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    posted a message on ♛ WinterCraft ♛ Now recruiting BUILDERS | STAFF | MANAGERS | DEVS | AND MORE!

    Name: Edgar Vargas

    Age: ItsEdy

    Skype/Discord(Must Have): prevadedj

    Position: Manager

    Why are you applying for wintercraft?: I like this server and want to be part of the wonderful team of wintercraft

    What can you bring to the server?: Well if Wintercraft want to expand his horizon to other country´s like Mexico, Spain, Chile etc i can help with that i´m from Mexico also if some players speak Spanish i can help in any question or anything else.

    What Will you do if you see another moderator abusing their powers?: First of all , talk with him or she and ask whats happen why he/she do that and then take the correct decisions

    How many hours can you play on the server per day? 4hrs per day

    What will you do if you see a hacker? First i need to see if ther any admin or mod so i can tell that thers a hack in ther server but if not, i can take the good punishment, depend of the hack that they used

    How can you manage the server? So i can do contest for all the players, so they can win good prizes so they player more in the server, then i can have a meeting with all the staff so they can give ideas, opinions all that thing that help the server

    How can you manage the staff team?: I can do group of chats like, the chats for the helpers, then another grupo of MOD then Admin grupo, so we can talk and give ideas for the week, we can make contest´s for all the players so they can have fun because the puporse is tha all the people including staff have fun

    Can you donate?: Yes i can donate

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    posted a message on XerdianCraft (OFFICAL) [LOTS OF STAFF NEEDED] STAFF APPS OPEN


    -----------------Note this is very hard rank to receive answer truthfully------

    Name*--- Edgar Vargas

    Skype*--- prevadedj

    Email*--- [email protected]

    IGN*--- ItsEdy

    Past Staff experiences***---- Yes in other two servers , Librecraft and OlimpoCraft both Admin rank

    Why should i choose you?***----- Well if the server want to expand his horizon to accept other country´s like : Mexico, Spain, Chile etc i can help with that also if someone of the players speak Spanish i can help him, I have good ideas so the server can grow up a lot, and i can manager situations out of control and also i can control all the Administrators and Moderators

    Able to help pay for server? (minimum of $1/month)Yes Or NO**---- Yes i can help with 50 dollars or even more depend of the month

    Bans?*No bans and No mutes

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    posted a message on Need ops to build Faction server from scracth!

    How old are you: Im 19

    About how often can you play: All the Days like 1-4 hrs

    What are you good at like for example building, making coding (for plugins and stuff) Building, Command blocks etc... Building and using command blocks

    When did you start playing Minecraft: About three years ago

    How often do you play Minecraft: Everyday :)

    Do you have a mic: Yes

    What languages do you speak: English and Spanish

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    posted a message on RPG Server Needs Staff

    Name: Edgar

    Age: 19

    Skype: prevadedj

    Position wanted: MOD or ADMIN hehe it´s okey

    Experience: Well now i have experience with building, plugins i have been on 2 servers LibreCraft and OlimpoCraft from spain you know haha its a hard but funny job and i´m good with o this app works and editing websites and programs

    Well i´m from Mexico and i would like to work in a English server. Its interesting because i want to improve my english writing and i think with this job i can learn more english and be a better person i know how to work in minecraft servers , i can ban hacks in the server if you want i can build so if you want to contact me add me on Skype Thanks you so much :)


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