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    posted a message on [18+]The AllianceCraft Network - For adults by adults. 1 Year Online! Semi-vanilla server. Lockette, Core Protect & More

    In-game name/Minecraft username (required): Eamafa
    Age (required): 19
    Identified Gender: Male
    A bit about yourself: I'm a bored college student studying biology but I love making new friends and interacting with others
    Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: I really enjoy the exploration aspects, especially on multiplayer where you can find other players creations
    Do you read the rules? Do you agree to the rules?: Yes to both
    Why do you want to join?: I haven't played much minecraft in about 2 years and I wanted to play again but in a world with others
    Any questions for the staff?:Nope

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    posted a message on Minecraft DanganRonpa Server Rp!
    1. Your IGN: Eamafa
    2. Your age: 19
    3.Your RP name (Optional): Alfendi
    4: Your talent: SHSL Chess Player
    5. Why you want to join: I'm a fan of the Danganronpa series and I'd like to see what you can do with it in a minecraft server
    6. If you agree to follow any rules I give you: Well I doubt you'd let me in if I replied with "No I will break all rules" so yes I agree to follow rules.
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    posted a message on The Realm of Saphriel | Serious Roleplay | Frequent Events | Medieval Fantasy | Great Staff | 1.16.5

    I've edited the hair color and added a Ash Elf Magic section. I was somewhat confused with some of the wording on the Ash Elf magic section so if I'm way off feel free to tell me so, you won't hurt my feelings. :lol:

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    posted a message on The Realm of Saphriel | Serious Roleplay | Frequent Events | Medieval Fantasy | Great Staff | 1.16.5

    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN: Eamafa

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): Eamafa

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example? I haven't done role playing in about a year but I use to play on many minecraft role playing servers on and off for several years. One that I can remember was called Iriliath but that was a couple years ago

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: Powergaming is making your character too powerful in a situation most often by canceling another character's action or by performing an action without giving the other person a chance to respond to that action.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Metagaming is when you use information that you've learned out of character, whatever it may be, and utilize in role playing situations when your character couldn't have known this information.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: Acting out the personality of a character who is not yourself

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name: Lianthorn Ralofaren

    -Character race: Ash Elf

    -Character gender: Male

    -Character age:108

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set): Information Broker

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.):

    Lianthorn is of average height for an ash elf at 6’3’’ and has a lean figure. His hair is long, snow white and tied up in a ponytail behind his head. His skin is a pale gray that would indicate sickness on humans but was natural for his kind and his pupils are a dark red. He often wears a confident and almost smug look and gives off an ominous aura.

    He wears an unbuttoned black jacket and a red shirt underneath. He always wears gloves on his hands to hide their disfigurement. His clothing is very light offering very little protection but allowing him for easy movement. This also contributes to his very relaxed posture when standing or when threatened by combat.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.):

    Lianthorn is a man that finds the most enjoyment in the misfortune of others and is often likely to go out of his way to cause trouble for others. However he is also very craven and prefers to watch the chaos he causes from afar rather than be involved in conflict directly knowing that he has little chance in a fair fight. When faced with a dangerous situation such as a battle with a much stronger foe, he will resort to dirty tricks often using the environment or bystanders to his advantage usually in order to escape the situation rather than defeat an enemy. However even in these instances he maintains a calm and smug demeanor, even taunting his foe in order to throw them off, buying time for him to find an escape route or solution to a crisis. Much of this stems from resentment that many other half elves harbor against higher members of society due to abandonment and persecution. However, this resentment does not manifest into murderous intent against other races. Hence he does not work to lead society to extinction but rather to be a constant thorn in its side.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    “Lianthorn our scouts report that the orc party will be entering the area by dusk. They’ve got approximately 15 men and a shipment of supplies we could use”, “Excellent we’ll place our Dark Elves alongside the path right here” Lianthorn pointed at a fork in the path on the map, “The orcs won’t have a chance against them in the dark” Lianthorn finished briefing his men on the rest of the attack and dismissed them, ordering them to be ready in two hours. Lianthorn had no idea how many years it had been since the Pact’s War began, only that he’d been fighting for way too long. He led a group of those shunned by the Alliance before the war, criminals, half-elves, even had a half-orc. Even though the Alliance would accept their help now Lianthorn’s men like him still harbored resentment towards the “higher races” for the persecution they’d faced before the invasion. Under Lianthorn’s lead that conducted small guerrilla attacks within the Great Forest. Honestly though Lianthorn doubted his small group of 40 fighters made much of a difference in the conflict but it was one way for them to channel the hatred many felt inside of them.

    The Great Forest was familiar territory for most of the fighters. Lianthorn being an Ash Elf was abandoned in the forest when he was born, never meeting his parents. He was raised in a small Dark Elf village by an elderly couple that he later assumed only raised him in an attempt to do something meaningful in the end of their lives. Lianthorn spent the first 13 years of his life there until his caretakers fell dead of old age. Before that he learned basic survival and reading from the Dark Elves and made some friends that he’d eventually return to after leaving the forest after his guardian’s death. Lianthorn didn’t care much when they had died. He was sure the elderly couple did everything they could but love for parental figures was something that Lianthorn never became familiar with. It was a foreign emotion for him given his abandonment from his true parents.

    With the elderly couple gone Lianthorn didn’t see much reason to remain in the forest. So he headed for the Human settlements until eventually ending up in the capital of Falkvard. Along his travels and in the city he found that he was constantly looked down upon by the other races. Parents would keep shield their children away, inns would turn him away, and merchants would attempt to rip him off. So Lianthorn just stopped dealing with them. He found that people became bored of the taunts and ridicule eventually and he became practically invisible in the city. No one noticed him anymore but he heard everything. News, secrets, gossip, rumors were all gathered by him as no one payed any attention to him, at this point just a young Ash Elf. With this he decided that a well-informed mind can be more deadly than a longsword. He began to sell information that he picked up, usually by finding someone related to the information hoping to cause conflict. The best ways to cause trouble in higher races was to influence them to fight each other.

    Along with his mischief with eavesdropping he also spent time in libraries in Falkvard and in other villages he passed. He mostly ignored books on magical artifacts and scientific advances and focused more on the history of Saphriel. He had a keen interest in past military conflicts and leaders won using clever tactics. And that’s how Lianthorn spent his time in the human settlements and capital for around 10 years.

    By the time he had been there for 10 years he had developed a small information network claiming to his agents that he was also just working for a higher man which was an easy story because of his young age for an Ash Elf. Lianthorn had developed more than he could handle and it eventually got him into trouble when some of his agents were caught selling dangerous information that got just about everyone under his command killed. Lianthorn valuing his life more than avenging his subordinates or discovering the secret behind his information fled the human settlements and returned to the Dark Forest.

    It was only a few years since his return that the Pact invaded when Lianthorn was about 30 years old. The Lianthorn that had returned to the forest was much more mature, clever, and charismatic, and was seen as someone who could lead in this time of crisis despite just becoming an adult. Lianthorn did his best to organize a defense for the village but once he realized the scope of the Pact’s strength from refugees escaping from the human cities he sent the elderly and children with them.

    It was many years since then, Lianthorn thought still looking over the plans one last time before leaving his tent to address his men. Lianthorn wasn’t very concerned though. This was a relatively low risk mission compared to many of his past assignments like holding back the Pact so that a village could evacuate. He left his tent and gave the final briefings to his men and sent them off. He would be arriving at the point of attack shortly afterwards with reinforcements in case they were needed.

    When he arrived at the sight, the orcs had been wiped out already and one of his men came to report to him “No causalities Lianthorn, we caught them completely off-guard”, just as Lianthorn had expected. “Good work, collect all the supplies you can carry and we’ll bring them back to camp” Lianthorn smiled. “But there’s one other thing, we’ve recovered a map with a nearby Orc camp. We could push even further and try to take that out as well” his fighter replied. Lianthorn thought for a moment, it would be risky, but taking out the camp would give his men time to rest afterwards. He and his men had been on the run for a while now and it would be nice to have some time to rest. “Let’s do it. I’ll send one of my groups back to bring the rest of our forces and take it out all at once”

    The information was a trap however, which Lianthorn realized far too late as they arrived an opening in the forest with no sign of a camp ever being there. Orcs immediately emerged from the forest slaughtering his forces. Lianthorn soon found himself fighting an Orc on his own in the chaos. He was holding his own, but he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long. He had learned to fight quite well during the war because it was that or you die but Lianthorn new he’d have to find an escape soon before his men were completed eliminated. His thought distracted him however as he was hit with a large war hammer in the stomach and sent him to the ground. He looked up only to see a spiked club swing for his head. He hadn’t the time or mobility at the time so his only defense was his hands which he used to block the blow sending large razor sharp spikes through his hands. The pain was intense; unlike anything he had ever felt sending adrenaline through his body and everything slowed down. He could see blood and cartilage ripping from his hands as the club was pulled back and he could see many of his men escaping through the forest, abandoning their leader. He was so filled with hate at that moment. Hate for the Pact for putting him in agony and taking so much, the alliance races for looking down on him for his whole life, and now the half-elves for betraying him and leaving him to day. His hate gave him a last burst of energy. He couldn’t even feel the pain anymore as he rolled out of the way of the swinging weapons and he barely escaped into the forest refusing to stop running even hours after he wasn’t being chased anymore and collapsed.

    He hid in the forest years waiting for his hands to heal but they never would. He would never hold a sword again and it wasn’t until many years after the war that he’d be able to wield a small dagger. In a depression he made his was to Barkamsted. He lost his will to fight in the war. He didn’t care who won, he hoped that they would all lose. He simply just lived until the war ended and saw how much damage the Pact and Alliance did do each other and later saw how powerful they could be when they worked together when the gates began to appear.

    Lianthorn became vitalized; he had a new goal in life. He wanted to get the races to fight amongst themselves again. He didn’t need to see an all-out war like the; he just wanted to see others squirm. So he decided to return to being the charming and clever Lianthorn that gained him the trust of the Dark Forest villagers although letting his dark side come out much more often, in order to try to re-establish his information system he once had several over 70 years ago.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Lianthorn grins and laughs briefly and calculates where the child is likely headed. With his hands in his coat pockets he begins to walk down an alley and back to a main street before ducking into another alley where the child soon runs straight into him dropping the coin purse as he falls. The is still dazed as Lianthorn leans down to pick up his lost item and then holds his hand out to the boy. “Not bad kid, if you’d pick-pocketed an idiot mercenary or baker you would’ve gotten away with it” Lianthorn remarks. “I’m sorry sir, please don’t hurt me” the child pleads. Lianthorn helps the kid up and grins “Hey, why kill you when I could use someone of your talents? You could work under me and steal something easy than gold but I promise it comes with the reward of gold eventually” “What are you talking about?” “Information my dear boy, now get out of here I’ll be in touch” Lianthorn laughs as the boy scurries down the alley. “He’ll be a good agent of mine” Lianthorn thinks to himself.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Lianthorn smiles, intrigued by the predicament. He briefly considers saving the mother knowing the damage her kind has done to the farms but soon remembers he is likely unable to break the trap with his weakened hands. He thinks for a moment, stuffing his hands into his pocket and grinning. He pulls out a small sack of gun powder and walks over to some nearby trees and sprinkling the powder near the roots and grabs some nearby stick and flick them together creating a spark. As soon as he sees the sparks he quickly dashes away as he watches the gunpowder ignite and the tree begin to take fire. It was only a minute until the entire area was engulfed in flames. Lianthorn intently watches the puppies, curious of what they would do in the situation. Would be abandon their mother to survive, or would they stay with their mother and perish. When smoke began to fill the area the puppies began to run away. Lianthorn frowned “Hmm they abandoned even a loved one in the face of danger, living things always do”. Lianthorn looked once more at the doomed wolf and turned away to escape the flames.

    -Magic Biography; Explain your character's magic through backstory application: (At least 3 well-crafted paragraphs. You must describe why your Ash Elf can use their form of magic, where they discovered they were magically gifted, and what benefits this brings to your Ash Elf. We will not accept magic applications that are simply "My Ash Elf can use their magic because this and wants to use it because it'll help him and for RP!

    In the Dark Forest Lianthorn had never learned about magic nor the unique way that Ash Elves could interact with magical artifacts. No one in his Dark Elf village used magic and he’d never met another Ash Elf, no less, an Ash Elf who had been able to interact with artifacts. It wasn’t until he left the forest over a decade after he was born that he was first exposed to magic. He had been to taverns and inns where people spoke of magic and he saw some people who were referred to as mages but he himself had never seen anyone use magic. It wasn’t until he made it to Falkvard that he actually saw magic in use. He saw amateur mages use alteration and illusion magic for magic tricks in the streets for entertainment, fire magic to light the torches on the street at night, and even met a healer once that lessened a fever he had.

    Lianthorn though never thought that he could use artifacts or even considered it but one day while walking in the streets of Falkvard he walked by what he saw as a crazy old man on the street dressed in old rags. However when he passed closely the man grabbed his arm and excitedly said “Hey!, you’re an Ash Elf aren’t you?”. Lianthron sighed because of the inconvenience of having to interact with an obviously delusional man and sarcastically replied “Yeah, what gave it away, my white hair or my grey skin?”. The man ignored Lianthorn’s sarcasm and continued “I used to be a mage at the college, you ash elves… your kind has an extremely unique reaction to artifacts that I must undertstand. Please let me try some tests on you” Lianthorn was growing tired of the man’s ramblings and started to pull his arm away from the man’s grip. “No please wait” the man said realizing Lianthorn was trying to get away “Just hold this” he said reaching into his pocket and place a small amulet with a yellow gem into Lianthorn’s hand. “What is this” Lianthorn started before several tiny sparks began to emit from the gem, surprised by the effect he pulled his arm away at threw the amulet back at the man and say “Get away from me” and hurried away from the man yelling for Lianthorn’s return.

    Within the next few days Lianthorn found himself in a library again and reluctantly looked for a book on Ash Elven magic and learned of rumored strange effects Ash Elves had with magical artifacts. He considered returning to the man after reading about the magic but he never saw the man in the streets again. Lianthorn counted never meeting that man as good luck years later after powerful magic artifacts starting the destructive Pact War and he was thankful that he hadn’t gotten involved in it. When he commanded his group in the Dark Forest he refused to consider trying to track down and possibly use magical artifacts as he thought they were too dangerous and unpredictable to use in battle. It wasn’t until being abandoned by his men and his current disdain for others and love for causing trouble that he saw usefulness in the magic that he had avoided in the past. So when he decided to return to information brokering he set one of his many goals of his business as gathering information about the whereabouts of interesting artifacts and means of learning how to use them. With this he would be able to run his business more efficiently and cause trouble for others with the use of tricky magic.

    -Please explain, in your own words, the limits Ash Elves have placed on them: (This should be one to two well-made paragraphs)

    Ash Elves are capable of recognizing magic potential in an artifact and identify the said potential. Additionally they can activate artifacts quicker and sometimes with more power although since Ash Elves cannot use magic they cannot control the effects or the extent of the power. In all Ash Elves do not possess magic affinity like other races do with no magic reserves or specialize in specific magical aspects.

    Ash Elves also have the same or similar limits other races would have. In a roleplaying sense, they cannot use magic in a form of power gaming by using artifacts against someone without giving them the chance to respond to the use of the artifact. This is especially important for Ash Elves as with high concentration Ash Elves can produce more powerful effects from the artifacts so it’s very important for people playing Ash Elves do avoid power gaming. Ash Elves although less effected by are still bounded by stamina to an extent of activating artifacts and still require practice using artifacts in order to activate them properly. Lastly as with other races they cannot produce incredibly powerful effects with weaker artifacts.

    Side note: When I looked through the website on magic for Ash Elves I found somethings unclear and I was unable to find any successful Ash Elf magic applications but this is what I was able to come up with from the information I could find on the website so please criticize away here if I am way off

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

    Instead of using spells magic can only be used with the possession and through a magical artifact. These artifacts are often in the form of trinkets and tomes. In addition to needed an artifact a user is also limited by the power of the artifact itself. Each artifact is also bound to a specific type of magical aspects that the wielder must be proficient in. Furthermore the user can wield the artifact to its full potential with continued practice. So utilizing the magic system comes down to having magical potential, an artifact, knowledge of it’s potential, and practice in its use.

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    posted a message on || The Collapse || An immersive RP/Horror/Survival server [Now recruiting players!]

    IGN (In-game name): eamafa

    Why would you like to have a pre-defined role?: I'd like to have a pre-determined role because I would really like to help contribute to the atmosphere of the story from the beginning.

    Are you experienced with roleplay?: I haven't done role playing in about a year but I use to play on many minecraft role playing servers on and off for several years.

    In roleplay, what does Metagaming mean?: Metagaming is when you use information that you've learned out of character, whatever it may be, and utilize in role playing situations when your character couldn't have known this information.

    In roleplay, what does Powergaming mean?: Powergaming is making your character too powerful in a situation most often by canceling another character's action or by performing an action without giving the other person a chance to respond to that action.

    Please provide a RP example/response to the following scenario, using this format:

    Me: Don't touch me! *Screams*
    Bandit: Listen! Give me all the goodies you have in your bag! Now! *Starts pointing him with a gun*

    You are walking through the streets of "Varisvara", a small old town located in an island. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"

    Me: *Turns around towards the figure and recognizes the man as a police officer* Ah good evening Officer *Looks down the alley* I was just looking for my watch.

    Officer: *Looks at the man with confusion* What would your watch be doing in a back alley like this?

    Me: *Still looking down the alley way while blocking the view of the shining object from the officer* Oh you see I was using this alley as a shortcut home from to the bakery. Fred makes the best pastries but the walk is dreadfully long. But anyway, when I finally arrived home and checked my watch to see if this alley had cut my trip down by any time I realized it was missing. So I've been retracing my steps and have ended up here.

    Officer: Fred does have a fine bakery *nods*, but this is part of a crime scene sir, you can't be looking around here right now. There's been a murder and the criminal may still be around.

    Me: Oh no, that's terrible *Gasps* but I'm sure I be able to find my watch in just a moment.

    Officer: Sorry sir but I can't let you wander around here right n- *Notices a trace of blood on the bottom of the man's pants* Wait, isn't Fred's Bakery closed on Saturdays? *reaching for his sidearm*

    Me: *turns and gets foot under the shiny object, a bloody knife, flicking it up to his hands and spins around back at the officer swinging the knife at the officer's throat and cutting it cleanly* Oh yeah, that's right officer, I totally forgot *Watches the officer fall to the ground* Crazy how the human body works, even after a stab through the chest it still has enough energy to knock a knife out of my hands and out the window. Thanks for helping me find it officer. He wipes off the bloody knife on the officer's uniform and continues down the alley way.

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    posted a message on Pokemon Legends: The Beginning of Champions

    Trainer Application:

    Name: Klaus Callas

    Gender: Male

    Age: (10+) 17

    • Home Region: (Can be any region.): Kanto

    Appearance: Klaus’s posture radiates confidence. Klaus also has long black that flows down his back in a ponytail. He always wears a cocky grin that paired with his red eyes, are known to intimidate his opponents. He wears a black and red jacket over a tan shirt and a neckless with a pokeball hangs from his neck. His dark colored pants match his jacket along with his black and red shoes.

    Personality: Klaus is devious and manipulative with the use his high intelligence. As a battler, he is very confident in his ability to win but he often turns to unconventional and cowardly tactics to do so. Despite his cockiness, he battles trainers in the hopes of learning from them. He is obsessed with discovering the perfect battle technique from combining some of his greatest opponents’ strategies into his own unique battling style. Due to this desire, he strives to meet new trainers and learn from their bonds with their Pokemon and how they use that bond. Disregarding his attitude, he truly cares for his Pokemon and does not mistreat them.

    Skills: He’s clever at tricking and manipulating others. He’s also an experienced trainer from his previous journey.

    Equipment: He has an empty Pokeball as a neckless which could hold a Pokemon given the chance. He also has a Pokedex and Pokegear from his previous journey.

    Bio: (Make this at least 2 paragraphs.)

    As the tradition goes, when Klaus turned 10 he received a Pokemon and set out on his journey. He received a Duskull from his Uncle in Hoenn and began his journey in Pewter City. From his first few encounters with other trainers it was abundantly clear to him how to defeat his enemies. He noticed when trainers battled relying on the strength of their Pokemon alone the battle was no more than a game of who was physically superior. But if he relied on trickery to defeat his opponents, the battle became a lot more interesting as he could control the flow of the match, predict his opponent’s moves, and guarantee a victory. He could easily beat opponents before they could land a hit on his Duskull by setting clever traps for his opponents. He soon learned that the best types of Pokemon for his tricks were psychic, dark, and ghost types so he made sure to build his team with these Pokemon that he could use to trick his opponents. Trainers who relied solely on brute strength bored Klaus to death and he was able to quickly defeat them. He made quick work of gym leaders like Brock and Lt. Surge who relied on power. He also learned to observe the gym leaders battles to improve his own technique. While watching Misty battle other opponents, taking advantage of the water in her gym, Klaus learned the importance of bending and using his surrounding environment to gain an edge in battle. He was soon defeating enemies by tatics causing surround objects to collapse on his opponents or to shield his own Pokemon. He continually honed his battle techniques hoping to one day challenge the Elite Four and become a champion.

    However when he collected 8 badges he did not head for the Elite Four. From his journey he began to hear rumors about the trainer Red who had already defeated the Elite Four. Klaus thought instead of battling the Elite Four he could seek out this Red and defeat him securing himself as a top trainer. But soon after he learned that battling Red would be more than he bargained for. First was the challenge of finding Red who had disappeared after his Elite Four challenge and victory. After finding his location, he had to battle his way through extreme weather and dangerous caves to finally find Red at Mt. Silver. However, although he was confident that few trainers could pose a challenge to him, nothing had prepared him for what he faced against Red. None of his tricks worked on Red. Not only that, but Red’s team wiped Klaus out without him knocking out a single one of Red’s Pokemon.

    It was a six months after his defeat to Red he heard about the great opportunities available to trainers in the newly developed Tsucia region. He knew this was the best opportunity to start anew. He hoped that in this new region he could redeem his defeat and discover whatever he was still missing as a trainer that caused him to lose. He sent his Pokemon away to his Uncle vowing to return for them when he discovered what he lacked as a trainer. Then he left on the first train to Tsucia.

    Other: Rayquaza, Giratina, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde

    • Starter Pokemon: (Pick one starter from the list below. It starts at level 5 with the moves Tackle and a specialty move for what Pokemon it is. You don't get it right away, but you get it when you reach the main city.)

    Starter Pokemon and their Specialty Move: Eevee-Swift

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    posted a message on From The Ashes Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of Thaer -|- Serious Roleplay -|- Custom Coded -|- Experienced Staff -|- Active -|-

    Out of Character Information

    IGN: Eamafa

    Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional): No but I may join eventually.

    Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?: Yes

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: Powergaming is forcing roleplay on another player without allowing them to respond or react.

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Using information that you only know OOC in an IC situation.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: Acting out the personality of a certain character that is not yourself.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No one is allowed to.

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: When the player agrees to allow his or her character to be killed.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?: When you need to clarify things during roleplay by using parenthesis (()) or an OOC channel.

    Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere? (Optional): I haven’t played in a Minecraft RP server in about 2 years but I use to play on Assassin’s Creep and Irialith which no longer exist.

    Character Information

    Name: Alfendi Wimarc


    Race: Human

    Physical description: Alfendi is a medium sized man standing at approximately 5 feet 10 inches. His thick black hair falls right before his dark purple eyes. Most people would regard him as handsome although a large portion of his face is covered by his hair. He wears a lightweight ragged dark blue jacket that allows him better flexibly and mobility. Around his upper body are the straps holding up a bright blue backpack where he holds supplies. His black pants are held up by a belt with a sheath for a small dagger. The blue boots on his feet bulge at one of the ankles where he keeps a dagger.

    Screen capture of your skin (I recommend uploading to imgur and posting link here):

    Biography (Minimum 225 words. Most very fleshed-out characters have around 300, but feel free to use even more than that if you wish. Try and avoid clichés such as loved one being killed by bandits or the like):

    As the only son of a Crownlands noble, Alfendi Toru had very few problems to deal with in his early life besides being incredibly bored. Much of his childhood was plagued by fancy dinners and introductions with his father’s friends. He found his life incredibly boring and uneventful. This continued until a certain guest was invited by his father for dinner. Alfendi was intrigued by the man’s mysterious demeanor as soon as he entered the house. When Alfendi questioned his father about the man he revealed that the man was one of the Emperor’s spies. Alfendi was blown away by the exciting stories the man told about his adventures in exotic places like Horizon and Drunn where he demolished rebel cells and gathered information on the Emperor’s enemies. With this, a way out of his boredom finally appeared. After the dinner Alfendi inquired to the man about how he could pursue his new goal of becoming a spy for the government. The man was more than happy to tell Alfendi what he had to do to achieve his goal and Alfendi did what the man said spending the next several years studying and training to become a spy.

    Given his social status and his intelligence and agility from training, he was able to join the government’s intelligence as a spy finally achieving his goal when he turned 18. He spent the next few years fulfilling government contracts. He spent time in Drunn unveiling ore import scandals, St. Jessica exposing corrupt priests and priestesses, and Horizon disbanding troublesome savage tribes. Through his successes and demonstration of his carefulness and calculation, he rose through the ranks and was finally living the thrilling life that he’d wanted his whole life. It was a life in which he could continuously escape boredom. Each contract offered completely new scenarios, challenges and outcomes.

    When he was 23 he gained access to especially dangerous contracts only available to some of the highest ranked spies. One of these contracts was set in Forezzie where he was to extract crucial information on Forezzie nobles that were plotting against the Emperor. Due to the power that some of these conspirators had, Alfendi was not permitted to take contracts in Forezzie in the past and was ecstatic thinking of all the fun he would have taking down the nobles now that he was ranked high enough. When he arrived in Forezzie he went straight to the Villa where he was to acquire papers that would grant him access and communications with the nobles he was to take down. According to the contract the owner was away protecting his economic interests in Enris so he was to take the Noble’s papers to gain access to the Town Hall where it was suspected that the Nobles conspired. The papers were retrieved very easily due to his agility and acrobatics. However he was ordered to wait out a few days before investigating the Town Hall. However he was unable to wait any longer he went out to ease drop at a meeting on his own.

    When he arrived, the Hall was empty. He sighed. He guessed that he wasn’t lucky enough to get there while the conspirators had been there. But when he turned around he found that he was surrounded by heavily armed guards and archers. The Nobles appeared behind the guards revealing that he had somehow been sold out. Although Alfendi appeared calm, he knew he was in a dire situation and he’d have to do something fast if he wanted to keep his head. So in order to buy time he offered to make the Nobles a deal. As a spy he was in possession of a wide range of knowledge on world affairs, including those of who he worked for. In exchange for his life Alfendi offered the Forezzie Nobles information on his own government. It was a treacherous act against the Crownlands government but he valued his own life over his homeland. The Nobles agreed to the deal and Alfendi handed over crucial information. But as he was able to leave the hall with the deal in place he was knocked out by a blunt object.

    When he woke up he was sitting in a dark prison cell. He briefly laughed at his stupidity in trusting the Nobles before coming back to reality realizing the situation he was in and looking for a solution. However he didn’t have enough time to create a plan as a group of guards soon took him out of his cell. When Alfendi questioned where they were bringing him the guards remained silent. As they ushered him outside the prison he caught a glance a group of horsemen barring the flags of the Crownlands. Apparently when the other spies had arrived in Forezzie they captured the Nobles but the Nobles made a deal to give Alfendi up to them in order to be pardoned for their crimes. He was then shoved into a wheeled cage with two horses pulling it. Alfendi soon learned he was to be brought back to the Crownlands for execution. The trip would be a couple days, so Alfendi knew he had to come up with a plan to escape his execution. He soon realized that in terms of combat he was no match for trained soldiers of the Crownlands. He’d need a miracle to escape.

    The group however had to take a detour through the Mistlands, although Alfendi did not know the reason since his cell cart was in the middle of the battalion. In the Mistlands his opportunity arose. From nowhere a bandit group attacked the battalion. Alfendi quickly analyzed the situation. The bandits gained an immediate advantage by hiding in the fog before the attack so the battalion was caught by surprise. However he knew the bandits were no match for the battalion and would be slaughtered before long by the superior, trained, equipped soldiers. He knew he had little time to act so he quickly rammed his body against one side of his mobile cell knocking it over and tripping up the horses and their riders. The horses and their riders fell and stopped but Alfendi’s cart continued to slide trapping one of the riders under it. Alfendi quickly stripped the unconscious soldier of the key and his dagger and freed himself of his cage. He looked around at the scene before him. The bandits and soldiers were focused and engaged in battle. For a moment he considered assisting the bandits as thanks for the distraction but although they seemed to be faring better than he had expected against the soldiers, they were ultimately doomed to lose so he disappeared into the mist for his escape.

    Alfendi spent the next few months evading the Emperor’s men but he knew he couldn’t keep them away forever and he needed a long term solution. Even in his situation he still had access to some of his contacts he had made in his previous espionage work. Word got to him of Enris and the hopelessness of the situation with the undead. Alfendi assumed that in its current state, Enris would likely be abandoned by the Confederation out of fear of the undead and in the hopes that Enris could be isolated to prevent the spread of the undead. He considered the consequences of him staying on the mainland and of going to Enris. In the end he decided that he best course of action to avoid his execution was to flee the mainland and head to Enris. And with that he purchased some new equipment and left for Enris on the next ship from Rinion.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation): His main goal is to escape from the Confederation soldiers who want to execute him.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):

    He is manipulative and is capable of convincing others to trust and assist him.

    From his training as a teenager he is extremely quick and agile, allowing him to escape from dangerous situations.

    He is very intelligent. He uses this to examine situations and predict the outcomes to decide his course of action.

    Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. I.E. Not knowing how to use a bow as a miner.):

    He is very cowardly. If he finds himself in a situation that he cannot handle in he will flee or betray his allies to ensure his survival.

    Although he may act confident in a battle he’s completely useless with any weapon larger than a dagger which he can only use efficiently if he has caught his opponent off guard or tricked him or her.

    He has little sense of loyalty.

    What is your character's personality? (Optional; use this field to note character traits that you feel don't fit into either strengths or weaknesses if you wish):

    Alfendi spent most of his childhood as a jaded son of a noble so he spends most of his time seeking excitement. He seeks both adventure and interaction with others. Although he can be seen as narcissistic and rude to many he really does love interacting with others and is outgoing. He also loves learning new things so he often eavesdrops to learn new information about the people around him. Also, even though he may intentionally create situations which may result in violence for others to cure his boredom, he doesn’t enjoy participating in violence himself and doesn’t kill others.

    Bonus Language (Caro is free): Aurturan – Language of the civilized elves.

    Character Traits (up to 7 points worth):

    Sneak II – 2

    Acrobatic – 1

    Leap – 1

    Fleet I – 1

    Kean Hearing – 1

    Forgery - 1

    Human Talent: Lung Capacity

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    For some reason I was downgraded from a settler back to a refugee so I'm applying again
    Your IGN: Eamafa

    Where did you hear about the server: I saw it on the front page of the minecraft forums

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging: It is a hard server so if you are defeated don't give up in rage. Just work back up and work for revenge
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: Eamafa

    Where did you hear about the server: I saw it on the minecraft forums front page

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging: The server is challenging, but defeat is not the end. Learn from it and build yourself back up for revenge
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    The best for me is Batman, because he shows us that money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy you super-powers.
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    IGN: (the one you use to log in): Eamafa
    Is English your first language?: Yes
    Previous RP experience: I’ve played on a few roleplaying servers in the past including Iriliath but I haven’t role played in a couple months. So I’d probably rate myself as a strong 3 or a low 4.
    Province: Cirya
    Character name: Alfendi Landar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Appearance: Alfendi is a young looking man to correspond with his relatively young age. His face is free of any scars or blemishes although he sports a flat goatee directly below his lip. His hair is a noticeable thick dark brown. He wears a simple overcoat that seems to match his hair and also covers the majority of his upper body. A white shirt can also be seen through the open buttons of his overcoat. An ostentatious golden medallion is attached to the center of his belt and reflects light off of it, giving it a flashy shine. He wears gray pants that end off at his sturdy brown boots. A slight bulge is present in left boot where a rugged dagger is hidden. Other than this clothing he is a medium sized man with no noticeable bulk although he is not completely weak.
    Sorry for having a link. I kept getting an error while trying to post the picture here
    Personality: Alfendi is a man driven by his skill in deception. Although he may seem like just a normal and kind man most of the time, his true self is quite the opposite. As a loyal agent to King Dederic he often is simply helping someone out to further his own cause. His plans usually consist of getting close with people in order to get information he wants, then simply disposing of the target. He refuses to leave a trail of his work and often works very diligently to cover things up. Since he has gotten away with so much he has become cocky and arrogant. He believes himself to be invincible and he often ignores his own weaknesses in battle. He specializes in stealth and surprise attacks. He has grown use to attacking and beating enemies before they can retaliate therefore he is almost useless in a 1 on 1 sword battle. His sword talents consist of attacking the enemy when he/she is not looking and nothing else. These poor skills do not stop Alfendi for risking his life in a battle he is doomed to loose. He is not capable of working with Redstone nor does he appreciate it’s functions. He can barely manage craft a sword made out of wood as his weapons have always been supplied by Dederic. In all Alfendi is a man who relies more on wits and deception than on his skills in battle.

    Background Story: Alfendi has spent much of his early life living in Cirya. He grew up in port town known as Roport city. It was just an ordinary port city. Ships brought in foreign goods which were bought by merchants and then bought by the citizens. The economy was good and his life was decent. His father worked at the ports coordinating the ships that came in as well as the cargo they held. Alfendi would often look through the papers of his father. There he’d find information on all the ships. This helped him become better knowledgeable on trade patterns. His childhood was relatively uneventful. He worked with his father on occasion, sometimes he helped his mother with house work, and other times he walked around the city. As he walked around the city he’d ease drop on conversations as well as make some friends. He became well affiliated with the people around the town, as well as their personal business. As he grew up he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and work in the ports in Cirya. He often moved from port city to port city looking for new work and leaving new friends behind in the cities he left.

    Later in his life, in the early months of Dederic’s reign to be exact, Alfendi was working in Cirya city as a coordinator at the ports. He had long lists of goods and people being transferred in the ships. The pay was good but Alfendi was looking for a larger income. While discussing his desire for a larger income with a friend, his friend mentioned some work that he was doing for the government in Fairbourne. His friend’s name was Zolius. Zolius said that he could get Alfendi in contact with his employer and he could get some extra work. It wasn’t until 2 weeks that Alfendi was able to speak to the employer. He met him at a popular tavern in Cirya city. The man introduced himself as Manifred and the two talked for about two hours about what Alfendi could do to help the crown. Alfendi was to report weapon and supply shipments to Cirya rebels and Eitherian. He thought it was easy enough considering his occupation. Within weeks he was making double his previous income and he was merely just reporting on ships. However after a couple months merely reporting news of the new continent started to surface. He was called back to the tavern by Manifred. Manifred offered Alfendi the job that changed his life forever. As Alfendi approached the tavern his noticed Manifred was leaning up against the outside of the tavern. As Alfendi made eye contact Manifred gestured him to follow. Manifred hadn’t spoken a word until they arrived at a fancy house he soon learned to be Manifred’s home. Once they walked into the house Manifred told Alfendi to take a seat at a large table. “ We need you to do something different this time “, Manifred said as he unrolled a large sheet of paper. ,“ I’ll do whatever you need, you know that “, Alfendi replied as he began to get comfortable in the chair “. Ignoring Alfendi’s reply Manifred continued, “ This is Captain Amer “, He pointed to a crudely drawn portrait, “ We suspect that he is coordinating pilgrimages to the new land. You know we cannot allow that. We need you to get close to him, get him to trust you. Then get a list of when and which ships are transporting people. Once you get that… kill him”. “Don’t you have other people for that, I’m no assassin. “ Alfendi replied. “ Tension is rising Alfendi, you want to start proving your loyalty to Dederic while you still can. We need you more for your information now”. “I guess you’re right” Alfendi sighed, “ Where can I find him? “. “We will give you all the information you need when we are ready”.

    From that moment on Alfendi’s job became more complicated. He learned how to gain people’s trust, extract information and then silently kill them. It began to give him a thrill each time he took another’s life. For each kill he needed to work hard to avert suspicion from him. Sometimes he had to fake documents of people leaving and sometimes he had to pin the murder on others. Having the powerful friends in Fairbourne didn’t hurt either. He became very good at what he did and made sure very little people knew it, he had even met Dederic himself a few times. As the body count he held climbed, his ego rose. His fear of being caught began to fade bit by bit. This caused him to become careless. It wasn’t that big of a deal he thought at the time. A contract went wrong and he didn’t get the information he needed and needed to kill the target early. He also was a bit careless with the cover-up. Again he was called upon by Manifred. Manifred told him that they were relocating Alfendi to be safe. “ Where could you be relocating me? “ Alfendi questioned, sounding a bit annoyed. “ You are going to the new continent. You are needed there at the moment to gather information on the people living there and to send back information by messenger birds. “. Alfendi replied “ Are you sure this is necessary? ! “ . “ It is, you’re leaving on a refugee ship in three days “ . Alfendi knew he wasn’t getting out of this now. Alfendi made plans for disposing of the refugees on the ship before arriving to the new land. He also packed up some things and also went to visit an old friend
    He arrived at Zolius’s home a day before his departure. They had lunch and then exchanged goodbyes before he made a last request. Zolius had become captain of a small group of Fairbourne ships. They were charged with attacking any ships trying to escape. Alfendi gave Zolius the information of the ship. “ Make sure not to kill me alright “ Alfendi joked “ Try to look the other way if you notice this ship escaping “. “ Will do old friend “ Zolius replied. They shook hands and headed their separate ways, not knowing if they’d ever see each other again.

    The next day Alfendi boarded the ship and affiliated himself with the crew and other travelers before the ship departed. Alfendi always presented himself very well and never mentioned his loyalty to the crown as his work was most efficient when it was secret. Extremely persuasive he was well liked by the crew almost immediately. By the time he had met the crew it was time to depart. He took one last look at Cirya. “ Too bad I’ll never see it again” he thought to himself as it drifted away. It was a day into the trip when Dederic ships were noticed on the horizon. The people aboard Alfendi’s ship were in panic. Alfendi faked a panic knowing very well that those ships were under Zolius’s command and would not be attacking due to Alfendi being aboard. To the surprise of the crew they passed by the ships and into the mist.

    It was almost two months into the trip before Alfendi began to put his plan into effect. He began to slowly stockpile supplies into a lone extra row boat that hung off the main ship. He had also been recording the time until the ship would enter a known zone of water filled with sharp rocks capable of destroying a ship on contact. The crew had also grown careless due to the closeness of the ship to the new land and that they were months away from the danger of Dederic. On the planned night Alfendi’s sabotage took effect. He waited till it was very late in the night. He silently walked out of the lower part of the ship making sure not to wake anyone and made his way to the upper deck. He had his dagger concealed in his inside coat pocket. As he emerged onto the main deck he gazed into the ocean. It was mostly invisible due to the extremely thick mist but he could faintly make out the waves in the ocean. His gaze averted to the captains quarters. He knocked on the door before the captain replied “ Come in “. Alfendi greeted the Captain cheerfully and mentioned how it seemed that both of them hadn’t been able to fall asleep. The captain face showed weariness from the long journey. During the conversation the captain had walked up to the window to look outside. Alfendi approached the captain from behind and said “ You’re working too hard “ and then stabbed the captain from behind in the back and covering his mouth with his hand to prevent alerting the rest of the crew. As the captain fell, Alfendi exited the quarters. As he walked outside the crewmember manning the wheel noticed Alfendi leaving the captains quarters. The man called out to Alfendi and Alfendi waved and then ascended the stairs to reach the man. “ I was just speaking with the Captain. He mentioned that you seemed a bit tired the last few nights and offered to take over tonight. “ Alfendi mentioned. “ Really? Well I am a bit tired “ the man replied. “ Of course. You deserve it. I’ll take over until the captain gets here. Get some sleep “ Alfendi replied matter of factly. “ Well thanks Alfendi I’ll see you tomorrow then “. The man began to head to the lower decks and Alfendi smirked evilly. The main deck was now completely empty. A group of large sharp rocks were visible in the distance. Alfendi then turn the wheel until its direction was locked in with the rocks. Then he quietly removed the wheel off of the stand and chucked it into the waves. Moving quickly now, he jumped into the rowboat he had been preparing for days now. He detached it from the boat. He then stood up the watch the boat drift towards the rocks where it would soon be quickly sunk. He then grabbed the rows and headed towards the previous route. He had calculated it would be three days until he reached Vilkaya. He took one last look at the doomed ship of travelers hoping to escape their previous nightmare, and then he turned back to continue rowing
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    Quote from koolgamer12

    It was made in 2003. Don't you think it is weird that the same kind of mermaid shows up in the submarine video?

    In the submarine video we saw a hand/flipper. I don't see how you can say that a very blurry "mermaid" from the coast guard video and a hand in the submarine one, are the same "mermaid".
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    Quote from koolgamer12

    What if mermaids have a different way of eating? And maybe that mermaid wasn't intending to hit the glass window?

    You can't justify evidence with " What if's ". Especially since assuming that mermaids eat different doesn't change anything. The sharks and animals presented in that video were in one piece despite having these spears in them. This means that they were not eaten at all. They were just left with spears in them. It's more likely that some fisherman planted spears into fish to get attention than that mermaids decided to just not eat fish and just stab them instead.

    On the topic on the mermaid accidently hit the window, that's also a stretch. Anything that lives that deep must rely on other means to see. According to the documentary, which I've seen, they use sonar to do so. The mermaid would have known it was there way before it was even close.
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    SwingingCamels Video - It was quite funny to watch. The bad acting that was displayed destroyed some credibility. The video quality is poor and the camera is very far from the target. That's pretty convenient, don't you think? In all the poor acting and video quality doesn't make it look vey convincing. Not to mention that the "mermaid" bares little resemblance to the "mermaids" in the other videos.

    Animal Planet one - Funny. This video was likely made specifically for their documentary and didn't exist before. The kid looks bad to his friend and soon as the "mermaid" pops up? Eh maybe. It would be stupid to take this video seriously

    Diving vessel -
    Mermaid1- Hey man, look its a submarine
    Mermaid2- Oh you're right! Wanna mess with the humans
    Mermaid1- Yeah just go up and tap their window. Its gonna be so funny
    Yeah, no.

    Animal planet 2 - Generally when species kill an animal they will go on to eat it. They wouldn't make these spears so that they could stab sharks with them and then just leave a shark covered in spears.

    I'm not saying that they don't exist. All I'm saying is that the evidence that we have so far is pretty poor at best.
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