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    posted a message on Specific minecraft parody video i'm trying to find.
    I can't for the life of me figure out what video it is.. but i know it ends with a bit of an 'outtakes' scene, with a burning minecraft house at night, and the benny hill theme is playing in the background as they're trying to stop the fire from burning the house..

    If anyone knows what video i'm thinking of.. please post the link here if you can..

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    I know this is long out-of-date.. but as I was looking through the posts, I wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing to my attention the 'mcforge' option in multimc. I didn't know such a thing existed.. and this will DEFINATELY help me out and save time in the future!

    Quote from jadedcat

    Y'all need to update Forge. If you use multimc just click the MCForge button in the edit mods screen. It will bring up all the versions of Forge. Use the top one and voila.

    Also if you are using Railcraft you will need to update it as it won't work with the newer Forge unless you update.
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    posted a message on tekkit minecraft survival server
    Make sure you register on tekkitworld.com if you are interested in joining up on the site!
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    posted a message on Please Help! Why can't I get the full game?
    You should be able to just tell minecraft to update.
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    posted a message on What mod is this from?
    I stumbled upon this when I watched the YogCast's "Sunshine of Israpony" thing.. and really wondered where the heck they got the huge trees and mainly the ores.. marble... gemstones.. etc.. they really should make some of the other blocks vanilla... just for the people that like to build...
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    posted a message on See the Official Minecon Trailer!
    2:59 ISRAPHEL!
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