script from greasemonkey?
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    posted a message on Why does my water flow to a low spot?
    Show me.
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    posted a message on blurry when lava is near
    But I like mining around the lava :sad.gif:.
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    posted a message on No limit for Redstone wireing
    there are tech-limits to redstone wiring.

    Redstone only functions in chunks that are loaded.

    and a redstone wire(charge) can't travel more than two chunks in a row.

    I'd help, but I can't actually tell what the problem is.
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    posted a message on Meat, Meat and yes... more MEAT
    But then piggies won't be special anymore.

    They might as well just be deleted.

    We can just ride cows instead.
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    posted a message on Oblivion V Much Info [PICTURES]
    Looks like they're done with new graphics tech. They are ready to kick GAMEPLAY ASS.
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    posted a message on ID Theives
    Old payment information would do it.

    Still got some of that on a computer somewhere?
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