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    Now I know all the secrets of your maze
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    You know baby, I'd love to get you outta that armor and see what skin you're wearing.

    Me: Excuse me, do you have a pork chop?
    Her: Yes, why?
    Me: Because as soon as I saw you, you stole all of my hearts.
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    The Challenge: You are on the moon. Mine all the resources you can and build a rocket ship to get back home.

    The Backstory: You have been selected for a first of its kind, solo mission to prospect and mine the moon. Unfortunately your employer, CutRate Excavations Inc., has sent you to this desolate landscape with nothing more than the spacesuit on your back. You must survive the harsh environment, the perilous moon beasts (who knew?) and the cold, unbreathable atmosphere as you mine your way across the landscape and eventually build your own spaceship to bring you and your precious cargo back to terra firma.

    To begin:
    All you need are the parts for your space suit.
    • Iron Boots
    • Iron Leggings
    • Iron Chestplate
    • Pumpkin (which serves as your space helmet)

    The Goals:
    • Survive (I suggest playing on Hard dificulty. Lets face it, the moon is a hostile place)
    • Accumulate minerals (Points are calculated at the end based on the ammount brought "home" on your spaceship)
    • Construct a working spaceship and launch

    The Rules:
    • Never, EVER go outside without a full working spacesuit (including helemt). If a part gets damaged beyond repair, you may not leave your base until you have replaced it.
    • You may not plant anything outside. (Who know how they go there, but this is the moon for Herobrine's sake)
    • You only have limited oxygen. You must limit yourself to 12 minecraft hours outside before you must return indoors to refill your oxygen supply.
    • If you die, you lose, and your bones will fade away into moon dust. (*optional)

    A working spaceship must contain:
    • A cargo hold with two double-chests (no more) for storing ores
    • A living space containing a bed, crafting bench and stove
    • A chest containing at least 100 hearts worth of food for the return journey
    • A cockpit with captains chair and working launch button
    • 4 engines built with at least 12 obsidian block each
    • 4 blocks of TNT to be used a rocket fuel (connected to the cockpit via redstone)
    Beyond this, the design and size of the ship is totally up to the player.

    Winning: The challenge is won when a player successfully detonates the TNT from the cockpit of their spaceship, signifying a successful launch back to earth.

    Points: The challenge would only be half as fun without a scoring system. Points are based on the minerals found in your cargo hold at the time of launch.
    • Stack of redstone (25 points)
    • Stack of coal (35 points)
    • Iron Ingot (10 points)/Iron Block (90 points)
    • Lapis Lazuli Block (150 points)
    • Gold Ingot (25 points)/Gold Block (225 points)
    • Diamond (30 points)/Diamond Block (270 points)
    • Stack of Obsidian (500 points)
    *Add 250 points if you make your spaceship out of smooth-stone.

    Other things to note:
    * I highly recommend this texture pack to really make the experience moon-like: (your pumpkin actually becomes a space helmet!)
    * This challenge requires some start-up materials. Players are allowed to hack in the starting materials, or play from an existing world in a new map location. All other materials must be found as a part of the challenge, however.
    *While the challenge can be played on a regular map, the user TheNosferatu has kindly created a custom, moon-like map that comes complete with starting materials and a list of rules. It can be found here: http://johandam.com/etc/MoonCraft.7z Much thanks to him!

    Hope you find this challenge fun and enjoyable!

    As people start completing the challenge, post your scores on the thread or send me a PM and I'll compile a High Score List!

    Here are some screenshots from my trial run:

    The Lobby of my Moon Base

    The Main Chamber (Access to mines, etc)

    The Airlock to the Outside

    My Spaceship (Yes, it is ugly. My design skills are...lacking)
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    Quote from Joshua22220099

    hi,i'm building a town in minecraft, but i don't know what i could build.
    Could u pls give me some ideas?

    Thx =)

    I'm always a fan of building a castle, perhaps on a hill somewhere, and then creating a town down below for it to lord over.

    Depending on what kind of town you want (modern, medieval, classical, etc) you will likely include some of the following:
    A town hall
    A main plaza/courtyard
    A few houses (perhaps with shops)
    A market
    A church/temple/shrine
    Walls (depending on your city type)
    A harbor (if near water)
    Decorative items like streetlights, and gardens fountains

    Googling the phrase "minecraft town" will give you plenty of picture and videos to get ideas from.
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    I have been wondering this too, and the only way I can get around it is through the use of spawn points and nether portals. It works like this. The vault is made out of an entirely bedrock cube. The ONLY openings are two (more if you like) single chests laid two spaces apart in the bottom of the wall allowing the chests to be opened from the inside and outside of the vault. If destroyed, the holes still do not allow access inside. When a player wants to enter the vault, he or puts all of the items in their inventory into these boxes. The player then must kill themselves. As a moderator, a hack must be used to change the player's spawn somewhere inside the cube. So, upon death, they will teleport into the cube and be able to retrieve the contents of the boxes from the inside.

    Getting out requires use of the nether-gate glitch discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=1016&t=75218 A gate is set up in the entry way outside the cube where the boxes are loaded. Upon first entry to the nether, the connection is made. Then, a second portal must be made just inside the cube which (as close as possible to the original), given proximity of the portals, it becomes likely that they will both travel to the same gate in the nether. Then, upon exiting the nether once again, the nether portal will only deposit the player outside the cube, thus creating a one way path.

    Disclaimer: I'm not terribly familiar with the inner workings of server moderators, so I'm not sure if the spawn point idea or the portal concept will apply to multiplayer. If it does, it would be effective. If not, it would be fun to create in singleplayer, but ultimately, as stated above, useless.

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