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    "The Illagers are increasingly strengthening their combat capabilities... It's time to stand up and fight!"

    I present to you a suggestion for future versions of Minecraft: Combatant Villagers

    The Idea:

    These are combat villagers (as the name implies), they have different types of interactions and different modes of combat, in addition to unique features.

    They have the ability to equip themselves with weapons and armor, in addition to having an inventory to store items, and of course, battle the villagers' natural enemies.

    These vilagers are separated into two categories/classes:

    Warriors: They equip exclusively with Swords or Axes and Shields

    Archers: They only use Bows and Crossbows, and cannot use shields


    These villagers have a chance to be born in a village, along with other merchant villagers.

    They act aggressively against enemy mobs to villagers (Illagers, Zombies, Husks, Drowned, Ravager and Witch). And if they are not the player's friends, they can act aggressively if the player attacks any villagers close to them.

    After becoming friends with the player, they can obey different commands to modify their behavior.

    Follow: As the name says, that villager will follow the player and engage in combat helping the player;

    Guard: He will stand on the designated block, only moving to attack mobs that act aggressively on them;

    Patrol: It will patrol a standard area (I thought something around a 40 block radius).

    + Feature: If they are patrolling and see a saddle horse nearby, they can ride the horses, and this increases the radius of their patrol area.


    Combatant villagers have their own inventory, so they can store combat and survival items (Ammo, Food, Potions, etc.). Also if necessary, these villagers can access nearby Barrels in search of items to store in their inventory.

    Becoming friends:

    About this I thought of two alternatives:

    1 - Name them so they become your friends;

    2 - Pay them with a significant amount of Emeralds.

    I hope you guys liked the idea, and any ideas or suggestions for changes are very welcome.

    Thanks for the attention.

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