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    posted a message on Is minecraft making you a Hoarder
    Make a lava obstacle course, then fill your pockets with items and then go through the obstacle course.
    That should help thin the numbers.
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    posted a message on cars
    Is someone who uses torches as a primary light source going to make cars?
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    posted a message on Amazing girly minecraft skins <3
    Definitely a troll. Do you see the difference in style between all those skins? It looks like they went on the Skindex and claimed she made them and posted them here.
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    posted a message on minecraft wolfies

    apologies for lack of background and poor handwriting,
    hope you guys can read it x3
    true story, i lost my wolf i call "Ramona" while looking for a wolf I'd call Steven Stills.
    so.. I drew this. I'm going to go look for Ramona now.
    UPDATE: found ramona in the forest >:biggrin.gif:
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