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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.x] Nagareru [UPDATE!] (WIP)
    I got tired of waiting. So I present to you people; another update:

    Nagareru 1.2.0: For 1.8.1

    Some new nagareru themed textures
    Mostly default 1.8 stuff for new items
    Explosion texture
    Food and exp bar textures

    Nagareru raw pork and cooked pork texture. I removed them to improve consistency.

    Have fun!

    I may work on this tomorrow, but we'll see.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Minecraft watermark remover v1.10
    This is my first mod. It's very simple, it removes the "Minecraft Beta 1.X" in the corner of your screen.

    This is it's one and only use. Now, it's installed like any other mod. And like any other mod, it's recommended you backup your minecraft.jar in case anything goes wrong :biggrin.gif:


    Windows preferred archive:
    Download version 1.10

    Linux/Mac preferred archives:
    Download version 1.10 bzip2
    Download version 1.10 gzip
    Have fun :smile.gif:

    Possible F.A.Q.:

    Q: Does this break any mods?
    A: It will break any mod that uses uk.class OR fs.class

    Q: OMG tihs mod si AWESOME
    A: Uhh... Thanks? Learn to spell, calm down.

    Q: Can you pay my rent for me?
    A: No! :sad.gif:

    Q: Can you pay my FRIEND so HE can pay my rent for me?
    A: Sorry! But I can give you some updog or snew. I cannot give out any money though.

    Q: Where is the source code to this wonderful mod!
    A: The changes made in this mod are almost not worth mentioning. In fact, it's so simple you could do it yourself without any other knowledge other than editing a text file.

    Q: Can this mod cure cancer/create a double rainbow/create world peace?
    A: No, all it does is remove the watermark that says the current minecraft version.
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