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    150fps to 250fps :D
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    Quote from Razermilk

    I like it so far nice work hope you can make Redstone blue and I like the doors too. :)
    thanks bro! I am really new to this, and its kinda just a "getting to know it" project, im going to update it very often, but thanks for commenting
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    What is bluecraft? Bluecraft is a 16x16 texturepack based on the original minecraft texture. Things like redstone, redstone tourches, redstone repeaters, and beds are currently changed to blue, hense bluecraft. Otherwise other items like a noteblock or stonebricks and just being changed differently.

    Current version

    Current version of bluecraft is currently 1.4.1 alpha and the download will be below.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hs0y33utoqc8hln

    Thanks for downloading, leave any comments on what you think

    This is a alpha, and its not even close from being done!!!!!!


    1.4alpha - 1.4.1alpha

    Fixed and darkend new breakage pattern

    Fixed crafting table "redline"

    1.3alpha - 1.4alpha

    New textures for: Noteblock, Stone Bricks, Beds, Crafting Tables, Juke Box, Redstone Repeaters, Redstone Tourches, Iron Ore, Redstone Ore, Detector Rail, Powered Rail, Glass, Glass Pannel, Iron Door, Wood Door.

    New Breakage pattern: circle spin

    New title background

    1.2alpha - 1.3alpha


    1.1alpha - 1.2alpha




    Bluecraft Log

    -Bluecraft (1.4.1 alpha) released publicaly!

    -Bluecraft (1.4 alpha) released localy

    -Bluecraft (1.3 alpha) released localy

    -Bluecraft (1.2 alpha) released localy

    -Bluecraft (1.1 alpha) released localy

    -Bluecraft started 3/7/2012

    by: dtking311
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