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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Frozen Time Mod
    I trust him, I just dont want my world to be forever frozen. He needs to put a toggle on and off the time..
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Quote from ichinose87

    tamed creepers you say? What mod is this that you can tame these wonderful green beasts?

    Elemental Creepers, Note that it also contains other horrible creepers, annoying creepers, and creepers that benefits you.

    Ghost Creeper: When you kill a creeper, there's a chance of a ghost to spawn, when it blows up, it doesn't break any blocks

    Earth creeper: when blows up, it creates a big square dirt... its annoying, but doesn't kill you

    Magma Creeper: Anything it walks on will set on fire. When it blows up, it creates a giant lava (only found on hell)

    Cookie Creeper: when blows up, it gives you cookies..

    etc.. a lot more
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    posted a message on [IDEA] Trade System
    what if.. we could trade safely?
    Sure, you can throw them at someone, but they could run or kill you after your stuff is taken! or, someone else standing by could run and pick it up before the trader can. Thats no fun is it? Heres an Idea. What if, we can trade safely? You can decide whether to accept the trade or not! Heres a pix.

    Now lets say Im trading with this one guy. He found a diamond and he wants my armor and iron sword. oh and a cake.
    but he wants me to go first. Now, I work hard punching those cows and I worked hard stealing those iron from someone's chest! I sure dont want him to be a scam. With this idea, you dont have to worry. Heres an example.

    After you accept, you have to wait for your trader to accept, then after both trader accepts, there will be a last warning "are you sure", if you press YES! then trade is complete, if not, then the trade is cancelled. Nothing taken.

    Heres how it works:

    You right click someone with your bare hand, and the Trade screen shows up.

    (would that be annoying if someone keeps right clicking you)
    Not if theres an option to block the player!

    Right click a player to Start
    Cant trade damaged weapons
    Safe use
    Block list (players in the list cant trade with you)
    peacetreaty (Both trader can kill each other for X amount of time)

    Instead of right clicking the player, have a Trade box, both player click it and trade!

    (SWEET! is this possible?!)

    Hell if I know! Im no modder. Ask them!

    Heres a banner or something...


    edit: Need to make 110x height

    Now I dont really know how to set it, so when clicked, it goes to this thread.. I dunno! I just think em, make em, but dont actually do em.. not yet
    edit: got it to work.. Im capable of something..

    Heres a :Diamond: for me
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    posted a message on evcons beter mod
    Quote from looloo1 »
    Quote from BlackStorm945 »
    What's with people putting this kind of crap up... it's obviously a pointless attempt at trolling... or a virus... or both... only a complete and utter moron would download this...

    I actually downloaded it, decompiled the code and looked through it just in case it was a password stealer or something... or something that ****s up your computer

    k... so whats in it?
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