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    I kept checking Painterly's website in hopes that he had something to tell about the 1.9 update.

    I hope the site is just down because there's updates being done, but... Otherwise, it seems like the end of an age.

    This saddens me.

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    Crops already do cause a block update, according to the wiki.

    You might be confusing your issue with the fact that crops do not grow if their chunk is unloaded.

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    Greetings! I don't visit the Minecraft Forums very much anymore, but I was poking around at enchanting and repair costs earlier (wondering why in the world the level requirement was so high, repairing a bow that I had enchanted) and I was quite confused by how the mechanics work.

    Remember back when enchanting first came out, and the lament of almost every player was that they couldn't combine enchantments, or preserve their beautifully-crafted Sharpness IV diamond sword? We were all so excited when the anvil was announced, because it could do just that! It even had the added helping of naming your weapons, so I could then make a really kick-butt sword and name it Andromeda, because it needed an equally epic name.

    ...But, as it turns out, the restrictions in the anvil's functions make it a very silly self-defeating mechanism. This is demonstrated in microcosm by how it is the only utility block that actually breaks itself over many uses. Wooden bench that summons a metal saw when crafted? Nah, you can compress raw diamonds on that baby and it isn't so much as scratched. But, a solid iron anvil? Nono, it can completely shatter after the long and tedious process of copying tiny runes from a book onto a wooden pickaxe. Why doesn't the Enchanting Table explode after a few uses, then?

    Of course the progressively-damaging-anvil isn't that bad. Silly, maybe, but it isn't too big a deal and makes at least a little sense in the context that they're affected by gravity and can be dropped several meters onto any given surface. What I'm talking about, and what I hoped to demonstrate with my slightly-exaggerated example, is...

    The Problem

    As I mentioned, the anvil is a self-defeating mechanism. Its intended purpose (other than, clearly, its effectiveness as a weapon) was to transfer enchantments and repair enchanted equipment without losing its cool little violet glow, as the crafting-based repairing system had done. However, in Survival mode, the maximum amount of anvil-based repairs you can devote to an item is exactly six, and that's entirely disregarding any enchantments you have on an item. That stems from the combination of two mechanics:

    • "Prior Work" penalty
    • Level cap for anvil work

    While I'm not fond of either of them, personally (Prior Work is exponential and becomes impractical even after the sixth or seventh use; level cap is, in my opinion, a smidge too low), they work terribly together, resulting in that six-use maximum. Even something so small as renaming the item contributes to this, though thankfully it no longer counts as "Prior Work" in the upcoming 1.9 update.

    Yes, I understand the argument that "tools are meant to, eventually, break" and that's how it was before anvils were around. But that draws back to the initial reason why anvils were added- to preserve enchanted gear. It seems silly to, instead, delay the inevitable. If that's what they were after, why not buff Unbreaking so that it can have more than three tiers? The Mending enchantment being added in 1.9 allows infinite durability, so it's not as though that exact feature was something Mojang was trying to avoid.

    The other argument of "this is to avoid tools being gradually built into super-OP monster items with full [enchant]-V stuff" is a viable one, sure, but the enchantment tier levels already thwart this, somewhat. You cannot legitimately obtain a Sharpness/Knockback X diamond sword named Buttmunch. With Sharpness receiving a nerf (alongside the dps of melee combat in general) in 1.9, I see no reason to further limit the buffs available to tools.

    Minecraft gives off a very "this is an infinite world and you can do infinite things, kinda" feel. The limitations here, then, seem rather out of place. That being said, I propose...

    The Solution(s)

    There are a couple different ways that I thought of on my own that can be done to tweak the system and, hopefully, remain balanced in gameplay. These include:

    • Remove both Prior Work penalty and level cap. This will reduce repair costs to a static value based on the items and enchantments involved. The levels that any given tool/enchant would contribute to this total would all be raised significantly, so that the player would have to go through a good deal more effort to repair their favorite sword.
    • Remove only the Prior Work penalty. This would get rid of the exponentially-increasing level costs, making infinite item repairs possible. However, with the level cap still in place, this would prevent players from stacking too many enchantments on a weapon.
    • Remove only the level cap. This would allow as many item repairs as the game engine can withstand, though the required levels would be so unthinkably insane that few mortal souls would bear reaching it. Removing the "+1" from the Prior Work equation (cost=2n+1) could reduce that.
    • Introduce a method of removing "charges" of the Prior Work penalty. While roundabout and potentially complicated, this could be a very balanced method. You could, for example, add a function to a beacon (only a top-tier diamond one) that will drop the Prior Work penalty of an item back to zero. This method could also have an extremely high level requirement, depending on the enchantments of the item and the amount of Prior Work charges that'd have to be removed.

    You are quite welcome to add ideas of your own, if you come up with any. I also thought of some independent tweaks to be used alongside any of the ones listed above:

    • Notify the player if the resulting item from their anvil use will exceed the level cap. As in, before you take a newly-repaired Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II sword out of the anvil slot, it will notify you that the thing is just too awesome to be repaired because it'd take too many levels. That way, unsuspecting players don't get hit by the "surprise! Your favorite sword is doomed" truck.
    • Make the upcoming "Mending" enchantment hideously expensive to work with. Since that enchantment effectively gives you unlimited durability unless you're in the business of falling off cliffs, we'll need an incentive to use Unbreaking instead, sometimes. Alternatively, you can simply disallow Mending to be transferred to diamond gear, or gear with max-level enchantments.

    As with the other section, feel free to add to that if you have ideas. I am entirely aware that I can't think of everything on my own!

    So, yeah. Discuss?

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    posted a message on Cubic Fire (Final Update: Rest in Peace)

    Minor update: made synopsis easier to read. I might revisit to try and fix the spoiler tags in the OP sometime later.

    EDIT: actually I just revisited it and wow holy crap what happened to that formatting

    I'll try to fix that ASAP.

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    posted a message on The Tale of the Queen [Dark] [Violence] [In Progress]

    Oh, wow! I dare say this is on par with ye olde Minefic stuff, back when the Literature subsection didn't exist and you had to be really fantastic to be noticed among the banner ads.

    My criticisms are few and far between. First is that you seem to be summarizing a story rather than telling one- it reads out very quickly and events happen at a quick pace. It's not wrong by any means, but it tends to make it hard for readers to imagine the details as you write them, and it doesn't leave as many open spaces for describing, in detail, settings or important events. Slow your pace down a little bit and focus on sensory details- it'll make the end product a lot longer, but there's no such thing as a story that is too long. If you need help with the sensory details, just try to write down what a setting is like from as many of the five senses as you possibly can, with sight being the last one.

    Secondly, be careful with your word choice. Right off the bat, there's the problem of censoring yourself in the first paragraph. While I see why you chose to do what you did, having to replace a word with asterisks almost entirely breaks immersion. If you must, try to be "politically correct" and soften the language to a measure that would be acceptable without censorship. Once again, this could mean making it longer, but a story is only ever one of two lengths: the length it needs to be, and the length that needs to be changed.

    That's really it, though. As far as plot is concerned, you've done a great job obtaining the interest of readers. Well done!

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    posted a message on [Modjam 4]Elemental Caves - Vanilla Cave System Overhaul
    Wow, this mod looks absolutely gorgeous! I'll get right to playing it as soon as I can- great job, SoBiohazardous!
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    posted a message on Cubic Fire (Final Update: Rest in Peace)
    As promised in the OP, here's how the story would have eventually gone. Put in spoiler tag, just in case you don't want to see it and would rather leave the story unknown.
    After the twenty-eighth chapter, Tyron and his friends would eventually head to the city they'd been searching for all that time. Once there, they would be warned of Herobrine's systematic wiping out of each city within Minecraftia, and their search for solutions would be directed towards a library.

    The crystal that Tyron picked up in Avi's hut (this was a Starbound reference, by the way) would turn out to be one of four incredibly powerful magical artifacts. When arranged before a portal to the Nether, they would remove any of the Nether's unwanted "growth." This is incredibly important for several reasons. The first is that no living being may enter the Nether in its current state due to toxic materials in the air. (Tyron was able to in previous chapters due to him being in a dream and not physically present.) The second reason is that Herobrine would then be forced to go back to the Nether to rebuild his reinforcements. The third is that it would disrupt the mental state of any Nether-borne monster, resulting in a major blow dealt to Herobrine's forces.

    The city comes under assault by a huge amount of undead led by Herobrine himself, but the walls keep them at bay and Tyron manages to escape with Lupi, Blizzard, and Seth. They begin their search for the other three crystals, and Rathina joins them once more. Over the course of their journeys, they narrowly avoid Herobrine several times, and the love interest of the story begins to make itself known. Kir picks up on it immediately. Lupi is rejected by Rathina, who secretly admires Tyron. Tyron admires her as well, but doesn't work up the courage to say anything about it.

    When retrieving the final magical artifact, Tyron has another encounter with a dragon. This time it's not under Herobrine's control, and Tyron manages to keep Lupi from murdering it. Touching the dragon reveals a large amount of Tyron Dragoknight's past, and why Herobrine wants to kill him. Tyron was an anomaly that nobody really knows the origin of. He appeared and took rein of the dragons during the Endless Wars, ending the conflict that Herobrine had so enjoyed for its usefulness. Enraged, Herobrine tried to destroy the End. To prevent his success, Tyron had sacrificed himself to save the dragons from total destruction, though accidentally dooming them to the slavery of Herobrine. He learns about the Respawn, which is how he was transported to Minecraftia lacking his memory.

    After this enlightenment, Tyron begins to feel more anger than ever at Herobrine for the chaos he caused and the slavery of the dragons. They make their way back to the previous city. They manage to get within the walls and find a Nether portal. A great flash illuminates the city as the artifacts work their magic, and the assault on the walls grinds to a stop as Herobrine is forced to go back to his home dimension and survey the damage.

    Lupi takes a deep breath and charges into the portal, dragging Tyron with him. He tells Blizzard to stay. Once inside, Lupi navigates with surprising expertise. They reach a crumbling fortress before he's finally willing to tell his story; the long-awaited reason why he hates Herobrine so much.

    Years ago, when he was a boy, Lupi's small mountainside village was attacked by a vicious monster- a Hydra. Lupi was the only one to survive, and survive he did. He, using the wolf gauntlets he so proudly displays now, was able to jam a spear into the Hydra's heart. Herobrine proceeded to essentially spit in his face by knocking him unconscious and sending him off somewhere, never to return and pay his respects to his fallen family and village. His knowledge of the Nether is due to previous short expeditions before Herobrine really started to take power again.

    They stumble upon Herobrine's ruined Nether castle, but do not find the god of chaos himself. They do, however, find a portal to leave. It's a massive structure, and Lupi realizes it's wired to connect to the portal in the city. Too late, they realize they've been drawn into a trap. Herobrine appears, and the Hydra from Lupi's past arises from the lava of the Nether. Tyron prepares to fight with Lupi, but is stunned when Lupi tears off his necklace, a glittering ender eye, and throws it to him, shoving him towards the portal. Despite Tyron's objections, Lupi pushes him through and faces the Hydra, alone and confident. From the overworld, Tyron watches in horror as the portal is closed; destroyed from the other side.

    Vowing not to let Lupi's sacrifice go without recognition, Tyron leaves to search for the only help he knows is strong enough: the dragons. Blizzard the wolf stays behind to sit at the portal, ever-patient for his master to return.

    Rathina, Seth, Tyron and Kir venture forth into the chasms of the underground, supplied with the best supplies they can get from the city. After many close encounters, they stumble upon a stronghold, split in two by a chasm. They manage to bridge the gap and enter the portal, which thankfully had already been completed.

    Once in the End, they face what Tyron had been fearing about: the method Herobrine was using to enslave the dragons of the End. While none of the actual dragons are present, a massive, white-eyed dragoness dubbed the Enderdragon sure is. Using crystals atop obsidian pillars, she is nearly unstoppable. After a spectacular struggle that results in Seth sustaining life-threatening injuries, the dragon is defeated. All around them, the once-enslaved dragons being to take form, lumbering over to meet their saviors.

    The dragons come in two general forms: smaller ones with solid reddish scales, and larger ones that seemed to be patterned after various nebulas in the sky. A specific green-colored one, calling himself Glowstar, personally introduces himself to Tyron, bowing before him as the only one to truly recognize the Dragoknight of old. The red dragons, apparently native to Minecraftia, leap through the newly-opened portal to their homeland, but Glowstar is the only one of the starry dragons to follow. He carries on his back the three adventurers- Seth being fully healed under their magical abilities.

    Upon arrival, Glowstar locates Herobrine's final outlook: a massive fortress guarded by what remains of his undead army. Seth, Rathina, and Glowstar take it upon themselves to lead the red dragons into battle against the undead army, while Tyron and Kir prepare themselves for the final battle with Herobrine.

    Until now, Tyron had only been able to use the ice and stone magics he had discovered previously. While his efficiency and mastery of them has much improved, he realizes while fighting Herobrine that it just isn't enough. Herobrine shatters his spells and, in a display of godlike supremacy, draws two crackling scythes of dark Bluestone. Kir, composed of light Bluestone, is enraged by this and kicks into a higher gear than Tyron knew it was capable of. Kir's blade sets alight in blazing white fire, and their battle begins in earnest.

    Herobrine, in a final and desperate attack, dives down at Tyron with both scythes. Tyron catches them on the blade's crossguard and stares Herobrine in the face, becoming the first and only living soul to do so without a hint of fear in his eyes. Herobrine screams at him, "I am a god!" Tyron smiles and murmurs back to him a single sentence: "Gods don't bleed." After this, a single, swift motion sends Herobrine's scythes into the floor and Tyron's sword through his heart. Herobrine disappears in a flash of fire and Tyron walks triumphantly out of the castle, greeted by a victorious army of dragons, a happy Seth, affectionate Rathina, and a hopeful sunrise.
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    Quote from Blazevoir

    So... are the Breezies German, or was that another language, if any actual one?

    I do believe they're Scottish?
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    I'll keep this in mind later- if I have enough time I might apply as a texture artist. ;)
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    Quote from Bbqpizza

    So...someone tell me where some of the MLP thread-ers went. Did they leave?

    I stalk the thread 'cause I get email notifications whenever someone posts.

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    Quote from SeaWry

    To unlock a box for 6 keys. Better be a golden wrench in there.

    Perhaps even a golden frying pan.
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    Quote from SeaWry

    In that box is a 1000 year old demon sealed by 6 keys, 6 elements and 6 ponies. (Few will know where I draw 1000Yr demon from.)

    Or a magical artifact that not even the combined elements compare to.

    Then again could just be another box.

    Mini edited.

    Totally expecting there to be a strange rocket launcher.
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    There's a couple, for me... One is any time I'm digging and then suddenly there's lava in my face.

    Another is when I'm in one of those new dark forests and night is falling... right as I realize I lost my way back home and am out of food.
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    Brewing is my worst field. Cannot for the life of me remember what ingredients make what potion.
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    Just finished the map, at 2:40AM, alone in a dark room.

    I did not realize I could be jumpscared in Minecraft in such a manner.
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