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    Quote from MrVelox

    I just started a new world since the 1.8 update came out and I can't really explore it because I get lost all the time. So, anyone got any ideas about getting lost and all that?

    Also, I should build on the spawn point right just in case I die or is that considered bad? I've had 4 worlds now (recreated em) and all the times I've entered it's just a water source and dirt/trees around and no kind of caves, etc for stone/coal for as far as you can see (max view settings).

    Anyone got any tips?

    I generally build some sort of marker when I set out to point the general direction Im heading in, then when you arrive somewhere you like you can build a tower (it doesnt have to be extremely tall, just easily visible) to use as your land mark. Then, if you are worried about dying just build a path back the way you came from spawn.

    Also, the new map generation seems to place cave systems and such further apart (along with the larger biomes) but if you explore your whole starting area you will most likely find at least 1 or 2.

    Also, it sounds like you just get unlucky seeds :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Wny does everyone have view bobbing turned off?
    The videos look sleeker and more streamlined without the view bobbing on, I just think its plain unnecesary, I dont view bob IRL, and as we know minecraft is totally IRL, so I dont need viewbob their either!
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    posted a message on Beta 1.4 bug report & list of bugs
    Bug "Beds do not act as the spawn point in SMP"
    Is untrue, beds are working as the spawn point on my vanilla SMP server using the official server software.
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    posted a message on [Tool]MCBak[Beta]
    Just a minor update, Im rewriting this to make it more cross platform (linux/mac users, please let me know what the folders are that .minecraft is in), and to get rid of the need for .NET 4.0 runtimes (which is kind of stupid).

    Because java is needed to run minecraft, Im going to use java for the next iteration as chances are you will have access to it if you try to play minecraft on any given PC.
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    Quote from Aqua »
    the ammount of chars a seed can have is infinite, which means there are infinite possible worlds
    Ive just tried to enter as many numbers as possible and i got at 90 before the numbers went out of my screen...
    and since 1 character can contain 37 different items (or even more!!) it is not possible to use maths to get the max amount of worlds! (so i keep with infinite)

    Your computer uses math to do everything, so its a maths question.
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    posted a message on Hostile mobs spawn on peaceful but are passive
    Might be an idea for it to use the same mechanic as the zombie pigmen? If you attack them they become agro within some distance of you?
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    posted a message on There are not infinite worlds?
    Quote from Moxz »


    I wish someone would lock this thread already, the right answer for the number of worlds possible has been posted so many times now that we could literally have replied with the answer to 10 different threads asking the same question.

    Quote from tyber13 »
    Not that it matters though.
    But if you really care about not feeling special about your infinite worlds, then that sucks for you.

    :Diamond: for you
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    posted a message on New supercompact feature rich minecart station!
    could you do a layout diagram of this? (as in the main levels) Its pretty cool, and want to do something similar, just havent yet found the right station set up for what I want :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on There are not infinite worlds?
    Quote from Dstoft »

    which is 304140932017133780436126081660650000000000000000000000000000000000
    What you forget is that a numeric value larger than the type you are storing it in will just overflow (ie. wrap around) in any decent language, so even if you type in a 50 digit number you will end up with a 64-bit in the end :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Where can I find tool health?
    If the video doesnt have to be first person you can use F1 on the recording client and then follow a player around?
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    posted a message on HALP
    You either downloaded the .jar server, which means you need java installed, or you saved it without the .exe extension, in which case you need to rename the file to have .exe at the end.
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    posted a message on [Tool]MCBak[Beta]
    So, I got tired of when I was moving between computers that to keep my Minecraft worlds with me I would have to manually copy-paste them to and from a flash drive (or use box.net/dropbox which I cant use on every PC I play Minecraft on). So with everyone being mod happy these days (and mods suggesting people back up their saves) I decided it would be a nice idea to make a small app to automate saves backup and moving saves between computers.

    MCBak - Beta
    I present to you MCBak Beta:

    What it does:
    - Creates a zip compressed backup of your saves folder locally (in your .minecraft folder)
    - Replaces saves folder with a locally backed up saves
    -- Above workflow also works remotely*
    - IMPORTANT: Read the HOWTO section before using the app

    * - the remote folder is the same folder as your MCBak exe.

    Why would I need it?
    - Single click back up your saves locally ("Backup (local)")
    - Single click restore a local backup save file**
    - Single click back up your saves externally ("Backup (external)")
    - Single click restore an external save file**

    ** - restoring a save DELETES the saves folder to replace it with your backup saves folder, hence read HOW TO

    HOW TO? - NB: Read before use
    Download: http://www.box.net/shared/zgd4ynqbl2
    How do I backup my save locally:
    - On first run, click "Backup (local)" immediately, and use it again any time you want to locally save the current saves folder

    How do I restore my backup locally:
    -- IMPORTANT: Current saves folder gets deleted, so be sure of what you want to do
    -- NOTE: Will only work if the backup file exists
    - Click "Restore (local)" to restore the local system's saves backup

    How do I save my files to an external drive:
    - Put the MCBak folder on a flash drive (or external drive) and run it from there
    - Click "Backup (remote)"

    How do I restore my files from an external drive:
    - Run MCBak from the external device
    - Click "Restore (remote)"

    How do I show my friend my saves on HIS computer without destroying HIS saves:
    - Run MCBak from your external device
    - FIRST, click on "Backup (local)" to make sure that his saves are backed up
    - SECOND, click "Restore (remote)" to replace his saves folder with yours
    -- Show him what you want to, or play, or whatever you wanted to do with your saves at his house
    - Optional: THIRD, click "Backup (remote)" to keep your new changes to your saves
    - FOURTH, click "Restore (local)" to put your friend's save back

    How to get help, and more
    The program had an error, what do you need?
    Put the crash.log's contents in [quote] tags as a response to this thread, or send it to me via PM.

    Can your program do X?
    - Short answer: probably not (yet)
    - Long answer: if you want me to support some feature (eg. texture folder moving, config moving, etc) with MCBak, PM me your suggestions, and be as concise as possible.

    Your program looks ugly
    - Short answer: I agree
    - Long answer: If you can make it look better, I need button background images of size (23x101) and a background image of size (150x250) [both heights are (width x height)]. Im thinking of possibly making it skinnable, but its a lot of work, so I will probably take the best looking submission as the look for the app.

    My question/concern isn't covered
    Post it as a reply to this thread and I will do my best to get back to you, also, if I think it needs to be here I will add it to this post.

    My TODO List
      [*:3bkh596h]Automatic local backup before remote restore
      [*:3bkh596h]Save specific backups
      [*:3bkh596h]Replace folder removal with merge/rename of restore file if from a different PC
      [*:3bkh596h]Create Ruby and/or python scripts for use with PCs that do not have .net (and for Linux/OSX users)

    Beta - http://www.box.net/shared/zgd4ynqbl2

    Feel free to give me any suggestions/comments/critiques/feedback, etc
    Also, I hope I did not miss anything.
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    posted a message on Redstone Challenge
    Quote from TheXboxNut »
    Quote from BCPowers »
    Can't use AND gates because you can only have 1 wire. Sorry buddy.

    Erm, you can connect all the AND gate outputs to one wire and output that... It doesn't say "Only one wire throughout the whole mechanism gate" The wire will just pulse at different rates.......

    Unless you meant something else by only having one wire

    This is what I meant, connecting things at the ends to the one wire. But yeah...
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    posted a message on Redstone Challenge
    You are going to need a LOT of space for each base just for building your sending/receiving stuff to make it "non-blocking" so to speak.

    Theoretically speaking you could build the system so that it works like a walkie talkie. Where you have a switch that you put ON to send stuff, and off when you are done, and when you arent sending you permanently "receive". But that wont interpret the morse code for you, BUT if you put more than 1 redstone line you can send different messages with just buttons, something like

    (assuming off/off isnt read as anything)
    2 wires = 3 combos
    3 wires = 7 combinations
    4 wires = 13 combinations

    With the 4 wires you could even split it into 2 main things (ie. 2 sets of 2) and have the first two for something like:
    Set 1:
    - on/off - incoming
    - off/on - attack
    - on/on - safe
    Set 2:
    - off/off - North
    - on/off - East
    - off/on - South
    - on/on - West

    Or for the 13 combinations it would be better for many commands that need no special info, eg:
    - 1 - need wood
    - 2 - need stone
    - 3 - sending stone
    - etc

    It also depends what you want. But 1 redstone wire (it is possible, but not worth the effort for what you are attempting IMO) has too much technicality involved [ie. design a system that can assign incoming messages into certain slots, then every 4 (for eg) messages check the actual "packet" and do something according to that, then send a response saying you are ready for the next message, then send any message you need to send, then wait for a "ready" signal from the other side]
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    posted a message on Minecraft caused a "Blue Screen of Death."
    Quote from HabaneroArrow »
    Most likely, at least. See, I was playing Minecraft when my computer suddenly froze and then went to the BSOD. If this had happened some other time, then obviously I wouldn't have thought so. But I sincerely doubt it was a coincidence. Now, of course, my computer no longer works.

    So thank you, Minecraft, for destroying my computer. Unless anyone knows how to fix this?

    You probably have faulty RAM, try start up your PC with a different RAM module in? (Or if you have 2 in there try them 1 by 1?)

    Also, when you say your PC no longer works, what does it do?
    - Power on, black screen? Probably RAM
    - Power on, freezes on boot? Probably your OS
    - Power on, restarts permanently? [Various things can cause this]

    The more info we have the better.

    EDIT: Oh, and the guy who mentioned it could be video card drivers, try taking out your video card and using on-board graphics when you start up, if it starts fine, then you know your video card has gone for a ball of chalk. (A friend of mine had the same issue a few days ago funnily enough)
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