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    posted a message on [World's First] Flush Quadruple Extender
    The video explains it all in under a minute:

    -Video Removed. New video in second comment-

    World Download (Updated Version): http://adf.ly/MU09y
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    Quote from xXepicfart200Xx

    I was in lava making a brige looking around for diamonds. I was holding shift so i wouldnt fall in, it was a successful trip until a spider came along and ruined everything by knocking me in.

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    This has probably been discovered long before, so forgive me if there have already been a storm of people "discovering" this over again. I was playing around with pistons, working on a counter of all things, and discovered this little trick. By using these 4 pistons, you can count through 16 binary outputs before the system resets. By hooking these up to a decoder, they can be exported to any build.

    This functions just like using levers for the inputs to your decoder, but it cycles through on its own instead. Rather than building a piston tape for your counter, you can use this little deal instead.

    It counts its outputs in this order, if you're interested:

    1. 0000
    2. 1111
    3. 0111
    4. 1011
    5. 0011
    6. 1101
    7. 0101
    8. 1001
    9. 0001
    10. 1110
    11. 0110
    12. 1010
    13. 0010
    14. 1100
    15. 0100
    16. 1000

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    Quote from AppleNinja27

    I'm closing the contest due to prize wanting and greed. Sorry all you people who wanted to DO redstone and not argue about the prize.

    Nobody's going to enter a contest where we get nothing and you could possibly steal our work.
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    posted a message on Need something done with Redstone? Challenge Me!
    Quote from Micky2506

    20x20 piston door. Don't use sand, gravel, etc for actual door blocks :D

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    Quote from OakleyTheOaktree

    If you look up someone already mentioned this, a piston tape is used as a memory unit for redstone, i am using it to create a doorway, although they are similiar designs, they have different uses...

    I noticed that someone else had already said that. I also noticed how you tried to play it off. It doesn't matter what it's being used for, it's still just a piston tape. It doesn't matter whether my T Flip-Flop is powering a door or a cannon, because it's still a T Flip-Flop.
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    posted a message on Single-Block Floor Door [4x2x3]
    Hello, everyone. I've been playing around on cubehamster's server, and I have recently developed the smallest single-block floor door that operates via button. It toggles between open and closed with every press of the button.

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    posted a message on funniest bans ever -almost 200 crackup ban hammers that spoken-
    When I was an admin on this server, the owners came up with this game called "City Wars". You had to build cities and fight, like factions, but without the plug-in. Sadly, their rules were very, shall we say, shaky. I discovered several loopholes right off the bat. For example, cities could not be floating, so I built one on a single pillar. Another rule stated that no city could be built inside of an existing one. Of course, I built on one large pillar again. There was a rule stating "You may not build your city in the Nether OR the End". So, of course, I built it in both, pleading that it didn't say "AND/OR". Then, I realized something: the cities didn't have to be real. I had three cities when I read over the rules again, and noticed that it never said "You must build your city in the server". So, I began building cities in my mind, naming them, and laughing hysterically at the owners looking for the city "Puuoyevig-annogreven" (Nevergonna-giveyouup written backwards). The owners then banned me for winning so badly. I guess naming my 18th city "[Owner] is a Sore Loser" was a step too far.
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    posted a message on Stride-Creative [Freebuild][24/7][No-whitelist][Creative][Anti-Grief][Mature Staff]
    IGN: FromTheEdge

    If you need any other info, you can Skype me: WestVirginiaFTW
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    Pointless topic is pointless :sleep.gif: Here's an easy solution: Play the Nomad Challenge. You can never stay more than one night somewhere, and you must play on hardcore mode. This means that your houses are always erected in about a minute or so, and when you die, the world ends.
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