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    posted a message on deleted
    Note: this application applies to both me and a friend of mine who wants to join the server
    IGN: Dude3535/akidnamedray
    Reason to join: We hope to find a server where we can play with eachother as well as a good community. We enjoy minecraft but the multiplayer aspect makes it a million times for fun so I hope you would consider us for your server
    Ever been banned? Yes, removed so the owner could make the server open only to his close friends
    Skype: xb1gmac
    Other info: Just two fun loving guys looking to play some minecraft, thanks for considering the both of us for your server!
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    posted a message on Vanilla Whitelist 1.6.1 Small
    Note: This application applies to both me and my buddy. We want to play together so I hope you dont mind adding us both if accepted
    IGN: Dude3535/ Akidnamedray


    Why do you want to join the server? We are both rejuvinated to play minecraft and the monotony of single player is not apealing. We want a place to play and chat in a community setting

    Do you record? We may in the future but currently no

    What Can you add to the server? We are two fun loving guys. We aren't the greatest builders/redstoners but anything the community needs help with or even just hopping on skype together, we are always game

    What Time Zone are you in?
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    posted a message on Claytonia Gaming's new server [Mature] [Grief Free] [Active Community]
    Age 18

    In Game Name Dude3535

    Gender Male

    Location MA,USA

    Time zone EST

    Favorite game other than MineCraft League of Legends

    How you found out about the server? (post friends name if you were refered) This post

    How long you have played MC 2 years

    What you are good at in MC Im a builder with inspiration ad absolutely no skill with redstone

    What you are good at IRL Sports and sitting on my ass playing video games

    Type of music you like Anything from Sinatra to NWA but I dont listen to much current music

    Any chance you will join us in voice chat? Absolutely, that is most of the reason I play with others

    What time do you normally play game? It depends on my schedule for the day but I am mostly a night person

    Do you like bacon? Lke is an understatement

    Why should you be white listed on our Vanilla server? I hope to bring a lot to your community and help with any projects/builds you may have. Also a very active person

    Are you allowed to grief on this server? No
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    posted a message on Mind Crack like Server ~ZukoCraft~ Pure Vanilla *White-listed Server*
    -IGN: Dude3535
    -Skype: xB1gmac
    -Your Ups(Things your good at): A fun person to play with and an inspired builder
    -Your Downs(Things your not good at): I stink at redstone so dont expect any out of me
    -Why you should be whitelisted: I want to be a part of the community. I wont come on the server and move 2k blocks away. I want to be on the server to play with others and that is what I plan to do
    -Have you ever been banned: Yes, I was banned from my old server for reasons unknown. My thinking is that the server just shut down for a more private server
    -Male or Female: Male
    -What would you bring to the server: I have a strong commitment to the community, I am always willing to help out or hop on skype for some fun
    -Age: 17
    -How would you benefit to the server: Like I said I would be a very active member on the server and help with any community projects/builds there may be
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    posted a message on Small New Vanilla Server [1.6.1] [Fresh Map] [Whitelist]
    In-game name: Dude3535
    Age: 17
    Location: MA
    Why you want to join the server: Looking for a fun vanilla server to spend time and meet new people
    What you can offer us: I like to work with the community, im not very good at minecraft but have a fun personality
    Skype name:
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    posted a message on MineThrall - MindCrack like Server
    Age: 19
    Skype (not required): xB1GMaC
    Favourite mindcracker: BDubs
    Why do you want to join? I love vanilla minecraft and am looking for a small, trustworthy community to play with
    Do you fully understand the rules of mindcrack: indeed, I do
    Tell me about you: Not the greatest redstoner or builder but I have been playing for a long time and love to play the game. Usually I play SP and am now hoping to join a good server!
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    posted a message on Mature Vanilla Minecraft Server - Live To Build
    IGN (InGameName):Dude3535
    Do you have skype?(we do group events and talks over skype) xB1GMaC
    Your Age: 19
    Do you post videos on youtube?(its positive if you do, and also post a link for your channel so i can check it out) No, not currently
    How long have you played Minecraft? Since beta, not sure which version i started
    What will you say is your speciality in minecraft? I am compotent in redstone and building but not excellent in either field
    How much will you play on the server(only a couple days a week or everyday?) I hope to play every day but most of my time will be on weekends
    Have you been banned before? and if you have, what for? Yes, experimenting with flint and steel before I know the danger of firespread (back in beta)
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    posted a message on New Mindcrack Style Vanilla Server! WHITELIST
    Hey, this is a comment so I hope I can join your server :D ign:dude3535 age:17
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    posted a message on Like hermitcraft Mindcrack Vanilla private Whitelist accepting NOW
    In game name: Dude3535
    skype name:xb1gmac
    how often you will be online: 2 hrs a night weekdays and 4-5 weekends
    a little about yourself: Lover of mindcraft and both Mindcrack and hermitcraft currently looking to join a similar server ad one that sounds well-established like yours would be perfect!
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    posted a message on Post To Become A Member of The Borgata | Organized Mafia Minecraft Server
    This is a post. ign:dude3535
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    posted a message on (Updated and accepting new members)Mindcrack like FTB Server (Mature)
    My ign is Dude3535
    My taste for vanilla minecraft is beging to fade and now I am looking for a server to start learning FTB. I hope to jump right in and learn with others the many mods in the pack. My favorite Mindcrack member is Bdubs and I do have a skype which I will provide if I am accepted to the server.
    Thanks for considering my application, hoping to join on the server in the near future!
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    posted a message on FTB server 18+ mindcrack version
    IGN: dude3535
    fav rule if you have one?: no bug exploits, the game is modded but not meant to be broken
    how often do you intent to play?: every night for at least some amount of time
    are you atleast 18? yes, I am
    is there anything you want me to know about yourself? New to FTB so excuse me if I ask a lot of questions on the server
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    posted a message on Raptorous Craft *NEW* FTB-Mindcrack SMP Server
    Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 17
    Ever been banned? If yes explain: Yes, accidentaly burned down a village in beta when i was unaware of firespread
    Personality (Outgoing or Quiet): will be quiet for the most part sitting in my base grinding through the different mods but not unwilling to play with others obviously
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    Why do you want to join?: Vanilla is beginning to get stale for me and need a new outlook for minecraft
    How long have you played minecraft?:I have had the game sonce beta
    Age: 17
    Tell me something about you?: Love minecraft, play every day and hoping to jump into feed the beast, not too knowledgable about it
    Where are you from?: The US of A
    Do you have skype? (If not, get it): yes, will supply username if added
    Have you ever been banned?: once back in beta, not since then
    Will you be active on the server?: Very, since it would be my first FTB experience, I will probably be addicted for a while
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    posted a message on New Whitelisted FTB Direwolf20 Server !
    Age: 17

    Why you want to join?: Craving a new start as vanilla has started to become dry for me

    Minecraft FTB Experience: None, hoping for a fresh start so one could say I am a noob but I a lot of interest in the mod pack

    Your favorite part of FTB Direwolf20 pack: Honestly, don't know a lot about it

    Minecraft IGN:Dude3535
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