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    posted a message on Toaster SMP - Looking for new players!! {Hermitcraft-based} {1.16} {Friendly community}
    Hey all! My friends and I run a server that's three weeks old, we're a very welcoming community with about 3-6 active players a day, but with all different timezones, it can be quite dead during the day and late at night.
    Some noteable things? -
    - The dragon has been defeated a few times, you can choose to resummon and fight it or just go to a city, we all went at our own pace and many of us haven't defeated it yet.
    - We're starting a hub? thing on the nether roof, with access to the bottom.
    - The seed is not released to everyone, we just disclose it whenever someone asks, to prevent using the seed to find things.
    - While we use many of the data-packs on Xisumavoid's website, not all of them are working right now, and they're all listed in our discord server.

    To apply, answer the following questions down in the comments, along with your discord user, or feel free to contact me on here or on discord at melancholymochi#7171
    1. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    2. What do you specialize in? (redstone, building, etc)
    3. What's your timezone?
    4. How active will you be on our server?
    5. Age? (optional)
    6. Why do you want to join us?
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    posted a message on Toaster SMP | NEW 1.15.2 Server | Hermitcraft-like | Active Players |

    Hi, everyone! My friends and I are starting a long-term and fairly serious minecraft server, but would like it if we had a few more players! After playing on many failed servers, we all agreed it best to just start our own! We plan to have a Mooshroom starting island which will also act as our shopping district! Currently, some of us are playing in pairs, but you can team up or go solo if you'd like!

    Data Packs:

    AFK Display

    Double Shulker Shells

    More Mob Heads

    Multiplayer Sleep

    Coordinates HUD

    Player Head Drops

    Wandering Trades

    Crafting Tweaks:

    12 Trapdoors

    Back To Blocks

    More Stairs Crafting

    More Bricks Crafting

    Sandstone Dyeing

    Craftable Gravel

    Equestrian Crafting

    Double Slab Crafting

    4 Bark Blocks

    Edit: We are accepting everyone! Here's a link to the discord https://discord.gg/sy27S3 but if it expires, just message me at melancholymochi#7171 and I'll give you a new one!

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    posted a message on looking for a dedicated hermitcraft-esque server!

    heya! my boyfriend and i are looking for a server much like hermitcraft to join and be a part of. we joined one previously but after a few weeks of being up, everyone lost interest and the server is pretty much dead, so we're looking for a new one. preferably new, either just starting or not started yet, because joining one later on makes it feel like theres nothing new to do, as many of you probably know. please comment or message me on discord at melancholymochi#7171 !!! ((:

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    posted a message on Nexus Craft (1.15.2) Vanilla Hermitcraft


    my name is andri and i'm about to turn 16

    my discord tag is dumboctopi#7171

    i've been looking for a good server for a long time and yours sounds like a nice place to be in. i've been playing off and on since like 2014. my time zone is EST. while i'm not too familiar with Hermitcraft my boyfriend talks about it all the time so i know a little bit, but i planned on starting to watch the series? tonight

    i'd love to help out, in what way you mean i'm not sure as i'm not very familiar with servers at all but whatever you guys need i'm sure i can manage and i don't mind at all

    honestly i'm not sure, like the only thing i know how to do is make a nice semi-auto gold/xp farm so probably that, even though you're going to be resetting the nether it's not hard and i've done it multiple times before, one more won't hurt (: i can learn how to make other farms and the such as well

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    posted a message on looking for people to play survival realm with

    hi everyone!!! i just got realms not too long ago but i don't really have anyone to play with! my discord is dumboctopi#7171 just shoot me a request, my mic doesnt work at the moment but i would be willing to get a different means of communication if any of you know some good ones!!

    any flirting is not welcome as i am in a realtionship.

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    posted a message on can someone pls play survival with me (Java edition in my realm)

    hey!! the discord link doesn't work but i'm totally down, my name is andri and my discord is dumboctopi#7171

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    posted a message on so you want someone to play minecraft with...?Well look no further

    Hey! Your discord isn't working but if you want to add me I'm dumboctopi#7171

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    posted a message on Looking for some friends to play with on realms

    hi everyone! my name is andri, and if you can't already guess by the title, i have minecraft realms and i'm looking for some people to play with. i'm 15, so preferably people aged 14-18. i'm in EST (eastern time zone). you can add me on discord at dumboctopi#7171 and we'll probably talk a little beforehand.

    i'm also just letting you know that any flirting or whatever is not welcome as i am in a relationship :b

    have a great day!

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