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    Quote from scorrp10»

    I could go to DOOM forums and complain how that game could be so much more if there were quests and character development and all that.

    I could go to Skyrim forums and complain how that game could be so much more if I could dig my own tunnels through mountains or build castles of my own design. (Cookie-cutter Hearthfire houses don't count)

    I could go to XCOM forums and complain how that game could be so much more if I could control my soldiers is FPS mode, blasting aliens real time instead of all this turn-based nonsense.

    Yes, you have every right to criticize games if they don't meet your standards. But I would like to mention that I completely disagree with your examples of opinions. DOOM isn't meant to be heavily story-based; it's a shooter where you progress through levels and just have fun shooting demons. Skyrim isn't meant to be a sandbox where you build castles and dig tunnels, it's a first-person, open-world fantasy RPG where you follow a story. I don't know about XCOM, I don't know what that is.

    "Oh, well, Minecraft isn't MEANT to be story-based, it's just a sandbox, so your opinion is wrong." You might say.

    Two points. Firstly, the difference between the games of your examples and Minecraft is that those games still have a game. Skyrim has a story that you progress through with bosses and strict leveling and progression of your power and abilities. DOOM involves progression through levels and a loose story you follow. I have no idea what XCOM I can safely assume it has essential components of a game. Minecraft, meanwhile, has no purpose to play it at all. It has two bosses, both of whom are not essential to beat and are not part of any game system actually worthwhile, and there hasn't been a new boss in nearly a decade. Player progression just doesn't exist; it's just an aimless, pointless sandbox with barely any sense of basic game structure. It's a purposeless, contentless game. It's fun for its sandbox, but once you get bored of that, which you will, unless you don't mind time-wasters, what is there you can really do? Games still need a purpose for them, no matter how tight or loose. They don't even have to be stories; there are retro-esque games out there with no strict story if any, but still have basic game progression (e.g. a 2D platformer with different levels that get increasingly difficult, a puzzle game that tests your brainpower, a simple shooter where you just blast enemies and progress).

    Secondly, that's exactly what I'm against: its whole purpose is just "sandbox". There has to be more than that, that's pathetic. Terraria is a sandbox but still has epic bosses and cool gear you can equip and progression systems in place to assist players in preparing for fights and stuff. When you get bored of the basic sandbox, you can go out there and defeat Eldritch beings with your superpowered gear and progress in a vague "plot". Hytale is going to be a sandbox, but it's still going to seemingly have progression systems with cool dungeons and bosses to explore and defeat, with a general goal. What does Minecraft have?

    Wow, it took them 9 years to add sea anemones to caves...Omg they're adding frogs in the next update!!!! OMG MOJANG you shouldn't have!!

    So you don't 'get' Minecraft. That's fine. Imagination is not a universal trait.

    If I sell you a collection of dust bunnies from my couch, and you start railing on me how they're not worth it and have no point to them, you're simply NOT getting it. You need your ~IMAGINATION~ to create things with those dust bunnies. They can all be arranged in an infinite orientation. It's literally LEGO if you think about it! Oh, well, I guess some just don't have the power of ~IMAGINATION~ to understand these dust bunnies.

    There are millions of people who 'get' Minecraft and like it the way it is, without some convoluted 'story' or 'progression' getting in the way.

    The "story" does NOT have to be required. I thought I emphasized that, though I guess not enough. I understand the game is a sandbox, it can stay that way. What I advocate for is a game you CAN play and progress through. In Terraria, you don't really HAVE to beat the bosses, but you can, and most players DO do that because progression is entertaining and the reason why video games are even played in the first place. People today still try to beat the Ender Dragon, because their gamer senses tell them "hey, this is the end of the game, you can beat it!" when really the only purpose that fight serves is so you can access elytras and shulker shells.

    Minecraft is doing quite well without them, WAY better than a lot of games with 'story' and 'progression'.

    I'm going to say this up front: Minecraft is not popular for it's "aimless" sandbox gameplay. Minecraft is popular BECAUSE IT'S MINECRAFT. It's the ultra gigachad game that EVERYONE plays and everyone KNOWS everyone plays, so they play it just cuz it's MiNeCrAfT.

    There are a lot of games out there that rip off Minecraft in the sandbox genre. If the whole "Minecraft is popular cuz no purpose" narrative is true, then where are the masses of fans praising THOSE games. You can "do whatever you want" in those rip-offs, yet 5 minutes in and you're already bored. With Minecraft, it would be the same. To give credit where credit is due, Minecraft has 1000000x more content than them, and it's much harder to get bored of the game (I myself have periods where I actually have mild fun playing Minecraft), but it's still completely possible, and you will get bored eventually (unless you established an actual emotional connection to your world or you're a popular YouTuber who HAS to keep on playing if you don't want to lose your career).

    If Terraria is so much more up your alley, go play Terraria.

    "If you don't like the game, just don't play it!" How many times does the Internet have to make fun of this argument? I don't think you understand how much I love Minecraft and THAT'S the reason why I made this post.

    I want to see it grow and succeed. But its potential is being squandered; with the eventual release of Hytale, it's probably going to blow Minecraft out of the park. It will have actual dungeons and bosses and cool things to do. Minecraft is truly an ocean that is as deep as a puddle. I adore it for its level of sandbox and showcase of how free a sandbox could be, but that's all it has to offer. I mention Terraria because it can serve as a good example of what Minecraft can be: a sandbox but still with cool, progressional stuff to do that can keep you entertained.

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    Minecraft makes money off of being CYOA (choose your own adventure)

    Minecraft can be more than that. The game is in sore need of actual content players can dip their toes in and an engaging progression system that keeps people in. Terraria runs off the same "you can do whatever you want, choose your own gameplay style" front, but it still has a dope story you can progress through with epic bosses and cool stuff you can do. It's a sandbox but still has a game you can play. Heck, remember Hytale? That's gonna be a sandbox game, but it's still gonna have stuff to do. I hate to say this as a heavy fan of Minecraft, but I think it's gonna blow Minecraft out of the park. Minecraft lacks the substance Terraria and other games have in the genre.

    Find a mod that has a fixed storyline or purchase MC Dungeons.

    It's honestly kinda bad that I have to mod the game to get a worthwhile, meaningful experience out of it (outside of the sandbox, of course, it gets the sandbox portion right, but it should offer more than that imo). Minecraft needs to operate on more than just "do whatever you want". The game is aimless and lacks substance. Minecraft has so much potential but it's just being squandered.

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    Quote from silveroug2»

    I think it would be a different game if it was heavily progess based.

    I'm not calling for it to be heavily progress-based, though. I understand Minecraft is famous for its practically limitless sandbox front. The game can still be fundamentally a sandbox and still have an overarching progression system with new bosses and tiers and places to go. I don't want a strict story you have to go through; that would ruin the game, I agree. It can be optional and for players who want to go through it. We haven't gotten a new boss in nearly a decade, and it would be unbelievably cool if Minecraft actually started living up to its currently unearned "3D Terraria" image.

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    I think it's completely possible for the game to remain a fundamental sandbox but still have an optional progression path. If you don't WANT to "progress" and just chill and build, you can do that. If you want to "progress" through the game and beat it, you should be able to do that, too. The "story" of the game doesn't even need to be that strict; it can be loose and still have freedom-based elements. All Minecraft needs is something to do, something substantial and with meaning.

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    Quote from Saiph2»

    I can't understand why MineCraft is at fault here, and why IT is to blame when players have no intellect or imagination.

    There are certain cultures around the world where life is so easy that people end up thinking that they will be spoon-fed for their entire lives, and not have to lift a finger to do anything. When players start complaining that games like MineCraft "don't have enough content" or are "boring", they are not highlighting a problem with MineCraft, they are highlighting a big problem with the society in which they live.

    Minecraft is a game. Even if it is a "sandbox", it's still supposed to be an experience in itself. If I buy Half-Life 2, I expect there to be a story I can play through and complete. If I buy Terraria, I expect there to still be a game to play, outside of its inherent sandbox nature (which it has; bosses, tiers, an actual progressional experience you can play through).

    Minecraft has nothing to offer. The sandbox front is all it's operating on, and all it has offered for 10+ years. It's fun for 4-year-olds, as they have much larger imaginations and can't get enough of the sandbox experience. But once you grow past 10 years old, there's nothing for you. Video games still have at least some point to them. What's the point of Minecraft? Build until you get bored? Loot the same structure you've looted a million times and seen a million more? Spend hours underground just strip mining for the same blue ore? An infinite sandbox where you can do whatever you want is just not enough. I want content, please.

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    DISCLAIMER: Everything I say comes in good faith. Please don't think I'm unfairly beating on the game and people who enjoy it. I myself love the game, but I just think it has so much wasted potential, and I want to share my thoughts.

    I'm sorry, but Minecraft is boring. A lot of people respond to this with "oh, well, just start a new project" or "hey, build this". Like, seriously? If a game makes you bored, it's not the fault of the player, it's the game, EVEN IF it is a sandbox. Just because it's a sandbox where you can "do whatever you want" doesn't excuse it from having no game to play. TERRARIA is a sandbox, but there's still stuff to do in it, other than just aimlessly building stuff and relying on YOURSELF to find meaning in playing it.

    Player progression is nearly non-existent. There are several sets of armor that exist in the game, but literally only TWO matter, iron and diamond (iron is good early game, diamond is good late game). Leather armor is harder to get than iron and WEAKER; the only purpose is leather boots saving you from powdered snow. Gold armor is really bad and not worth it; the only use for it is not being attacked by Piglins. Chainmail armor is only accessible through trading or killing mobs, and really is not worth it in any way. And Netherite armor is IRRELEVANT in normal Survival. When's the last time you actually relied on your set of Netherite armor. Once you get full diamond, especially with enchantments, you've already pretty much beaten the game, and no normal mob can really do that much to you. The only thing I can think of is Woodland Mansions, which are actually fairly tough, but is that it? There are no dedicated tiers, where enemies get progressively harder in structures or new dimensions, and rely on you to achieve new tiers of armor and tools.

    If you're skilled enough, you can beat the Ender Dragon, the "final boss" of Minecraft, NAKED. Of course, it will be tough, but if you know what you're doing, it's definitely doable. Speaking of the Ender Dragon, what's even the point of beating it? Firstly, to actually get to the Ender Dragon, you need to search up what you have to do externally; there's no information within the game itself. Once you beat it, some random portal spawns in the End that you have to pearl through then go to the End islands. What's at the End islands? End cities. What's in End cities? Outside of loot, you can get elytras, and you can get Shulker shells, used to make Shulker boxes, which are portable storage. Other than that, that's it. You get practically an expanded inventory with all the Shulker boxes, and an elytra to glide and fly around. These items are not essential in any way and aren't actually needed to, like, "progress" or anything, they just make aimless building and boring exploring faster. The Wither is the same story; beacons can give you special abilities, but they're not actually essential. They just make playing this otherwise goalless game quicker. Also, the Wither was added in 1.4. We haven't gotten a new boss in nine years. NINE.

    Minecraft at its core is just grinding to "progress" in a game with no goal. There's no point, no actual game to play and progress through. Again, a sandbox game can be a sandbox and still have things to do, like Terraria. Terraria is literally a sandbox; you can do whatever you want. But there are still bosses to beat and tiers to progress through. I haven't played the game myself, but from what I've seen, it clearly still has more substance than Minecraft. I think the quote "wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle" describes Minecraft perfectly. There are many blocks and mobs and structures and biomes, but in the End, it's based on nothing; there's nothing you can actually do, no game to play. Do you ever wonder why millions of people play with all these cool mods and modpacks, which greatly expand on the game, add new dimensions, et cetera? Because they offer actual content. A lot of people might argue that Minecraft is supposed to be a "platform", where the community makes the content. Firstly, Mojang themselves have states that they do not officially support mods, which is why we have not gotten, and will never get, a modding API. Secondly, really? Minecraft is still supposed to be a game with actual content itself. If you have to rely on modding to make your game actually good and substantial, then that's just unnacceptable.

    My dumb rant is over. I will probably get a lot of hate for this, but I just wanted to vent. I'm just a little frustrated that the game has been in development for 10-12 years, and there's still barely any content. Again, this was not meant to be in bad faith, I just wanted to share my opinion on the game. What are your thoughts?

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    posted a message on Hot take: You shouldn't be able to get up onto the Nether roof

    I know a lot of people like to go up there via glitches and, like, build Nether roof bases, or to utilize Nether travel without any hiccups, but really, you're not even meant to be up there in the first place. It's literally out of the map. The ender-pearl-ladder glitch has to be patched at some point. I understand people like it, so I think when that day comes, Mojang should inform the playerbase that it's gonna be patched in the next update, and allow players to hurry up and establish portals up there while they still can before the glitch is patched.

    What I really don't get is people arguing that the Nether roof makes it easier to create their weird boat-ice travel machines. Like, seriously? Are Minecraft players really that allergic to any challenge at all, that they will literally defend access to out-of-bounds parts of the Nether just so they can have a little bit less interruptions while building their glitchy travel machine? I'm personally a "You shouldn't be able to go out of the map" fan myself.

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    Quote from scorrp10»

    When did I say that? Of course I don't want Minecraft to follow real-life logic; it's a digital fantasy block game. That doesn't automatically mean it doesn't follow, and shouldn't follow, a form of logic. When I break a log block from a tree, an army of zombies wearing diamond helmets wielding crossbows that shoot cats at you doesn't appear; a log block is just dropped, that you can pick up and craft with. The former circumstance would be a horrible addition, but it's somehow fine just cuz "Minecraft doesn't follow logic, so GOOD"? Minecraft, one of the most unrealistic games out there, still follows a general system of logic. You can't craft diamonds with cobblestone and string, you can't insta-kill mobs holding raw chicken, you can't spawn Herobrine using a new device crafted with beetroot and spruce leaves, you can't create a portal using a dirt block and music disc to a dog dimension, the game still needs some logic to be understandable.

    Having the ability to create an explosion by sleeping in a bed in the Nether is ridiculous and completely illogical, and is just as ridiculous as those examples I gave, but the difference is that it's literally a feature that exists in the game. It's illogical even by general Minecraft standards.

    Now, talking about water. Consider the amount of heat needed to just boil a cubic meter of water. Now consider how hot it must be to instantly flash a cubic meter of water to steam, and you are talking thousands of degrees.

    You know what? I'm so sorry, that actually makes sense, unlike right-clicking a block made of wood and wool.

    Considering human bodies are like 60+% water, we do remarkably well there. But, hey, you can place ICE in the Nether all you want, without it melting even the slightest bit. And as long as your water is in a bucket, it is perfectly fine being in the Nether.

    My explanation of how logic works in Minecraft is already above. There's a difference between, say, being able to craft a cubic meter of honey on a workbench of wood, and, say, right-clicking a chicken with a blaze rod so that it rains cocoa beans. There's also something to say here about accessibility and gameplay quality. To have a better gaming experience, some logic needs to be thrown out the window. You can take a spree of bullets in a first-person shooter game because if it was realistic, and one single bullet brought your character to your knees, it would not be a fun experience. Not being able to traverse the Nether because its 10 billion degrees would directly ruin the gameplay experience: it's the other half of Minecraft, and where a lot of essential resources are found. Exploding beds, on the other hand, I can say with confidence, are not an essential mechanic to the gameplay experience.

    Guess what? It is not the bed that's exploding. Bed is just a trigger. The key is player. Think about bed effect in Overworld. When player uses a bed at night, it creates a massive spatial anomaly, instantly rotating the world to start of day position. There is literally zero time lapse between player going to sleep and waking.

    What are you even talking about anymore? The time skipping is supposed to SIMULATE time passing. It would be unimaginably hard to code in a real timelapse-based time-passing mechanic when sleeping.

    Oh, and have you TRIED fighting a dragon with beds? Doing it single-cycle (without taking out crystals) requires VERY precise timing and skill. You make a mistake and either you are back at square one, or it kills YOU. Doing it gradually requires getting the crystals, which is (IMHO) the hardest part of the fight.

    It cancels itself out when you realize beds are literally just crafted with wood and wool. Legitimate fighting with actual weapons actually requires the player to spend time getting the resources. Wood and wool are among some of the most common resources ever.

    It's an established game mechanic.

    Doesn't mean it's a good mechanic.

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    Quote from undefined »

    I like that mechanic, since when sleeping the time is set to morning, but because there is no time in those dimensions (I mean look what a clock shows) it doesn't make sense to sleep, so the beds explodes😅.

    Then it should just give you a message saying that you can't sleep. Why does it have to explode?? It makes 0 sense and comes out of nowhere. To put this in perspective, you can't place a Minecart on normal blocks, you have to place it on a rail. However, when you try to place a Minecart on land, instead of just simply not placing, it explodes and causes a massive crater of fire in its wake. It's ridiculous and follows no system of logic at all.

    And it's a useful mechanic to mine netherite.

    Well, I would like it if players were forced to use legitimate means to create explosions, not a block made of wood and wool. These exploding beds are unbelievably dumb.

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    posted a message on Beds exploding in the Nether and the End is bad actually. We all just got used to it and think nothing of it.

    Beds exploding in a non-Overworld dimension has been a thing ever since dimensions were first added (the Nether Update in Alpha). Almost all players nowadays just think nothing of it. But I'm here to argue that it is an explicitly dumb feature that has to be removed.

    It makes literally no sense for literally no reason.

    Firstly, it comes out of nowhere and follows absolutely no system of logic whatsoever. Why would it explode??? It's a BED. In the Nether, you're not allowed to place down water; it instantly evaporates. Now, imagine trying to place down water, and instead of intuitively becoming a mass of steam, it explodes, in an explosion powerful enough to kill a player in even full diamond and leave a massive crater of fire. Sounds pretty dumb, huh? Well, this literally exists, just for trying to use a bed in the Nether (or End).

    It can kill unsuspecting players and burn half their stuff with no justification whatsoever.

    A lot of Minecraft players already have a fair amount of pre-knowledge before they hop in. But let's hop into the shoes of a player with no clue what to do. They're gonna try to sleep in the Nether, and BAM, they immediately die, and all their hard-earned stuff is destroyed in a burning crater. This is literally what happened to PewDiePie. The thing is, it is not a deserved death in any way. Imagine trying to plant wheat on farmland rather than wheat seeds, and it, out of nowhere, strikes you with lightning and starts a fire in your farm. Again, it makes no logical sense whatsoever and comes out of nowhere, but also, WHAT THE HECK??? It had no business doing that.

    Completely ruined the Dragon fight.

    Finally, exploding beds literally ruined the whole Dragon fight. Fighting the Ender Dragon is supposed to represent the game's "final boss" or whatever. You're supposed to struggle as you throw everything you have at it. But what if I told you that instead of fighting it in an actual legitimate way, you can kill it with beds. That's right: beds, an object for sleeping, can be used to destroy the Ender Dragon. Player #1? You worked hard to enchant your diamond armor and weapons to defeat the mighty Ender Dragon??? Pffft, imagine fighting the Dragon legitimately when you can bring it down with just wool on wood! Pathetic.....no seriously, this is unironically some of the dumbest game design I have ever seen. How are players okay with this??

    SUGGESTION: When trying to sleep in the Nether or End, it simply gives you a message that states "You cannot sleep in the Nether" or "You cannot sleep in the End", like how it denies you sleeping during the day or when mobs are nearby. It's THAT simple. No explosions out of nowhere, no unjustly killing players and destroying all their stuff in a crater of fire, just a simple message that conveys the information to the player.

    It's a funny joke, but gameplay-wise, it's really dumb at best and explicitly a terrible mechanic at worst.

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    posted a message on Spawn eggs for the iron golem and snow golem

    If you check the Creative inventory, they don't actually have respective spawn eggs. The suggestion is quite simple: add spawn eggs for the two.

    Addressing counter arguments (?????):

    I shouldn't even be making this right now, but I have suggested this in the past, and for some reason, people actively went against it. Like, seriously? I'm sorry, but the Minecraft suggestions community can be pretty dumb sometimes, and I've met way too many people willing to throw whatever argument they can think of to discredit even the most basic quality-of-life suggestions like this. But here goes.

    "You can already spawn them by building them."

    Two points. One, it would be so much more convenient to just get a spawn egg and place them down than get their blocks and manually build one, especially when you want to spawn a lot. Two, why shouldn't they still have spawn eggs? Every mob has spawn eggs. Actually, the issue of certain mobs not having spawn eggs was more present in previous versions. Remember when wither skeletons or zombie villagers didn't have spawn eggs? Every mob has spawn eggs -> golems are mobs -> golems should have spawn eggs.

    "You can summon them with commands."

    EVERY MOB can be spawned with commands. Should we just remove all spawn eggs in place of the /summon command? C'mon, man...

    They're just two items. It wouldn't hurt at all. Besides, the copper golem, which has a pretty big chance of being added to the game, will most likely come with a spawn egg (every mob is getting a spawn egg, no more missing spawn eggs, like in older versions). It would be pretty silly if only 1 of the 3 golems had an egg.

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    posted a message on Crafting slabs and stairs back to their original block counterparts

    It would be great if, when you accidentally create a bunch of stairs or slabs, OR you intentionally did it but change your mind, that you can craft slabs and stairs back to their original states. 4 stairs in a 2x2 pattern will create 4 full blocks (it's mathematically correct: the 4 stairs are made up of 12 "quarters" total, which is the same with 3 full blocks). 4 slabs in a 2x2 pattern will turn into 2 full blocks. Initially, I thought about only needing 2 slabs, one on top of the other, making 1 full block, but that's the literal crafting recipe for chiseled blocks, so we have to do an alternative crafting recipe.

    I honestly don't know why you can't do this already? Once you craft stairs and slabs but don't actually want them in the end, their practically useless. You can still build with slabs and place two in one space to create a full block, but that's slow, and you would prefer to literally just have the full block with you. It's a waste.

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    posted a message on Unpopular opinion: Basic furniture would be great for Minecraft

    The long-standing argument for features like tables and chairs is that "it's not Minecraft-y" enough. People love the simplicity they get out of the game, and real furniture would contradict that. I agree with this opinion...I would a few years ago. See, this opinion would be true back in the old Minecraft days. Thinking about furniture then WOULD actually contradict the game's whole vibe. But in modern Minecraft, these days? They would fit perfectly in my opinion. Updates ever since 1.13 have been actively pushing the boundaries of what it even means to be "Minecraft-y". You can fly and glide around with elytras and rockets, explore moss-grown caverns, create powerful beacons and conduits to get special abilities, swoosh around your world with a riptide trident, yet you can't even craft basic household appliances? Minecraft now has a completely different vibe from what it had originally, and furniture would be a good addition nowadays, in my opinion.

    I'm so sick of placing stairs with signs at the sides for chairs and fences with pressure plates or carpets on top as tables. It's time for the real thing.

    What are your thoughts on furniture? Do you still feel like they don't fit the game?

    P.S. Shelves where you can place items alone would actually be a REALLY great addition.

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    posted a message on Hardcore darkness
    Quote from Serpentines»

    Uhhhh yeah that's great and all, but that's how the game is set up. It can be 'my fault' 1,000 times over, but whether someone prepares badly for going in a cave or not, leaving them in absolute black nothingness is still a bad place to be in. Pretty effortless goes-without-saying advice for someone who knows the game, but still an unnecessary beginner's trap for a lot of players out there.

    I personally couldn't really care less about this idea existing since I'll never enter a cave without more stacks of coal, torches, planks and logs than I'll ever need. There's many theoretical scenarios in a game with an infinite amount of different outcomes of someone running out of stuff in a cave and being stuck in unhelpful blackness.

    Late reply. I think the presence of hardcore darkness would already tell players "hey, don't get lost in here". Even then, how would they get lost? Of course, they're not just going to enter a cave and run around without torches. For nighttime, natural intuition will already tell players that nighttime will be dark and scary, and they will set up a shelter, naturally. Minecraft players continually complain about a lack of challenge, so why not start with actual darkness?

    Hardcore darkness would make lighting a completely essential thing again. Nowadays, players have their brightness set all the way up, and it's LITERALLY just a free night vision potion. Not to be rude, but Minecraft darkness is pathetic. Even MoistCr1tikal thinks so, in this one remark he made (EDIT: It's at 3:14):

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    posted a message on SHEARS should make shaved logs, not axes

    Axes having the ability to shave logs upon right-clicking can get pretty annoying once you've unintentionally done it multiple times.

    Firstly, it can get annoying while building stuff. I duel-wield tools and blocks all the time while building, as it makes it 2x easier; I can place and break while not even touching my keyboard. However, sometimes I will try to place a block in my offhand with an axe in my main hand and accidentally shave a log. And now I have a random shaved log that I don't want and have to replace.

    Secondly, if you're fighting in some wooded area with an axe and shield, expect to be shaving logs left and right while trying to block. It's annoying for no damn reason and literally destroys the forest around you, unless you decide to manually replace those shaved logs with actual logs if you don't want your forest looking like it got attacked by beavers. I can't count how many times I have seen people do this, unintentionally shaving logs in some forest they're trying to fight in.

    Sub-suggestion: Shovels shouldn't make path blocks, either. Like axes, they're a tool players will be using a lot of the time, and they will be accidentally creating unwanted path blocks (I've done this a couple of times, very annoying, though not as bad as shaving logs, as you can just put a block over them and turn them into normal dirt. However, I have no clue how path blocks would be created. If you have suggestions, share them.

    We should leave special abilities like this to dedicated tools, like shears, for example, not tools players will be holding a quarter of the time.

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