About Me

Don't like me. I am mean. I don't like you. Go away...

Srsly, go away.

The door is that way.

I am actually a nice person. I can be very personable. I tip well when I go out to eat, I hold the door open for people near by, and believe it or not, I've given money to people in need. Like one guy who was a Military Vet who was shot 3 times while on deployment. He and his wife were living out of their car. I didn't have much at the time, but I gave him some money to buy water and food. (Update to this, the guy was a tool trying to scam money. I met him again 2 years later, same story, no sign of a wife or daughter. So I don't give money anymore.)

The reason I am often seen being harsh and blunt with people is because they did something to lose my respect. It doesn't have to be something done to me directly either. Such as, if someone posts a stolen texture pack as their own, I instantly don't like you. If someone starts showing attitude over constructive criticism, I don't like you. Etc.

If you wan't me to be nice to you, then you must be nice too. Simple as that.

But that's not to say that we can't have a good argument. We don't have to see eye-to-eye on everything, but yes, there are some things that can make me hate your guts forever, I am only human after all. But even still, we can be at each other's throats about a particular topic, and once the topic is done, via thread lock or some sort of resolution, I can move on like it never even happened and strike up another conversation with you on another thread in which we are both in favor of. Every thread is basically it's own little Vegas. All assuming you haven't made me dislike you previously.

I am a nice person once you get to know me. Work your way past my intense hatred for most all people, and we can be good friends.

I love computers. I love technology. I love understanding how things work.

15+ years working with computers. 2+ years of schooling for Networking. 4+ years working in the industry. I like to think I know how computers work.

My Rig:
- Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Case
- Corsair 850W PSU
-- MSI Z390 Motherboard
--- Intel i9 9900KF

--- 32GB Corsiar RAM
--- MSI RTX2070

Interesting Seed List:
-969535336 (Extreme hills with normal generation)
460367020 (A lone "watchtower", like from LOTR)
7026479768188285642 (Spawn in planes filled with horses and donkeys)
-7724690690182843954 (Epic cave at -850x 550z)


- Computers
- Computer hardware
- Networking
- Games (Video and Tabletop)
- Being crafty
- Understanding how things work.

Location San Diego, California

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Minecraft echonite

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