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    Mine all the diamonds and mine the heck outta there in literally one second.

    Someone wants to use the computer you're using, and you tell them you'll give it to them soon, but they say they won't allow another second. What do you do?

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    But then someone unleashed a SUPER-POWER-NINJA-TURBO-NEO-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-MULTI-ALPHA-META-EXTRA-UBER-PREFIX COMBO on Chuck Norris, obliterating him into non-existence.

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    Quote from PepsiCola350»


    Let's not use that joke...
    (Time elapsed: 5:00.00) OH, FRI-

    Idelac was explodinated into non-existence by infinite waves of infinite Charged Creepers
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    Procrastinate. I pretty much do that nowadays, not joking.

    Someone is about to throw a pie-flavored pie at you.

    • Send a train
    • Step on a mine turtle
    • Do the flop
    • Say "Beep, beep, I'm a sheep."
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    Quote from ConorGarland»

    duf, what song would you consider your theme?


    (Time elapsed: 4:21.59)
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    posted a message on The Villager Update

    As you can guess by the title, this "update" will be based on NPC villages.

    1. Villager Types
    So, this is probably the main part of the update, of course there will be new villager types. I have four in mind:

    Gathers wood and stone from the forest and caves.

    Needs to gather resources before you can trade.
    Flees to village immediately if it encounters a zombie in a cave.


    Defends against zombie attacks.

    Can be given swords and armor to increase its power.
    Runs to a Wizard for healing if low on HP.

    Defends against zombie attacks.
    Fights with Healing and Speed potions.
    Heals any Soldiers with low HP.
    Potions are limited, if it runs out of potions it fights with a wooden sword.

    Builds structures for new villagers made by breeding.

    Needs resources before building can start.
    Structure made depends on the class of villager.

    2. New Structures
    A major part of villages are structures, so here are some for the types of villagers I've thought up. For balancing, all of these rarely generate.

    Worker Camp
    This spawns with two natural Workers.

    Spawns one natural Soldier and one natural Wizard.

    Spawns one natural Builder.

    3. Zombie Attacks
    I've changed the system for zombie attacks a little bit.

    An "army" is prepared for each village. Depending on how many houses, Soldiers and how strong the defense is, the army's numbers will increase. For each zombie killed, the army loses one zombie. Chance for an attack to happen is 75%.

    The zombies' confidence increases or decreases depending on how successful their attacks have been. If they manage to kill many villagers, they will get confident and will send in less. However, if defending has been successful, the zombies will get desperate and attack in greater numbers. The minimum zombies for an attack is 5-max.

    At day, zombies retreat for shelter. The Soldiers and Wizards will chase the zombies in a hard effort to continually decrease the numbers of the attackers, but they will not chase them for a long period of time.

    If a zombie army is completely wiped out, the village can no longer be attacked, and the Soldiers and Wizards turn into normal villagers, with a random class.

    So, that's all for my "Update". I might add more to this. I've never had a successful suggestion, so knowing you guys, you'd rant on this. I don't care, really.
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    Quote from Player_Miner»


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    Quote from blugreended»

    I wanna see what happens when the timer reaches 5:00.

    Didn't you see what I said a few posts ago? I said creepers would blow me up! (Time elapsed: 1:50)
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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    It's not a kart race, we have to say that we won when we post.

    But if you just ignored the above text, OT:

    I use a Golden Mushroom the PRECISE MOMENT you pass Jimbo to pass you. Karmic.

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    posted a message on The Game Veterans

    Like the Forum Games? Join this clan!

    Our goal is to simply represent the Forum Games. We're not sure if this is allowed. If a mod is reading this and if it's not, please let us know.

    We also aim to have a Realm but we haven't had an opportunity yet.

    Realm Status



    1. dufhugth20 (Idelac, Leader)
    2. [FREE SPACE]
    3. [FREE SPACE]
    4. [FREE SPACE]
    5. [FREE SPACE]
    6. [FREE SPACE]
    7. [FREE SPACE]
    8. [FREE SPACE]
    9. [FREE SPACE]
    10. [FREE SPACE]

    If you want to join, all you have to tell is your Minecraft username. If you have a Minecraft account, you can join the Realm! (Once we get one, anyway.)

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