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    Quote from TheBlessedBoy

    -I have submitted my form, however, I didn't fill out the " Last name " Part for my Privacy... Is that okay?

    EDIT : Also I have submitted wrong first name on accident.
    < I thought it was asking for IGN > I was rushing, due to a dinner getting ready.

    Do you want me to re-form out the whitelist application with my first name. and do I have to put my last name?

    -Thanks for your quick replies.

    No prob.

    Quote from Boogii

    I am looking for a new tight knit community.

    I am 23, very dedicated, loyal, and consider myself more of an architect/builder.

    I am leaving my first server due to it shutting down.
    I do have questions though:
    • is this going to be an absolute mod free server?
    • will this server be a dedicated server?

    I would love to show you some of my work. However, you I will only let you see it in game.

    The only mods are Permissions and AdminCmds, so I can ban people in-game without being OP. Yes, it is a dedi.

    Quote from kuranyll

    I would also be interested in this. I enjoy small communities of people because you get to know each other better. I already filled out the form, and for reference, I'm short of the age requirement by 2 weeks :tongue.gif:

    Ok, go ahead and fill out the online form and I will email you once the server is online :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from PaiN_fuL

    I'm interested in playing and helping you out. Me & 2 other friends have been playing this game for awhile and are looking for a server to help build and populate. We play this game all day when we find a good server (I'm talking like 8-10 hours a day lol). I'm 19 and the other 2 are in their 20s. We have a vent that can be used also if you want to bring that around in the future to the server.

    Thanks for reading!


    Sounds good, go ahead and fill out the form at http://whitelist.drewdaniels.org
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