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    posted a message on Pandora.MC is Hiring Staff!!!!
    Welcome to Pandora.MC
    Hello everyone I'm the CO-Owner at Pandora and we are looking for amazing staff to help out the team!!! Pandora is a small Minecraft server we have around 300+ members right now but we will be pushing for more :) Right now we have 3 gamemodes Survival, Rpg and Skyblock these will all be explained in dms!! Right now we are not paying staff however we do hold a staff of the month rewards for "best staff" and "team player" so staff have a chance at wining back something for all there hard work!!! Right now we are holding a Disocrd Nitro giveaway so players can also win something back for supporting the server. We are a great team with a great community so come join us!!!

    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/XfurzAWMBh
    Our server ip: Pandora-mc.com
    my discord: Naymardoyle#4034

    **how to apply**
    To apply you either have to join our Discord and do an application or dm me so we can setup a interview

    thanks everyone for reading :)
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    posted a message on PandoraMC Staff Wanted!!!

    PandoraMC is looking for staff that will work Hard!
    We have 2 gamemode's Survival and RPG and we will be looking at more in the future.

    we have a nice friendly community and staff team



    Join the discord and press on the apply link, we hope to see everyone there :)


    this is not a paid job however we always have Staff of the month so staff can win some money for there hard work

    any problems add me on discord: Naymardoyle#4034

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