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    posted a message on Minecraft API Discussion - Sat, 20:00 CEST, #minecraftdev on Esper
    The use of server sided platforms would only make the contents underwhelming...
    What I want to see more is multiplayer contents that is not only easier to add-on, but has no restrictions on it's effectiveness on a platform.

    For example a way to add a new monster, new blocks, new items into the server without forcing everyone to download and install it themselves, yet at the same time isn't a platform that's severely crippled to the point of only text and only command line based functionality.

    I want things that are really innovative, not things that people develop for the retarded sense of profit.
    When I look at mods, and you see adf.ly links, all I can see in the minds of those developing are 'profit profit profit', and less of 'fun fun fun'.

    The moment one thinks about profiting from their actions, they will cease to innovate any further and development will slow to a halt.

    Sure Mojang brings out snapshots and content updates with fixes, but the pacing can be slow, and player contribution can't adapt very well in user friendliness or interfaces.

    Maybe because in reality, Java sucks so some programmers would rather do other things than that.

    There is pros and cons of mojang and modders talking together.
    The pro side is that both parties will get to talking about a way to change things for the good of the game.
    The cons side is the restriction both side will inevitably agree to, for the sake of the 'licencing'.

    The Minecraft code isn't even protected per say, so it's quite easy for anyone to decompile it and figure it out, so even if they do want to control modding in a way, they can't do anything about the vulnerability that's already there.

    Regardless there will always be people who will do things outside the scope of the API, so trying to protect or enforce it then won't do crap.
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    posted a message on Samcube Contest Winner; Diamond Cube Computer
    You can build a minecraft server for under $300 dollars if you can optimize it only for server hosting.
    a dual core cpu isn't always necessary as you are going to be optimizing it so it won't be running anything else except a linux os and the server.

    The server on it's own won't drain the cpu sufficiently, and for anyone who wants a boost can add a SSD to boot the OS in.
    Ram is cheap so 8GB is sufficient.

    AMD Cpu would be the cheapest to build for a pure minecraft server, and looking up specific brand for it can help too.

    Cpu + Mobo = ~$150
    Ram = ~$50
    HDD = ~$50 (Hard Drives are expensive as hell these days)
    Case = ~$50

    You can do plenty with a linux os to host the server anyhow, I've heard that linux can do various networking tweaks and such.
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    posted a message on MCX360 Sells Over Two Million, Fixes Arrive Soon
    More like someone should be writing a article about how Microsoft is now swimming in cash thanks to Mojang.
    The fact that this game still costs 20 dollars is a mystery.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!
    I would suggest options on the 'mining' functionality to be possible to adjust for adventure mode...

    There will be times where you don't want to break blocks with your hands, but do want to with a pickaxe, and not able to break it with anything else other than the required tools.

    So in adventure mode, there should be checkboxes that changes 'blocks require proper tools to break'.

    Default: Blocks can't be broken or placed.
    Tool Mode: Blocks require specific tools to break and can be placed. Durability of all blocks is greater, and requires higher quality blocks to break.

    This means you can't fist punch trees, dirt, sand, and cannot use a sword on impropriate blocks.

    In MP, I wonder if adventure mode can be applied to player's gamemode, not the server's gamemode like the current one does, so you can have several players be "Roleplayers" and a single "Dungeon Master" in creative mode.

    In Tool Mode, you cannot break stone with a wooden pickaxe anymore, the wooden pickaxe is used to dig clay and cobblestone.

    But if you can't get a stone pick to break stone, doesn't mean you can't find other means to attain the item, like villages or treasure chests.

    Btw, with the world generation atm, there will be chests sealed into rooms that players wouldn't be able to get into in adventure mode, as stone is blocking the way.

    Also, digging for flint should give you experience then, and redstone and lapis lazuil because they break apart.

    Heck, why not just make all ore be able to drop multiple pieces and not allow to be placed as blocks?

    Iron 1-2
    Gold 1-3
    Coal 1-2
    Flint 1-2

    Then add experience gain for digging up ores.
    Once you dig up ores, it makes sense that they are broken up and as such can't be placed.

    Cobblestone is technically stone glued together using cement of some sort, because once you dig out stone you get fragments which can't be used to place blocks... Sooo, what if you can change the idea of blocks broken gets turned into fragments which you can use to 'rebuild' the blocks and place them again?
    It provides a lot more materials to work with in a better form...

    Stone Fragments from digging stone can technically be a cheap form of ammo, you can equip and right click to toss a stone to do 0.5 damage and it can have a slow flight and short range (heavy falling)... Maybe make it do up to 3 damage if dropped from high above.

    The issue is that you can mine a mountain and have infinite ammo to pelt zombies and creepers with rocks from high above....
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    posted a message on 12w08a Snapshot Released
    Notch dropping out of development for Minecraft was the best thing that ever happened for it... Because we got Jeb now!
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    posted a message on No Minecraft for PS Vita; Self-Developing Catacomb Snatch
    Doesn't mean that someone can't develop a app that adds java language into the game somehow and makes it run a minecraft.jar, with modified controls to 'trick' the game it thinks its a pc.
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    posted a message on Note regarding posting links to downloads with adf.ly
    A friend of mine rumored that the FBI might target adf.ly because it could be generating illegitimate revenues on the internet and for various (unknown) reasons too.

    Also, my programmer friend says that Notch might have used open sourced library to develop Minecraft.

    That and the 'developers' these days only think about money really... No one really wants to work on something out of pure motivation or effort.

    Heck, they really shouldn't call them developers, maybe come up with a term to separate the two groups.

    If anything, if you seriously want to fund your development, but cannot be bothered to use untrusted advertisements, then just slap a donate button on the site.

    If you put 'revenue generating ads' on a download link, all you are doing is forcibly making users click the links so that you may get a profit, which might be one of the illegitimate ways to generate revenues online.

    If people like it, they may donate, if they don't like it, then they won't. If you think your '5 hours of coding' a mod efforts is worth something, then you are dead wrong.

    Heck, why make a mod and make chump change (and do it in a way that may **** off certain groups) when you can just go and make a indie game on your own (that will help you in a lot more ways than one).

    The days of 'making plugins or mods' rather than 'original new products' is getting old.

    in the policy thing it says people can make money off of plugins(mods) a long as we dont give away the whole jar and EXE and stuff like that so if they cant run it it is very legal

    I think there's a rule somewhere that states you can't solicited money without giving something in return. Donation kinda falls into this group, but it's also different so it's a little weird.

    No, there's a creepload of malicious ads that download malware just by being viewed on a page. It's called drive-by downloading, and it's the #1 argument in favor of ad blocking.

    No-script + Ad-block plus ftw, Screw advertisements!
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    posted a message on Humble Bundle - Music Edition!
    Note that the humble indie crew might start to do a 'average minimum payment' requirement sometimes in the future.
    Thus null-ing your attempts at 1 cent or 1 dollar payments.

    Like making 50% of the listed products require a average of $11 average...

    The more people buy it, the higher the average costs will become.

    Imagine crazy people donating $1000 dollars which happened to spike up the 'requirement' to like $20?
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    posted a message on Humble Bundle - Music Edition!
    Disappointing Humble Indie bundle this time around...

    I'm starting to feel that their list is starting to water down and they are gonna re-sell the same games they sold 2 years ago...
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    posted a message on Humble Bundle, Free Minecraft Playtime
    Don't tell me they ran out of different indies to sell so now they are 'reselling' two games and are starting to use the 'average' price as a way to force people to be able to get it?

    Also, current listing is disappointing... I would have sworn that a one year gap would have seen a ton of indies coming around, but this shows that the industry is failing because of the economy too.
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    posted a message on Yogscast Responds To Statement
    This is why having a fanbase is a idiotic thing to do, but sometimes you NEED them, no matter how crazy or tsundere they are...
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    And genusis and co was the one who shooed him off of Mirage Source back then when he 'wanted to make a survival sandbox game on it'.

    So does that mean they should get some credit for 'pushing him into the right direction'? Lol...
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    posted a message on Build or Buy Pre-built?
    How come it doesn't have the A6 and A8 build? At least it's slightly higher than the 400 dollar mark but gives you a good price to performance for those...

    Also Canadians gets the worst set of pricing thanks to high taxes...

    If you have a 500 dollar rig planned, it will cost a additional 13%, hence a extra 65 dollars on it.

    For every 100 dollars, expect a 13 dollar tax.

    But yeah the Fusion series are getting a bit old and is losing some hype...
    I find the FX to be more decent than them for the price and AM3+ motherboard compatibility...

    Get a quad core FX cpu for the price of 100 dollars, and a AM3+ motherboard for like 40 bucks? You have like about 100~150 dollars for the graphics card budget, and then the rest of the components you try to get the cheapest deals for them...

    DDR3RAM + Power Supply = Mushkin Enhanced seems to be the cheaper brand. $25 Canadian for each of them.

    But these days, some computer stores are being really annoying with their pricing...
    I noticed the A8 costs 153.64 at NCIX when Canada's Computers listed it at 139.99...
    So what's with the 12 dollar difference?
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    posted a message on can these specs run skyrim med settings?
    You can definitely play up to Battlefield 3 on high with that I think.
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    posted a message on Can this run Skyrim?
    Actually, systems requirement isn't really that bad.

    Dead Island was considered a no-no for my laptop, but I went ahead, got it, toned it down, still a bit laggy... Then went to find tweaks, and made it faster, then toned it up, and it didn't lag.

    You can tweak certain 'effects' in the game to minimize it's resource use and essentially so long as textures are nice, and you remove some of the 'immersive' effects, you can play it at a stable frame rate.

    Since Bethesda is using a entirely new engine, I wonder how tweakable it is too...

    But there's only ONE thing that screws you over.
    Your OS. Windows Vista.

    You need to definitely downgrade to XP, or get Windows 7 because Vista is a super resource hog!

    In gaming, CPU isn't a big deal most of the time. In fact so long as you got 2+ Ghz, you are find as long as you got a graphics card to handle it.

    My laptop has a entry level (I think) Mobility Radeon 4330 with 1GB ram (I think) built in it as a custom laptop.

    Read your graphics card properly to see what level it is at...

    4xxx series has some entry / mid / high levels:
    4300+ is entry level and higher.
    4500+ is mid level.
    4600+ is mid-high level.
    4800+ is high level.

    I think your PC is fine so long as your GPU handles most of the rendering. Video games these days are GPU heavy, and not really CPU heavy like minecraft (any games that uses OpenGL and not directx will be CPU heavy).
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