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    I am advertising on here looking for some players to join my server.

    I Run a small tight knit community which is hosted on a powerful dedicated server which is lag free.

    Our membership is strictly invite only. we have a website where you can apply to join which the link to is at the bottom of this post.

    You will also find all of the information regarding what features we have on our server (Nothing game breaking overpowered. Simple vanillatweak Datapacks & a Few plugins which are Not game changing.

    We have 2 servers total

    Survival (our main server)

    Creative (our secondary server used for events such as building competitions we host each Friday.

    If you are interested please check out our website where you can register and create an application on our forum section. Applications will be reviewed ASAP ( i am active all night )

    Thank you for reading & i hope to see some new players join us :)

    Website: https://smoothvanillasurvival.enjin.com/


    EDIT: inactive for 2 - 3 hours.

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