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    posted a message on Life of Ender [1.10 Modded Survival Journal]

    the first one is already good eagerly awaiting more

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: kodrako
    • Age: 21
    • Gender: male
    • Country/Timezone: The Netherlands (utc+1)
    • How someone should contact you: Steam drakodra, discord: Drahin#2207, curse:drakodra
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: since beta 1.8
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: farming, spelunking, building
    • Any additional things you want to say: I like modded and am terrified of the newest minecraft updates (the modpacks have been lingering on 1.7.10) but i'd ike to try anything
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    posted a message on Anyone wanna be friends and play in a survival server?

    what kind of server is it?

    i don't really mind about what kind it is i just want to know before joining

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    posted a message on Battle against the water- a modded 1.7.10 Journal

    Entry 1

    so i spawned in the middle of an ocean no land in sight anywhere.

    so i went into creative drank a potion of night vision and started flying because i didn't want to spend an entire day swimming

    so i finally found myself an island and this is me looking back to the ocean

    now my journey could actually begin...

    well... i guess that there won't be a lot of journeying for a while

    i call this place island A for now

    and that over there is island B

    so the first day went over pretty fast

    i cleared Island A from all the trees made the basic tinkers construct stations and a hatchet.

    in the mean time i see that there are quite some cows on my island and the have different colours.

    so this post might have been short but i didn't have a lot of time and this is my first journal

    Next Episode:I'm Building a House

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    posted a message on Battle against the water- a modded 1.7.10 Journal

    About this journal

    I am not the newest to minecraft but i always end up playing it halfassed. easily abandoning a world and moving on.

    i started my minecraft in beta 1.8 (gawd it looks so long ago) and lost my very first house (and world) to the first spider i saw... i was a noob.

    before long it got quite boring just vanilla so i really quickly discovered mods and that was amazing (back then installing mods was a pain in the ass but so worth it) one of the first mods i played with was EE2 yeah the cheaty one.

    i have tried to train my aesthetic building over the years but i'm not amazing.

    my goals for this journal are: trying to keep a world going,

    building more than some basic buildings,

    and maybe get some cool stuff in game

    my list of mods is quite big so i will update the list when an entry has covered the mod (or part of it)

      • Biomes O' Plenty - everyone knows this one I'm sure
      • Tinkers' Construct
        • Iguana Tweaks for tinkers
        • TICtooltips

      • NEI
        • WAILA
        • WAILA harvestability
        • WAILA Plugins
        • WAWLA

    • MOO Fluids

    My difficulty is set to Normal

    i hope that i won't die too much because death and loss of items usually cause me to delete a world.

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    posted a message on random recipes
    hey minecraft forum

    at one point i saw a mod that would randomize all your recipes and it would be different in each world but now that i actually wanna use it i can't find it... (figures) if anyone knows what mod i'm talking about i would be really happy to know where it is again
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    uhm i did a quick search on "id bug" and i couldn't find this
    but i have somewhat of a bug where a couple of ids are basically being overwritten without forge noticing it resulting in for example that inola­e ingots become potions from zelda swords skills I've had this kind of trouble every one in a while with metallurgy and when i think i found all the double items and go to the configs...
    well the items aren't said to be generated on those ids... can someone help me? (i love inola­e but having to wear potions is kinda weird...)
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from Manan6619

    Oh, I know you said that, I was referring to JadeSkysong's wondering if you would cause intentional crashing with OptiFine and say it wasn't your problem, and how someone else not too long ago did the same- Err, you get the point ^^;;

    Anyway, ExtraTiC sounds cool, I'll go check it out. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    if you are gonna try extra tic i can highly recommend iguana tweaks for tinkers construct as you'll be able to see what each material can mine (at least in nei) and you can put in your newly made parts on your old tools which i think needs a separation from the extra difficulty... but i won't go and talk to much about that here i guess
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    so a lot of people have been talking about letting the smeltery run on essentia i do have a couple of thoughts on it myself
    1. true essentia is not a forge liquid but perhaps there could be a special seared structure block that could store only essentia which you could incorporate in your smeltery just like the seared tanks
    or maybe another block that would extract the essentia from a jar in front of that block like the oven from thaumcraft does and most of the other "machines" in thaumcraft
    i can't mod myself (i am learning though) but those options seem like they wouldn't need that much of a rewrite well maybe that the smeltery would need to detect those blocks and in the last it would need to detect how much essentia is in front of it (although the lava detection isn't that good at the moment in my point of view it mostly shows up empty in the gui when i play it...) but anyway keep on the good work i am excited to see what the future would bring for this mod

    btw i have been playing with iguana tweaks for tinkers construct and he has some awesome things that i would like to see without the extra difficulty of proceeding through the tiers. like the replacement of parts (extremely handy this way you can start with full wooden tools and gradually put modifiers and better parts on them without actually losing stuff) the leveling of the tools it's cool but does make some tools kind of op.
    and because i play with metallurgy extra TiC, iguanu tweaks for TiC and ofcourse tinkers construct itself i have some great pieces of work before my tools are at the point that they are truly the strongest you can get. (i'm gonna need cofh soon just to up some of the ore spawning and down others)
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from txtspeak

    i cant, i have like 30 mods, it wont work.

    it can work with more so if you're having troubles thee is going something wrong like massively
    i am playing with 53 mods loaded trough vanilla loader...
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    posted a message on [1.6.4 Forge SSP, SMP, LAN] TuxWeapons 1.1d - Readded mod support!
    have you thought about support of tinkers-construct? it could be awesome to be able to make some new and better weapons with the tool forge just saying the mod looks awesome and the support for metallurgy made me download it
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    posted a message on DartCraft Beta 0.2.20
    i am trying to make a modpack which has a broad variety of mods (so in example there are a lot of mods in it that would cause you to go exploring but also a lot which would cause you to stay home and just craft away your resources) and since you didn't put up any disclaimer about your opinion towards the usage of your mod in modpacks (which is common to have in the main thread actually) i'm asking if i could use it the pack would be available trough the technic platform and used in a let's play ( i'm from a starting youtube channel tough this probably doesn't matter)
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    posted a message on 1.5.2 mods trough the new launcher in another map?
    come on guys i wanna know
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    posted a message on 1.5.2 mods trough the new launcher in another map?
    soo yeah i just installed the new launcher and looked around a bit when i found the profiles i thought it could be an awesome feature to use if you could get yourself a fresh copy of minecraft (perhaps an older version) in another map and just get mod that and have a couple of your own modpacks trough the original launcher.
    so i tried doing that and quickly rose my problem ..
    does anyone have a solution for that / screwed around enough with the launcher to know how to work around this problem?
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    posted a message on *CLOSED THREAD*
    IGN kodrako
    age 17
    I've played FTB for quite a while now and i think it would be awesome to play with other people so i can learn how they do stuff and maybe i teach them how to do things
    i'm not extremely good at building but my buildings look good enough to be called nice i guess (little note my style is more of a village type and my buildings get uglier the more they need to go to a city style :P ) i hope i can get on and i'm no griefer/ thief if i would want something than i would ask some else who worked for it and pay it back later (yeah i do that)i'll try to build some cool stuff but that will probably need some assistance as i would like to start a player village (where everyone focuses on something advanced for everyone if that's possible :P ) i could make the village myself but i'm not skilled enough to do the advanced stuff of all the mods
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