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    posted a message on Looking for a ShortStuf7's Clean Design Pack alternative that's updated

    So I just reinstalled after many many years, and after a coupe of minutes of harsh contrast edges bruising my eyes, I went to look for the texture pack I used all the time.
    I forgot it's name, but then instantly recognized it on the 10th page of a simple texture packs list.

    I love this texture pack, but the guy stopped updating it after 1.7 or something like that.

    I wonder if there is anything like it. It was highly underrated IMO, there was a perfect balance of detail and simplicity. Friendly colors with light transitions, but enough contrast where needed. It was also very consistent all around.

    I was looking around but "simple" or "clean" texture packs are either not clean at all and pretty busy, or way too simple, no balance at all.

    The guy who made the texture pack is wasting his time making standalone games now instead of painting texture packs for a 10 year old game to be downloaded by two or three hardcore fans... /s

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