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    I was thinking that Microsoft should add an extra armor slot. But it is no ordinary slot. You know how you have to take off your chest plate to put on the Elytra? Well with this slot you won’t have to. You can pu the elytra in that and a few other things I would like in Minecraft. Such as a backpack. How you would open it is 1. Go into your inventory 2. Under the backpack will be another button that looks like the normal inventory button. You click it and it shows you what’s in the backpack. You would craft it with a chest or shulker box, leather, and some string for the straps. Next I was thinking of a quiver to put and take arrows from. I was also thinking that you put the sword/bow/shield in this slot as well. And it would show the items on your back.

    this new slot would be right next to the chest plate slot.

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