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    posted a message on I think minecraft is boring. (Please don't kill me...)
    It is better to play with more people.
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    posted a message on Best villager trades you found ?
    Wheat for emerald.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2]Runescape Mod[Forge]
    This mod is a Runescape mod. What it does is it adds the armors and different tools from Runescape. It add Bronze, Steel, Mithril, Adamanitie, Rune and Dragon. All of these are mineable and are found at different areas of the world. Dragon and Rune are found at the same layers that Diamond is found. To make any of the items you first have to smelt the ore to get the respective ignot. You would then make the armor or tool the same way you would make a normal tool or armor.

    Current Version



    1.17 - Fixed some issues with the creative inventory
    1.16 - Fixed the ability to mine the higher level ores with wooden tools. You now need iron or better
    1.15 - Switched back over to Forge
    1.1 - Updated to 1.3.2 and switched over to Modloader
    1.0 - Released

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Download the recommended Forge
    2. Download this mod
    3. Find your .minecraft folder
    4. Go to the bin folder
    5. Open minecraft.jar with winrar
    6. Open Forge with winrar
    7. Drag contents of Forge into minecraft.jar
    8. Delete Meta-INF folder
    9. Run minecraft
    10. A mod folder should be created
    11. Put this mod into the mod folder
    12. Run minecraft


    All most all of the textures were provided by you_are_mad from his Runescape texture pack which you all should download and use.
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    posted a message on jungles are impractical and nobody should like them as much as they do.
    I hate them.
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    posted a message on Wha do you do when you lose diamonds?
    Rage quit.
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    posted a message on You Know You've Played Too Much Minecraft When...
    Quote from Kirbyarm

    -You have nightmares of Enderman griefing your house while you're asleep, or zombies nomming through your door.
    -You try to swim across the Atlantic Ocean with a few grilled porkchops and a few units of dirt/cobble in your backpack to find uncharted land.
    -You put five cookies in your mouth and struggle to spit them out vertically upwards to try and create a cookie shower.
    -You install levers on all your doors, electronics, and appliances.
    -You give out your server's IP instead of your phone number by accident.
    -You refuse to buy flatscreens, and only buy old tube TVs for the realistic block effect.
    -You try to right click your real life bed with your mouse, and get frustrated that it doesn't work.
    -You turn on the television expecting to see Yogscast.
    -You bury yourself underground for the night with a small hole to see when daylight comes out.
    -You chop down a tree with your bare hands, and spend several weeks in the hospital.
    -You smash a hole into a jukebox to make it play the record you want to.
    -Anytime you hear 'tsssss' like from an air leak or cat hissing, you run for your life from the Creeper.
    -You use redstone wiring in all of your elecontronics.
    -You begin using lego to make pixel art in reality.
    -You gleefully invite your friend over after work to the job site, which happens to be house construction.

    Haha.. hope I got a laugh or two out of you guys. (: Let's hear yours!

    You got a laugh out of me.
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    posted a message on Stuck in the Nether - SOLVED
    Have fun in the nether.
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    posted a message on Space in minecraft?
    I would love for this to happen.
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    posted a message on Leather required for books: why
    For the cover I guess.
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    Quote from Spitfire4466

    It seems that coupling has gone crazy in v2.1.2
    I will fix that as soon as possible

    Thanks for working on an update.
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