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    So I am in the midst of making a map, and whilst I like MCedit for all the big stuff, i'd still much prefer being able to do most of it in creative mode. Is it possible to switch two and from creative mode to survival?
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    Thanks. I had fun making it :smile.gif:. It took longer than expected too.
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    I got sort of side tracked from my Programming Project when I was fiddling with FL Studio because I liked one of the songs I was using for my Project and figured it would work nicely for an Intro to the LP i'v been neglecting and need to re-start.

    So hurr it is. It's not great, because I am just trying to familiarize myself with how FL studio works.


    Sorry it's a DL and not on youtube. Can't be bothered to add a black screen and upload it :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [HELP!] my skin accessory won't appear
    Because what you're describing here lets us help you so much...
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    posted a message on Skin Thread [All done by me] 100% Free and DL's
    Quote from TheCrazyAl3x

    That is exactly why I am making one of these threads; to get BETTER. No problem with the flame though, I can take it.

    Hey, You gotta make something out of the hours you have spent on this. It's not like people will donate to you.

    No offense. But you don't deserve to be making "money" off something like this, soley for the fact absolutely NO effort or time was put into it.

    I can make what you did in 7 minutes, so don't even try to pass it off as hours of work.

    Seriously. Even alot of great Texture Pack makers offer links that AREN'T AdFly, when they deserve all the money from it. You, on the other hand, don't deserve ANY money, because you've purposely hidden the fact you're using AdFly links. But im out of your pathetic thread. Hopefully a plane hits your house and you lose internet forever. That'd make me happy.
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    posted a message on Skin Thread [All done by me] 100% Free and DL's
    Just to sate my curiosity, I clicked on an image because I just KNEW it would take me to AdFly links.

    And it did.

    This forum needs to ban the **** out of that link because it's now abused by people posting half-assed crap in hopes of getting "moneyz", when in reality they will only ever make 12 cents.
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    Problem is that it's all solid colour. There is no blending of different tones. So it just looks like a mess.
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    posted a message on Hungry Wanderer Skin
    Well I was trying to find myself a sort of "Wandering adventurer" skin, but couldn't find one I liked. So I decided to make this. I aimed towards a sort of -- rugged wild man who lives off the land.

    You can see it here in it's 3D-ness

    my le skin
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    posted a message on Know of any good sites for
    Thanks guys. I'll take a look into them.
    Quote from jacobdb

    click my signature..

    This stuff is definitely the kind of thing I am looking for. Awesome stuff.

    Am I to assume it's yours? If so. Excellent job.
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    posted a message on Know of any good sites for
    As the title / topic description implies. I am currently working on a project for my college course, and I need music!

    I am:
    • Creating a computer program which:
    • Allows someone to search a genre / artist / song. It will then pull up a list of Songs / Artists which then have Sample music next to them.
    • I am then running this program on a personal web server which will host the program.
    • Finally, I am piggy-backing this server off my School Network [which I just BARELY got permission to do], to do a live demonstration in class wherein my prof thinks I am just running around a random website, until I unveil the entire setup is mine.

    My main problem here?

    Academic Code which prohibits me from using anything Copyrighted without consent from the artist, wherein I need to provide proof. So now I am looking for any copyright free demo music or full music [doesn't entirely matter] that I can use for this purpose.

    Anyone got any LEGAL websites or online archives which house such a thing?
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    posted a message on Need some Anime Suggestions
    Alright, thanks alot guys for all the suggestions. I should have enough now to go ahead and look into them :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Need some Anime Suggestions
    Quote from comatoseDreamer

    Should just mention Macross...get the whole universe in one go. Frontier is very new and makes for an interesting "what-if" for the next bit out of this awesome universe... Especially when...
    oh... wait... better not spoil it ;-)

    But yeah. i enjoy everything anime from Drama to Sci-Fi, to love triangles, space operas, fantasy... I have HUGE collection.

    One other I forgot to mention, the movie "X" It will flip your lid a bit. The series wasn't all that great. Move was good though.

    "I took down quite a few of these in a list and am going to take a look into them. "

    Great! I definitely understand with Akira, but it's one of THE classics that broke anime into the US market. Kids loved it because it was flashy and action packed, other liked it because it made you think. THAT is an intelligent anime.

    I'v steadily been growing my anime collection and it's starting to get pretty large lol. Now with all these suggestions, alot I never even heard of, I can definitely get back into making it a better collection.
    Quote from MrQuizzles

    A few of my favorites:

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - A show about magical girls that isn't a magical girl show. It's a very powerful 12-episode series. It's been licensed by Aniplex, but won't be released in the US until February.

    Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - A suspense-thriller/mind**** about children caught up in crazy conspiracy antics*. You're guaranteed to **** bricks. Was licensed by Geneon and then picked up by Funimation after Geneon went under, but the license has since expired. Currently nobody owns the distribution rights for this show in the US. The second season was never licensed. 52 episodes all together.

    Kino's Journey - A beautiful anime about moral ambiguity. The situations it poses will make you think. 12 episodes, licensed by Section23 films (one of the companies created during ADV's breakup).

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: A's - Another show about magical girls that isn't a magical girl show. 12 episodes. Was licensed by Geneon, but they went under.

    Baccano! - Simply a raucous good time. 16 episodes. Licensed by Funimation.

    Most of those are in the moral grey area when it comes to downloading them since the distributor either isn't selling them or doesn't exist any more, but be sure to support the distributor (and, by association, the animation company) when you can!

    *no antics are present in the show

    Admittedly, never once heard any of those animes before. I'll be sure to check out some previews on them before I go out looking for them.
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    posted a message on Need some Anime Suggestions
    Quote from comatoseDreamer

    How old can i go? ;-)

    i have a long history with anime. I started watching when I was a kid, my father introduced me to a show called Macross, then showed me Robotech. Honestly...I lvoe em both!

    So. You want some anime?
    Howl's Moving Castle
    !!!!Naussica of the Valley of the Wind
    !!!!Ah! Megami-sama (Oh/Ah! My Goddess)
    BECK Mongolian Chop Squad
    Black Cat
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Cowboy Beebop
    Cormartie High School
    Crying Freeman (18+)
    !!!!Excel Saga (Quack Experimental Anime)
    Green Legend Ran
    Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun
    !!!!Robot Carnival
    !!!!Galaxy Express
    Captain Harlock
    Space Battleship Yamato
    Queen Emeraldas
    Queen Millennia
    Arcadia of My Youth
    Chōdenji Machine Voltes V (Voltes V in the US)

    The list can get excessively long, most of these have synopsis around the internet and wikipedia. Without knowing more of your taste (and age range!!!) Some of them may not be to your liking AND I've noticed generally, anymore born after 1990 don't really like some of the great classics!

    I am definitely a huge fan of alot of the Animes before 95'. Some tend to be... hard to watch [Example being Akira, because it made absolutely NO fucking sense to me whatsoever, even after figuring it out]. But my range of anime is all over the place. I enjoy animes that are made for adults, kids, family, etc.

    I took down quite a few of these in a list and am going to take a look into them.
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    posted a message on Need some Anime Suggestions
    Quote from Rundas777

    Darn. I was going to say Princess Mononoke.

    Great Anime. Still one of my favourites.

    Quote from Kubik

    Clannad. Definitely Clannad. The second season will probably suit you better.

    I'll take a look into it. I'v yet to ever hear of the name.

    Quote from xilentgamerz

    Besides a wanting for a cliff hanger, any other preference such as comedy or the romance or action?

    Highschool Of The Dead, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is good.

    Well what I mean is I don't want cliff hangers xD. I fell in love with the Spice and Wolf anime, but they only did two seasons of it, and the last season ended where another should pick up. But as far as I know, there are no plans for any more :sad.gif:.

    I'll take a look into the two you mentioned.

    Quote from kuro_suna

    Ever seen gurren laggan or macross frontier, both hard to describe but well written and only 25 episodes long.

    I'v heard of both very little, but i'll check it out.

    Quote from CptPorkins

    These ones might not be for you, but here goes anyway.

    Soul Eater, Bleach, Chobittsu, Lucky Star, Death Note, Bakuman (Not Bakumon, 2 different series entirely), Full metal Alchimeist, One Piece and Helsing.

    That's about all of the series i can think of.

    I'v seen a little bit of soul eater and didn't like it. I'v been trying to steer clear of the "action based" animes, aiming more so for ones that favor good story and character development over big swords. I'v seen all those but Chobittu, Lucky star and Bakuman.
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    posted a message on Need some Anime Suggestions
    As the title says, I am looking for some Anime suggestions from you guys. I'll go into a bit of detail on what I am looking for.

    • Movies or TV Series are fine
    • Stuff that has some sort of "actual" feeling or story behind it. This excludes "Naruto". Examples are any of the Studio Ghibli films, Grave of the Fireflies, etc
    • If it's a TV series, preferably something that doesn't end on a huge cliffhanger that I am almost gurantee'd NEVER to see. </3 Spice and Wolf is the example of this
    • An example of stuff i'v enjoyed is just to numerous to list, but I'll put a few down.
    • Eureka Seven, Grave of the Fireflies, Everything by Studio Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell 1 and 2, Kakurenbo, Le Portrait De Petite Cossette, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, 5 centimeters per second, Spice and Wolf

    Anyways, I am definitely looking into broadening my Anime Collection and would absolutely love to see some new stuff. I'd also appreciate if you could give a short summary on what the movie you are listing is. Just don't spoil anything :wink.gif:.
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