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    posted a message on New Potions

    thank you very much for your feedback

    i think you are kind of misunderstanding x-ray.

    i meant that it lasted 15 seconds or 30 with redstone.

    the super fast pig potion is meant to be so fast that the only thing that can stop you is a block, which will be very hard to place (have you ever tried beating minecraft with max speed?)

    potion of life is not instant hp 2/3 it is instant hp as well as health boost (the effect.)

    i agree with you on hardcore mostly. hardcore players will however be one-hitted themselves by archers or ranged attacks.

    potion of death is definitely unstable now that i think about it and same with the potion of ____

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    posted a message on Repairing Tridents/Elytras
    Quote from scorrp10»

    Umm, Mending? Who ever repairs stuff, except maybe Infinity bows?

    In particular, these days Mending is ludicrously easy to get. Find a village, pop down a lectern to convert an unemployed to librarian, check trades. Break and replace lectern until you get Mending. Can take a few tries, but it will turn up eventually. "a few tries" You are correct, but sometimes it can take like 45 minutes until you get something like 50 emeralds for a mending book. (emphasis on 'sometimes')

    Also repairing stuff with anvils is now useless, unless you don't have a mending book, which to be fair is fairly hard to get sometimes.

    (again, emphasis on 'sometimes')

    edit: sorry that sounded really stupid

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    posted a message on De crafter
    Quote from Jancrash»

    By that, I was under the presumption that an "undo craft" button would apply to everything, not just tools, weapons and armor. So crafting tables would have this tag. Repeaters. Stone bricks. Quartz blocks. Buckets. Bread. Fishing rods. Even sticks and torches.

    I know all of these can be found naturally (yes, quartz blocks too), but my point is, with as much as a typical player will craft, this tag would need to be applied a lot. And if the primary reason for uncrafting is receiving resources for worthless tools, why not just make it one unit? Nobody's worried about iron tool trading being overpowered even though iron is much more useful. Diamonds have next to no purpose besides tools and armor, and, as you already stated, diamond tools and armor can be acquired via trading.

    A better way to make it farming-proof would most likely be to use the smithing table for uncrafting tools and armor. You can place any tool, weapon or armor piece in the first slot, but it would not appear in the last one. By placing a corresponding block/gem/ingot (or a block of that gem/ingot) in the second slot, thereby proving you already have several of it, the decrafting material in slot 2 would appear in slot 3. It would also list a number of "material fragments" that would be stored in the smithing table based on how much durability the tool has left. To address farming, it would probably end up with each eighth durability giving one fragment. That way, a player would need a minimum of two diamond tools to receive one diamond, but nearly depleted ones can still give some form of return.

    There would be a separate tab for a list of fragments and how many the smithing table contains. If you click on one and it contains nine or more fragments, you can withdraw a complete ingot or gem. Otherwise, you can withdraw metal nuggets but not gem fragments.

    Here's an example GUI that can hopefully explain it better than text:

    The smithing table would store the number of fragments left using some kind of NBT data similar to how Beehives and Bee Nests now how many bees are in them. This way, the fragments don't disappear if the table is accidentally broken or is relocated manually.

    there is actually a mod, but in vanilla minecraft this should be a thing.

    also you should be able to put [anything enchantable/a book] in another slot and get the enchantments on that thing.

    jalin above is correct however.

    sorry: palin. the editor doesn't work so i'm telling you that it was a typo

    wait what

    the editor works, it just cant delete stuff

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    posted a message on New Potions

    new potions?:

    potion of knockback resistance

    self-explanatory (3:00 > 8:00)

    potion of hardcore

    gives you insta-kill but also reduces your health to one heart MAX for the duration (3:00 > 8:00)

    potion of life

    instant healing + health boost (1:00 > 2:30)

    potion of death

    blindness + wither (5 > 15)

    x ray potion

    it sounds op but its only 15 > 30

    potion of

    gives every effect BUT levitation (3:00 > 8:00) left blank on purpose btw

    super fast pig potion

    wherever you look you walk there super-fast (1:00 > can not be affected by redstone)

    potion of the empty set

    same effects as milk but gives you regen for 1 second

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    posted a message on New Enchantments

    thank you very much for your feedback


    creeper (boots)

    shift + sneak to create explosions and take no damage

    (small blast radius)

    springy (boots)

    lowers fall damage as if on beds when falling and creates effect as if you were on a slime block

    healthy (chestplate)

    gives you a small amount of health when worn (maybe 1/2 hearts)

    fire breath (helmet)

    shift + space to set 2 blocks in front and 1 block down on fire

    raise the dead (boots, helmet)

    shift + space to summon a loyal zombie that only has 5 hearts

    (cooldown: 3 minutes and starts when the zombie dies)

    adjustments and other things

    berserker will not double, only increase

    heavy will not be so op

    also forgot to mention that heavy decreases trident range

    homing chance will be the [level x 2/100]

    and homing will deal less damage than a normal arrow

    tridents will summon arrows that go straight to the ground (arrow drop)

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    posted a message on Weather and tamable mobs

    i like the idea of a vertically expanding dimension, but red dragons in various cultures seem to have the trend to be evil, chaotic, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. blue, gold, or green dragons might be better.

    edit: no offence to red dragons

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    posted a message on New Enchantments

    Mending II / III (all)

    halves/ the opposite of triples the amount of xp needed to fix stuff

    arrow drop (trident)

    drops arrows from a trident

    homing I / II / III / IV (bow)

    depending on which level it is,

    has a chance to hit the closest entity

    live fish I / II / III / IV / V (fishing rod)

    has a chance to catch a fish spawn egg instead of a fish

    berserker I / II / III / IV / V (sword, armor)

    sword: enhances sharpness and heavyness

    armor: when on low hp, doubles attack damage

    heavy I / II / III (sword, trident)

    lowers attack speed, but increases attack damage INSANELY

    guardian ray I / II / III (helmet)

    space + shift to shoot ray BUT takes health on levels 1 and 2

    711 (one-time chestplate)

    gives you full food + sat

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    posted a message on Suggestions for advancements

    more ideas:

    You REALLY shouldn't have,

    Give a cleric a flower you got from killing the iron golem.

    Will decrease your villager gossip, but you are rewarded with emeralds.


    (daredevil backwards)

    Have your volume at 100% and have 50+ sounds

    at the same time

    (not-so-easy survival: go in lava ON THE SURFACE while its raining and spam a lever that powers a piston, a door, and a dispenser that shoots firework rockets at the same time)

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    posted a message on Weather and tamable mobs

    Just an idea:

    Add "hail"

    Hail will give you slowness and have a 18/100 chance of happening every minute in y >=90/ and in the ice plains, extreme hills, mountain, ice spikes,

    you get the point.

    Add "burning sun"

    Burning sun will randomly set you on fire and have a 31/100 chance of happening every 2 minutes in the mesa, desert, and all types of badlands.

    Add "pickle rain"

    Pickle rain will give you nausea, resistance, strength, blindness, health boost, levitation, bad luck, and luck. It will also make it rain sea pickles,

    and have a 62/100 chance of happening every 2 minutes in all biomes marked as epic or legendary in this vid:

    Add "mojang's godly might"

    Mojang's godly might will surround the player in banners with the mojang symbol on it as well as do whatever mojang wants it to do and have a 35/100 percent chance of happening every minute in whatever biome(s) mojang wants it to occur in.

    You can tell it's "burning sun" out when the sky is red, like the nether except less "foggy".

    You can tell it's "mojang's godly might" out when the sky is rainbow.

    You can tell it's "hail" out when the default snow is coming down, but the sky is as foggy as the nether.



    tame zombie with ench gold apple

    tame silverfish by letting it kill you without you hitting it AT ALL

    tame spider by giving it a live silverfish

    tame mini wither (possible new mob ill talk about later) by giving it a wither skull

    tame enderman by throwing a eye of ender at its face, the aggroing it

    tame skeleton by having all crossbow+bow adavncements, and right-clicking it 3 times without getting shot AT ALL

    tame pigman by giving it a full stack of gold

    tame piglins by giving them (all piglins in the area) a nether star (because that means you killed the wither witch means you've killed wither skeletons

    and piglins hate wither skeletons)

    tame phantoms by giving it an elytra

    tame creepers by blowing it up with tnt while its lit (it will get ressurected as a tamed creeper)

    tame guardians by giving them sponges and fish

    tame ghast by getting the "uneasy alliance" without killing it at the end (specification, bring it to the overworld), then give it happiness

    (right-clicking it 3 times without getting shot: sorry i got uncreative)

    tame shulker by splashing night vision AND turtle master on it

    mini wither i said i was going to talk about:

    summoning: 1 soul sand with 2 wither skulls on the side (maybe 1 on the top?)

    50% chance to give wither rose when killing

    50% chance to get wither effect from it

    smaller blasts

    0.5% chance it will summon 2 when summoned

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    posted a message on Berries-melon drink (use berries an melon slices for complex dishes)
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»

    You know how nobody cares about beetroot soup or rabbit stew?

    This is what would happen to that.

    Probably not, but possible. The fact that it gives you a high saturation value is good for late-game/after-dragon game and is better than golden carrots if you have a melon and/or sweet berry farm. Also it could stack up to 16 and maybe even 64. You could also possibly add apples and increase the value

    to [food/sat] 4 or maybe 4.5/6.

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    posted a message on Sandwiches! (actually not just another kind of food)

    Too little foods give status effects. Right now, if you want a helpful effect inflicting food, you either craft a golden apple or hunt down a golden apple, meaning the only food that applies status effects that you actually want is a golden apple, and that's just for healing. The other golden apple is more helpful but still mainly healing-focused.

    Sandwiches would fix this. It's explained how later in the post, but for now, you just need to start with a knife:

    With this knife, you can do a lot of things. Of course it deals damage, but its main use would be crafting slices of food for sandwiches.

    What do you do with these bread slices? Let the sandwiches begin!

    if you don


    Yes, the recipe is shapeless.

    To prevent a ton of "sandwich" textures from taking up the 'textures/item' folder and Mojang's time, instead of one texture for each combination, there would be one "sandwich" texture for each ingredient. When you make a sandwich, the game grabs these textures and puts them on top of each other to make your sandwich. In other words:

    So why would you WANT these sandwiches? What would they actually do?

    Well, first, some definitions of what you can put in a sandwich:

    -it must be food

    -it must not be golden food

    -it cant be raw food

    -it cant be spider eyes/rotten flesh

    -it cant be bread.

    -and finally, no more than three ingredients per sandwich.

    Okay, what does it DO?

    A sandwich would start with 1 hunger bars of restoration, and increase by 1/ingredient. Each ingredient would have its own effect (maybe carrots have jump boost) and if the food already had effects (chorus fruit) they would remain.

    But wait! That's not all!


    Just another sandwich!

    With spreads, you know exactly what potion you're getting, and you can put them on normal sandwiches as well! You just have to put it on beforehand:

    These new bread slices would be usable in a regular sandwich, as well as eatable on their own.


    To prevent this from being too overpowered, sandwiches would increase the eating time for every ingredient involved.

    The reason you would want to eat Spreads on bread is because they would be stackable.



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    posted a message on Small Suggestion: Tamable Hoglins

    this would be nice, maybe you could ride it?

    i don't think it should be tamable with a gold ingot, but i have no suggestion for the taming item myself.

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    posted a message on companion/neutral NPC

    i would need more details, but do agree that pets could use some improvement even beyond the usefulness front. as for villagers, would this be some kind of 'mercenary' thing or not? i can see mercenaries being very useful early game.

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    posted a message on NETHER BOATS!!! WITH OVERHEAT BAR

    The new nether woods, while fire resistant, show no signs of floating in lava. I think maybe you would need attach a netherite ingot or something in order to make it float? idk

    As for the overheat bar, we already have the food bar. We don't need yet another bar to manage. And having armor cool it down, while helpful, is just ridiculous. I wear clothes everyday and they don't help me cool down. In fact, they (slightly) do the opposite. If you want an armor based way to cool down, cooling down more out of armor would be nice. It would even give people a reason to take off armor.

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    posted a message on How Can You Kill Invulnerable Mobs?

    you can hit invulnerable mobs in creative, or use 1.13 command thingies to kill it directly

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