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    Me and 3 friends play on a minecraft realm, and we are currently constructing a base. Part of it is underwater, and we need to clear out a huge amount of water within the perimeter of the base. Currently we are doing it manually with sand walls and sponges, but it is far too slow. Are there any (not too difficult) methods of doing this?

    I have provided an image of our current method.

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    We all like popping a music disc into your jukebox and listening to cat, but what if this was more expandable?

    Introducing music technology. You can have something like a jukebox that gives sound as output, and then you could lead it to speakers using a sound cable. You could also have delays, just like redstone, and other fun mechanics such as increasing or decreasing the volume. Using something like noteblocks, you could write your own music, and output it through a speaker. This composition mechanic would be quite simple though, functioning much like a beeper speaker on an old computer. In my opinion, these mechanics would really expand on the wasted potential music discs and music boxes has.

    What are your thoughts?

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