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    posted a message on 1.8+ The Mo' Withers Mod: From 1 to sooo many Withers!

    ('sigh' Okay, I'm just going to warn you that this comment I'm posting has nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with The Mo' Withers, Gargoyles, Worlds Retold, The Titans, and The Engender mods.) Mod Creator, I have a mod suggestion. But before I tell you what it is, I got a new laptop for Christmas of 2019. But...as for my old one (which also has Windows 10), it doesn't work anymore. And I had to make a new account. Now here's the mod suggestion (This might confuse you or not), this goes by the name of: The MantisBoi Mod. Before I explain what the mod adds, if you don't really know who MantisBoi is, then this link will help you: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCameraBoy707 (You should watch some of his videos, they're AWESOME.) Now, The MantisBoi Mod adds two classes of friendly monsters. The first class is called The Upbeats, and the second class is called the Aquathereals. They are all neutral but passive, and they will not despawn in Peaceful. The elements the Upbeats have are: Rubber, Shroom, Space, Hypno, and Radiation. And the elements the Aquathereals have are: Twilight, Virus, Junk, Phantom, and Abyss. The Upbeats and Aquathereals have a chance to drop the element they they have. And if the Player gets enough of them, then they'll make armor, swords, and tools with them, they all have special abilities. (I might explain them way later.) All of the Upbeats and Aquathereals have weapons (except for two upbeats, which are completely peaceful at the moment). The Upbeats and Aquathereals attack hostile mobs, and provoked neutral mobs. (It doesn't matter if it's modded.) They also have a 0.1% chance to spawn in the Overworld, which is really rare. There's also a structure added by the mod, however it only spawns in the Ocean biome, (it's called the Atlantic Aquarium.) and it's extremely rare. Tomorrow, I will tell you the names of the Upbeats, Aquathereals, their weapons, and where they spawn. Oh yeah, and one more thing, the Upbeats and Aquathereals' defence is EXTREMELY high, making them ALMOST immortal!

    (Phew...I think I said too much. Anyways, I hope you will accept this mod suggestion, because I like the Upbeats and the Aquathereals a ton!)

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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls

    Yo, I like the mod, but I think this mod needs a few more bees. and Beelieve it or not, these ideas are bees! And here they are!

    Idea #1: Orchard Mason Bee: HP: 40 Damage: 4: Design: It's the same as the Honey Bee, but it's slightly smaller than the Honey Bee herself, and she's a shiny dark blue in color. She will only attack if she feels threatened.

    Idea #2: Leafcutter Bee: HP: 40: Damage: 8: Design: Same as the Honey Bee, only that shes smaller than the Honey Bee herself. Her attack is mild. They can be found in the Plains, and the Forest biomes.

    Idea #3: Sweat Bee: HP: 80 (Despite being a Level 1): Damage: 3 (Slightly weaker than the Honey Bee.): Design: Although it's the same as the Honey Bee, except she's green, and her stinger has black and white stripes. In real life, Sweat Bees are attracted to human sweat, and the females can sting. Which means that if the Sweat Bee sees the Player "sweating", then she'll immediately become aggressive.

    Idea #4: Bumblebee: HP: 80: Damage: 8: Design: Once again, same as the Honey Bee, except she has black and yellow body hairs, and she's warm and fuzzy. They uncommonly spawn in the Plains.

    Will you accept these Beeutiful ideas?

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    Rare Variant Suggestion: Crimson Aegis.

    Health: 1000 (Easy)

    1200 (Normal)

    1500 (Hard)

    Damage: 10 (Easy)

    20 (Normal)

    30 (Hard)

    Hostility: Extremely aggressive! (That means that it will attack anything that isn't an Aegis. They will even attack passive mobs and Snow Golems! Villagers and Iron Golems are exceptions however.)

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    posted a message on Lycanites Mobs - Strange and Deadly Creatures!

    (sigh) Lycanite, I'm sad. And here are 2 reasons why:

    Reason #1: My laptop that was Windows 10 (Not the one I'm using, because I got this one on Christmas 2019.) doesn't work anymore. And I had to create a new account.

    Reason #2: There's a new virus called the Coronavirus (Also known as the New Flu.), and it's ruining everything!

    And, I think I feel like making suggestions, and there actually Elementals (I know there's 21, but I thought adding 2 bonus ones would make the mod so much more fun.).

    Suggestion #1: A Virus Elemental called a Koeroenaa (Name comes from the word Corona.) Here's it's bio:

    Dangerous Virus Elementals that apply Poison to everything around you! The poison it applies doesn't affect Undead mobs like Cryptkeepers. They somehow have a fondness for Steak, and it is unknown how.

    Suggestion #2: A Psychic Elemental called a Méntioum (Greek for Psychic.) Here's the bio:

    Méntioums are strange Psychic Elementals. They are rare in the Overworld but common in The End. They occasionally gravitate they're prey towards them while fighting, not to mention that they also levitate you when they hit you, and they have a fondness for Chorus Fruit (It doesn't matter if it's popped)!

    Dare you accept these ideas? >:)

    P.S. I made a concept of the Méntioum. Sorry if it looks a little off or simple.

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