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    I hope this is in the right place.
    Unfortunately I'm pretty software illiterate so please bear with me. I should also mention I have a Hamachi server if that makes any difference.

    Anyway... I understand I need Forge. I barely know what Forge is, to be honest. I attempted to use Forge to install Gulliver on my server but failed, so I just installed the base server one to get it to work. I'd really like to install the Forge one so I can use Little Blocks and Gulliver both on my server. I'd like this to be as painless as possible, and I'm asking for help now because whenever I try to do this kind of stuff alone I end up giving up.

    I tend to get frustrated pretty easily, especially because I couldn't get Gulliver Forged to work on my first attempt. Is there any way someone could hold my hand a little with this? Me and a few friends are really eager to play with this setup.

    If my question isn't clear, how do I go about installing Forge and the Forged versions of 1.6.4 Gulliver Mod & Little Blocks for my 1.6.4 server? From Step 1 all the way through.
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