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    Quote from DiamondIngot

    Name: Jordan Grey
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Gift: I can control my density, allowing me to become dense enough to break most walls(1), and so fluid-y that I can escape through the smallest of holes. The total amount of change done to my density/appearance effects how long the state can be held. Right now, the powers are weak and untrained, but with time and practice they can become better
    Weakness: when going fluid-ish if I spread to far apart as a puddle, or stretch to far at the rubbery density well...... (insert mental image here)(2). It requires a lot of concentration, so distractions can revert me back to my original appearance. (which is why i carry a sword).The total amount of change done to my density/appearance effects how long the state can be held (the greater the change, the shorter the length of time i can hold the state). Right now, the powers are weak and untrained.
    Appearance: my influence over my density allows me to look however I want(3), although I usually stay around 5'4", blond hair, blue eyes. Likes wearing shorts & t-shirts no matter the weather
    with blond hair and blue eyes
    Personality: joking and light hearted, but also realistic. Tends to make many sarcastic comments.
    History: I was born in Texas, and lived with my grand parents because my parents had died in a "car wreck"(4) when i was 3. At age 9 the ETG found me and took me away, their reason being "his lineage makes him dangerous"(5). When i turned 12, i had found my power, and the ETG had told me about my past(6), and my ancestors. But the ETG did not know i had unlocked my power, I kept it secret.(7) I had memorized the gaurd schedule(8), and when they became lazy(9), at the end of the 1 a.m. shift, I took the chance to escape. I hid in the woods, until 5 months ago when you found me and brought me to Derika. The seclusion in the woods didn't give me much practice, so my powers are untrained, and my focus terrible (and being ADHD doesn't help(10)). So i request the help of one of your elders, your leaders, to train me.
    Equipment: my clothing, a sword & sheath. (can turn my limbs into weapons such as swords, clubs, etc.(11)

    1. Breaking walls? HOw does that have anything to do with his density? A large density would result in impenetrability, not super-strength, although I suppose if Jordan was thrown into the wall he could maybe break it. Although, that would require him to be extremely dense, probably so much so that A. nobody could lift him even with a Gift, and B. he couldn't move. That's what happens when you get dense, you get heavy and you can't walk.

    2. -Error occured: Mental Image not found-

    3. What. How does that have anything to do with changing density? He can't change volume. Maybe he could manipulate the shape of his face a tiny bit, but that brings into question: What happens to his internal organs when he goes liquid? His eyes? His ears? Nose? Can he still feel, see, taste, hear, etc.? If so, how? If not, how does he maneuver at all? If someone stepped in Puddle Jordan, would there be little vital pieces of Jordan all over?

    4. I don't like this. Based on the quotation marks, you imply this to be caused by the ETG. However, unless his parents' Gifts caused them to die rather than be taken captive, it would be much more likely that the ETG would attempt to take them captive.

    5. If at this point he doesn't have a Gift, I don't see what the ETG would find in him, unless they wanted to brainwash him and/or make him a Synth. However, that his lineage makes him dangerous isn't really a good reason. Some gifts are hereditary, true, but not all people will unlock their Gifts in their lifetime under normal circumstances.

    6. Why would they tell him why they killed his parents? From that statement, that's the impression that I get. If they’re trying to brainwash him, they wouldn’t tell him that. If they had to tell him his parents were dead, then they could say that they were killed because they were evil or corrupt, and as he had no idea due to his age when they died, he would be inclined to believe them.

    No. Just no. That is lazy writing, I’m sorry, but it is. They would know. ETG is better than that. They have telepaths, they have Gift thieves, they have people who could find out at a drop of a hat if Jordan manifested his Gift. Please, please, please don’t do that.

    7. Who says they have a schedule? What if another Gifted had already escaped because they used a schedule? Maybe the head of the base Jordan was captured at really didn’t like schedules. In any case, that’s not a particularly good reason for him to be able to escape.

    8. In the ETG, laziness means death or extremely severe punishment. ETG guards do not get lazy.

    9. Who is you? Is you me? Is you a character? If so, who? Is you you the RPer? Please elaborate on this “you” and what happened to them.

    10. Being ADHD is no excuse for not being able to do something. In this RP, there is at least one ADHD person. I’m not saying who, they can say if they so desire. This person might not take offense at that little parenthetical statement. But I do in their defense. It is extremely ableist to say that simply because someone has ADHD that they can’t learn something well. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention deficit means that you can’t focus on something easily for a long time. So? You take lots of little breaks and learn it in little pieces. I have taught ADHD children before and they learned well. It took time, but what doesn’t?

    11. How does that have anything to do with you stated power?

    Quote from chocolate cake

    Just thanks to this, I'm making a new character. I don't know how long I'll keep them, though.(1)

    Name: Brendan Horden.
    Age: 18.
    Gender: Male.

    Gift: Greatly enhanced strength and resistance. Enough strength to crush bones with ease, and enough resistance to perhaps shrug off minor knife wounds or small attacks. By resistance, I mean his skin is harder, and more difficult to break.
    Weakness: Brendan has a literal Achille's heel(2). His heel is actually very weak to attack. Nobody knows why. And yes, I am actually that unoriginal when it comes to weaknesses.

    Personality: Brendan has been effectively brainwashed by years of ETG teachings, and he now has no doubt that it is the ETG who are in the right and the Gifted who are in the wrong. He is sure that the capture, torture, interrogation and occasional executions are for the Gifted's own right, and that he is doing them a favour. Thanks to this, he is always very positive and upbeat(3), a quality which regularly annoys the hell out of his 'coworkers.'
    Appearance: Brendan is a medium height, kind of chunky guy. Most of his weight is muscle, though. He has black, scruffy hair and dark brown eyes that match. He usually wears the standard ETG uniform over the top of a special suit of body armour that was made specially for him to enhance his natural resistance even further. This covers his torso, and his limbs, leaving his hands, feet, head, and most importantly, his heels less protected.

    Biography: Brendan was born into an ETG family, then he was taken by his father to live in an ETG base along with him. He grew up there, and he was officially recruited not long after. He's worked there for many years, and he should know most of the ETG people in this roleplay. This might need mroe detail, but I've given most of the important stuff.(4)

    Equipment: Nothing much, just his uniform, body armour, and about thirty trophies hes collected from Gifted hes brung in before. Every Gifted he captures/kills, he takes something from(5), be it a picture in their pocket, a credit card, or a patch from their coat.


    1. Anyway, glad I could inspire you to write this, although how many characters would you have if he got accepted...?

    2. You’re right, that weakness is unoriginal. And not very good of a weakness. In this day and time, that would be very easy to defend; just wear a good pair of strong boots. In Achilles' time, everyone wore sandals, therefore a weak heel could be a problem. In this day and age? Not so much.

    3. Yesssss, a positive ETG ^.^

    4. I feel like that bio lacks a lot. What kind of jobs did he do? Was he good at them? Were there other ETG members who disliked him in particular? Was there any familial friction? Does he have siblings? Is his mother still alive, and how is his relationship with her? Is she ETG?

    If you want, I don’t mind if Gwen and Brendan are tied through Gretchen, who could easily be his mother. Then Gwen and Brenden would know each other, although it’s possible that Brendan would have been small when Gwen flew the coop, so to speak.

    5. The thing with the trophies is cool and all, but it probably should be mentioned in his personality.

    Quote from AEROGIS

    Name: Jiol Yvrn
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Gift (Power):
    Playing music will summon objects and events from somewhere in the world.(1)

    Summon requires pieces of music to be played, either composed by Jiol, or by someone else.
    The time it takes to summon certain things completely depends on how long the piece is, and how fast Jiol needs it and plays it.

    For objects, he must play a music piece with concentration, and depending on how he plays it, it will produce an object of his choice if he is the one who composed it, or a certain type of object if composed by someone else. The quality of the object depends on how long the piece is, and Jiol’s amount of concentration at the time of playing, or composing. Some pieces only summon one certain object when played, while some can vary in what it summons each time it is played.

    ex. when trying to summon a piano. Playing piece A will always summon Piano A, but playing piece B, can summon any sort of piano from around the world.

    ex. trying to summon a sword, playing Piece A flawlessly will summon a fine quality sword, but playing it “bad” would summon something of lesser quality or further from the intent of what he wanted summoned.

    Magical(ish) events
    Playing Piece A would summon Lightning strike. Would take pretty long to play, at least 12 minutes straight of playing or something.
    Playing Piece B -- Earthquake? Not that I would have a need for one, or that would would even possibly be occurring at the time I played it, but time would be like, 30 of straight playing.
    Playing Piece C Smokescreens -- People are tossing smoke grenades all over the play, summoning one would be that hard, although time would depend on how large the smokescreen is.

    (Note, these are just examples, Jiol is not limited to these specifics.)

    Jiol can either play pieces through whistling, although he prefers to build his way upward through summoning bigger and bigger instruments.(2)

    Whistling -> Harmonica -> Oboe -> Stringed instrument -> Keyboard -> Bigger Piano.
    Something like that, he’ll just take forever to setup.

    Items will vanish if summoned unspecifically, or is generic, but will return to original position if summoned specifically, or one of a kind, such as a specific piano or a certain handwritten book.

    Weaknesses and Limits: Summon takes time, and a great deal of concentration. If he messes up, he generally won’t summon what he wants. Most instruments take both hands, so he’s pretty helpless while he’s playing, and probably doesn’t want to mess up while running away from you.

    Appearance: Almost required to be fancy(3).
    [snipped image]

    Personality: Thinks he’s a better musician than you. Enjoys small talks and idle chatters when unoccupied. Frowns upon inadequacy, and will glance down upon you should it be shown.

    History: His parents were Gifted musicians who performed in Brinkhaven. He was taught at a young age the skills to play most types of instruments, and excelled at it, because he’s just that good. He first used his Gift during practice at a concert hall, where he played his piece while thinking of how much better the custom piano at home he had was compared to the one he was using. Sure enough, his home piano, all the way at their apartment had somehow teleported into the concert hall before teleporting right back a while later. Once his parents heard of this, they immediately tested out how his Gift works, narrowing down what it was and how he could use it. They discovered that as long as it could be interpreted as music, it could summon something. At the age of 17, he joined the Dimensional faction, as his power fell under said category. He split up his time commitments at that point, training some more useful skills in Derika, such as using his Gift to summon offensive occurrences quickly. Really new to fighting faction member by day, fancy musician by night.

    Equipment: Clothing, dramatic walking cane which serves no purpose but fashion, and for playing 4 different notes by pressing buttons on the side of it. (Uses cane to summon more complex instruments for the job.)

    1. Hmm, this makes me curious. How does he summon the objects? What do you mean by events? Does his music bend the fabric of timespace and allow objects and happenings to slip through? Does it literally create the object of happening out of the sound? What happens?

    2. I don’t get it. Can you explain this a little better please?

    3. Fancy fancy fancy. Does everything have to be fancy? I like that picture though.

    Quote from CptRedstone

    Name: Matt(1) Twigg (Twigg or Twiggy for short)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Gift (Power)(2): Mental - Telepathicism (reading and/or control of the mind).
    Weaknesses and Limits: Visibility - if the person he is trying to control is either too far away (a mile or so) or he cannot see any part of them, then he cannot control them.
    Appearance: [snipped image]
    Personality: Nice and calm, a bit competitive, likes to work in groups and wants to help out other people.
    History: Twigg was 10 when he found out that he could read other people's minds. As he learnt more about this gift he learnt how to control them, too. He was able to fight back against bullies and found this gift very useful. When his parents died in a house fire, he moved to Derika. He quickly learnt that the "ETG" hunted people with these "gifts". While he was scared, it was comforting to know there were more like him. Fortunately he could hide his talents and has so far not been caught.
    Equipment: Casual clothing. Always hides a knife in his coat pocket just in case of emergencies. Wears gloves because his hands are almost as useful as his mind for helping him extend his reach and if they get too cold it's hard to move or use them.

    1. We already have a character named Matt in the RP Dear gcat I’m mixing up my RPs. Uh. Yeah. Don’t mind that.

    2. We have a telepathic or two already, if I remember correctly, and several with other mind-manipulating Gifts. I’ll need to check the character list, but you might need to give Matt here a different Gift. Also, it seems overpowered. That range is a bit too large for my liking. Maybe narrow it down?
    Also, thanks for listing the classification. That is helpful for dealing with the wiki. His gift has a pretty obvious classification, but still.

    3. How did he learn about Derika? One does not simply find Derika. Also, like I said before, it would be hard to hide your gift because ETG has telepaths and such, although you could let Matt slide on the telepaths because he presumably could shield himself from other telepaths. However, what about the ETG that can sense GIfts? Maybe they can see them, or even smell of hear them. One of my characters can “trade” Gifts, and Gifted have “auras” that reflect their Gift. If ETG have a Gifted who can see that “aura”, then boom, you’re busted, have fun in the lab. Can you fix those things?

    Bluh bluh bluh so many apps. I just spent most if not all of my morning looking these over. Now I don’t get to work on my “current project”, [REDACTED]. Sad face. Oh well. Writing this little paragraph certainly isn’t helping me.
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    Quote from chocolate cake

    Weird. Some kid in a school nearby me called Liam Barker just won Student of the Year... :/

    *Jumps to conclusions*
    *And wonders if should make a self-inserty app*
    OMG we live in Derika's earth O_O
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    Uh... I can try to clear positioning up, but there are people everywhere, and i'm likely to miss somebody.

    Kira, Liam, and Silvira are having a random tussle that was a cuddlehug in a pit in the crater from where Issac demolished a building.
    Issac is with Ashland, running from/about to get in a fight with Jake and Elliot.
    Hannah is going to Issac and her's apartment i think?
    Raiden, Jack, Kayne, Stiener(obviously) and possibly some other people are in the bar.
    Vilks is outside the bar unconscious.
    Gabi is outside the bar mourning her radio.
    the various slime characters i can't keep track of are all somewhere i think?
    I can't think of anyone else right off the top of my head. I'll add more if they come to me, or someone else will.
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    ((Bored enough I'm willing to do this while waiting for Killer to post. :P))
    ((also, Greta likes playing with fire. Plus Killer just wanted to have Kira tortured soooooo I let him do that))


    Where is he.
    "Willams?" She called, looking over her shoulder. A teenager, maybe 18, with curly brown hair and green eyes stepped out of the shadows toward her. "Oh good, there you are. I need you to go on a job with one of my acquaintances; he's in the back, presumably freeing Kira, or being killed by her, although that would likely be louder." Greta told him.
    "Who am I tracking now?" He answered, eyes narrowing.
    "Remeber that girl that Jacobson dragged in a few months back? Her."
    ".....Right. And this mysterious 'acquaintance' and Kira are following me, I guess?" He asked, an edge to his voice. "Yes. Now get back there." Greta snapped, leaning on her desk again.
    "Fine." He replied calmly, withdrawing into the shadows again. He walked back toward the room where Kira had been contained, and upon hearing a strange man call out to Grayson, he responded instead. "I'm not Grayson, but that sounds fine. The sooner she's ready, the sooner we can go, and get this over with." He muttered.
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    Could never hate me?
    Going to be fine....

    She just listened to Liam's voice, rising like one in a trance to follow him. Her wings bent under the blanket, folding along her back, her backpack pressed down by her wings. The pain in her one wing was getting worse. She pulled herself closer to Liam as they walked, trying to use him to shield herself from the stares of the other people on the street, probably wondering what a respectable-looking young man like Liam was doing, leading such a bedraggled girl through the streets. She clung to Liam, just like she clung to the shreds of memories she had left from before she'd gotten entangled in the horror of the Underground.


    "Yes, yes.. Jacob, you can let Issac be. And close the gøddamn door." A feminine voice snapped from a back room, and Greta swept out of a back room, giving the thug a glare. He stepped back hurriedly, dropping his gun down to his side and walking over to close the door. He slammed it on accident, and Greta gave him another glare. "Clumsy son of a b!tch." she growled, sitting down at her desk and leaning forward, beckoning Issac closer. "So, what we've been working on is this." She said, getting straight to the point. She set a small black case on the desk, opening it and displaying it to Issac. In the case were inhalers. "This is it. Inhalers, like used for asthmatics. The Rapture is in a pocket inside." She said shortly, setting the inhaler down in front of Issac, before pulling another out and setting it down as well. "For whoever "Hannah" is." She said with the faintest hint of a smirk.
    "So, any questions?"

    ((Please have Issac stick around so she can set him on Silvira :)))
    ((going to bed now, sorry i couldn't post Amber, mom is telling me to get off. I'll post with her in the morning. And Greta too, again))
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    Quote from Matt_Choi


    "Silvira, I would never hurt you..." I whisper softly, falling to my knees and embracing the fragile girl gently. My arms wrap securely around her slender body, my hands caressing her long blonde locks of hair. Even dirty, Silvira was still beautiful. I could feel her cringing away from my touch, and equal parts worry and pity rose up in me. What happened to her that had made her like this? What kind of sick, depraved monster would turn the strong, witty, cheerful girl I had known into this shade of what she used to be? I pull Silvira even closer to myself and hold her even tighter, swearing to myself that I would help her get better, help her get back at whoever did this to her. I swear that I wouldn't leave her side ever again, that I’ll be there with her through everything.
    Relaxing my grip slightly, I lean back and look into Silvira’s crying eyes. Wiping her tears away, I murmur comfortingly “Shh, it’s alright, I won’t hurt you. You’re going to be okay, you’re safe now. Everything is going to be okay...”
    I tip Silvira’s head back so that she’s looking at me. When her sobs had lessened, I say “Hey, Silvira. It’s me, Liam, do you remember me?”


    She was surprised when Liam embraced her- but then, what had she expected? She started to shiver uncontrollably, shrinking back somewhat, the burst of memories already fading. She tried to cling to them, tried to hold on to what she had known of him, but it slipped away, leaving her desolate. Tears started to drip down her face again, as Liam held her even closer. At least she could cling to who she now knew she was, and who she knew Liam was, even though the glad memories had slipped away. He leaned back, looking into Silvira’s eyes, and she blinked up at him, his words registering slowly on her fogged mind. Everything is going to be okay...

    She was still shivering uncontrollably, but her tears slowly stopped, and she allowed Liam to tilt her head back, drowning in the deep blue of his eyes. “Y..yes... A little... Everything is foggy, Liam...” She murmured, looking away.

    The throbbing in her wing was getting worse, and the dull ache of hunger had been growing in her stomach for a while, not to mention the all too frequent longing for Rapture. Rapture! Her eyes widened- Surely, Greta was waiting. She sagged a little, her wings drooping to drag the ground. She’ll be furious.... She thought grimly, remembering the last time she’d dawdled on an errand.

    There’d been a recent drug bust then too, and Greta had been enraged, thinking she’d been caught by the drug squads. She had held back her payment for a week, both of Rapture and of food money, and... She shivered to think of what else had resulted from her being late- Greta’s thugs had thoroughly enjoyed the beating they’d given her. She looked back to Liam, fear in her eyes at the memory.

    “L..Liam, I have to go.. If i’m late there’s no telling what will happen... I’ll find you.. if i can.. But i can’t be late.” She looked away again, pulling back slightly. “I’m sorry...” She murmured, shivering again at the memory of what had happened.
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    I'm back again, people!

    And probably going to disappear again. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow baby! *goes off dancing*
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    She opened her eyes to sunlight streaming through her window. Scowling, she rolled over, looking over the edge of the bed at the case. She paused, grimacing at the memory of last night. After several moments of paralyzed indecision, she reached off her bed to grab the case. Sitting up, she threw her covers off, and laid the case on the bed beside her. She opened it with trembling fingers, staring at the syringes within. Now that it was full day, had she lost her nerve?

    Her gaze darkened, remembering the feel of the knife slicing through her stomach, the feeling of thinking she was going to die. Half-consciously, she touched her stomach where Gwen had stabbed her, her face crooked in a deep frown. Hesitantly, she reached out toward one of the syringes, touching the cool glass with one finger. should I? She wondered, staring at the syringes. She shook her head, gaze darkening as she remembered Liam, who was now dead. Dead and gone.

    A lone tear found it’s way down her cheek, coursing down to drip on her hoodie. Taking it off, she put the hoodie on the bed next to her, shivering a little at the chill. She decisively grabbed one of the syringes, and rested the tip of the needle against her arm, where she knew a vein lay. She closed her eyes, and pushed the syringe home, ignoring the sting of pain it caused. She pushed the plunger home, and her eyes snapped open as the door to her room opened.

    “Silvira? I- What are you doing!?” Stephen was across the room in mere moments as Silvira yanked the now-empty syringe out of her arm. He grabbed her wrist, knocking the syringe out of her hand. it fell to the ground, shattering. Stephen yanked Silvira to her feet, staring into her eyes, fear, worry, and anger boiling within.

    “Why, Silvira?” He asked her quietly. “Why did you have to do that to yourself?” She dropped her gaze, her eyes shifting toward the glitter of the shattered glass. “I needed a way out... you... you have no idea what happened...”

    She whispered, closing her eyes. Tears started to drip from under her eyelids. Then she found herself getting angry- angry at Gwen, angry at Stephen, angry at herself. She opened her eyes, filled with a rage she’d never felt the like of before. turning her head slowly to look at Stephen again, she took in the confusion and pity on his face. Then she formed a ridge of bone on her wrist, under his hand, and shoved it upwards. The sharp bone bit into his hand and he let go, grabbing for his hand.

    “Silvira!” He exclaimed angrily.

    “No.” She said, her voice soft.

    The last joints on all her fingers sharpened and lengthened, the skin pulling back, making claws at the tips of her fingers. “I can’t handle this anymore. You have no idea what happened. You can’t feel the betrayal of someone you once knew trying to kill you, and you being saved by a monstrosity that claimed to kill your brother!”

    She stepped forward, and Stephen took a step back, still clutching his injured hand, wondering what was up with her. “I just can’t take it anymore.” She said almost sadly, and attacked, with an intent to kill.

    It was easy enough for her, as Stephen was trying not to hurt her and she couldn’t feel pain, fighting in the little bedroom in the early morning, broken glass glittering on the floor. Jumping and putting her feet on Stephen’s chest, she pushed him down to the ground, standing on his chest with her claws at his throat.

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    She wasn't sure how long she'd sat there, trying to figure out where she'd gone wrong, and made Gwen try to kill her. Not only that, but also, how the same guy she remembered shouting random things and asking inane questions could have murdered her brother. She shook her head, tears wetting her cheeks. I can't keep going like this... I just can't... She looked up, tilting her head back and resting the top of it against the cold concrete wall. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks, blurring her vision. Why can't all this just go away!? It's like fate is playing some cruel game... give a little, take away more. I'm so very sick of it... She turned her head to the side, tears dripping to pool with the blood, slowly drying on her clothes and the floor around her. She spotted a case, like might contain syringes, and the sight stopped her. She dimly remembered seeing a case like that before. It didn't matter where she'd seen it, but she had a pretty good guess as to what it would contain.
    Some sort of drug.
    And that was just what she needed right now.
    She slowly got up and walked the short distance to the case, her shoulders hunched and step slow. She knew what the results would probably be, but... She was a shapeshifter. She could find a way to get rid of a dependency. She ran her hand over the top of the case, then unlatched it and swung it open. The syringes inside were full of a strange violet liquid- she had no idea what it was exactly, but she was fairly certain it was some sort of drug, and that was good enough for her. She closed the case and picked it up, hugging it close to her body as she walked up the stairs slowly, intent on leaving that place behind. Upon leaving, she found the sun had already set- She was surprised at how long it had been. First things first- find something else to wear... This shirt... It's covered in blood and has a.. hole in it... I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy Icon For Hire again...
    Leaving the case in a pille of rubble nearby, she looked around in the fading light, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She carefully enhanced her night vision, and re-opened her eyes, now able to see better in the darkening night. The first thing she noticed was a sign hanging above a small shop, looking closed, with several windows shattered, presumably by the zombies. She frowned a little, reading it with some difficulty in spite of her enhanced night vision; it read "The Beat Goes On". The "T" was replaced with a pair of stylized drumsticks, and she couldn't help but wonder what kind of thing might be sold at such a store. stepping closer and looking through the shattered window, she saw many odd, eclectic things all sharing a common theme- band merchandise.
    Shirts, hoodies, CDs... She stepped through the shattered window, staring around. The counter held racks with wristbands dangling on them, and there was a glass case containing some blingy articles of jewelry. Ignoring the jewelry, she walked toward the clothes, finding some that would fit her, not really caring about what bands they were for. However, she made a point to stay away from Icon For Hire articles. She ended up with a shirt from the band Evanescence and a hoodie from the band Nightwish. She didn't really care who those bands were; she just took the clothes into the changing room and changed into them. Leaving Gwen's shirt in the changing room, she left quickly, recovering the syringe case from where she had left it.
    She quickly headed back to the Physical faction building, hiding the case under her hoodie. She went in and went straight up to her's and Stephen's apartment, quickly walking in. She closed the door behind her, and walked into her room, having no idea where her key went. She walked into her room, not even bothering to check if Stephen was home or not, and she flopped down on the bed and quickly fell asleep, leaving the syringe case on the floor beside her bed. They always say the morning is the best time for decisions.

    ((Next part to come tomorrow; I'm going to tie this up fast. woohoo. It'll probably be very poorly written.))
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