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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    I like that I visit this thread to say WOW steelfeathers, you have done an amazing job! and yet the conversation is about me.

    I feel shitty disappointing all you guys at the moment. I miss you all.

    oh and BUMP.
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    gah so much has happened. I meant to check this like the next day and again got dragged away. your new texture look amazing steelfeathers, super jealous of your work as always, and good to see this pack sitting at the first page as it should be. So consider this a friendly bump from a part time ghost :smile.gif:
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    Quote from OmgsMeowMix

    OMG. How come every texture pack you've made I LOVE? :iapprove:

    that would be cause she is an amazing texture pack artist.
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    Quote from steelfeathers

    Is this design sufficiently RPG, oh Epic one?

    Only the front has been finished, obviously. Goodness this is taking a long time... -__-

    thats hot, really hot.

    Why you be so good at textures! :wink.gif:

    I miss hanging out in this place. (hence the sneaking away from work to post on my phone)
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    I am away for a few weeks. 42and19 and imnumberfour will be acting as a proxys for me. steelfeathers is always a proxy for me :smile.gif:

    "Dorian had managed to capture and immortalize the somber side of minecraft with this piece of art." - Anthony Headrick, Portland Minecraft Examiner
    Full Review Here

    Please take the time to read the Original Post.

    to run this pack you will need the HD patcher or Optifine

    The Pack of DorianGREY -
    This is a pack that is inspired by a variety of things, a lot from johnsmith, glimmar, doku and the other brilliant artists on the forums, other bits are inspired by celtic architecture, lore and stylings, as well as gothic or dark fantasy influences. This is very much a work in progress so be constructive with critique and you will find me a lot more accommodating.

    This is very much a WIP and is subject to change at my whims.

    Gallery Shot

    Community Screenshot Competition Winners!







    a few of my own I rushed to take for the 0.8 update.

    I encourage critique and screenshots to be posted as it allows me to see how this pack works for everyone and where people would like to see the pack head. Thanks for all the support guys and enjoy the 0.8a update.

    reveiw by iPROxP1ST4x

    Showcase video by FailedToOpen

    Review by BlockheadsVids


    here is a great video of my pack by RoosterInASuit (Alpha 0.5)

    early alpha video by IamMikeCheck28

    Textures that are not mine included in this pack -
    The grasscolour.png and foliagecolour.png are from the wonderful John Smith Texture Pack -
    I have permission from him which can be seen HERE

    The planetminecraft download includes dirty_christ amazing Item textures.
    Their pack can be found here - Swiss Rustic
    - I have permission from him which can be seen HERE

    Current Version:
    0.9a - http://adf.ly/2fev6- please wait and hit skip ad to support me.

    Alternate NOW WITH ITEMS! (NOT UPDATED)- http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/the-pack-of-dorian-grey/

    Installation -
    1. Download the HD patcher
    2. Run the HD patcher
    3. Place the dorianGREY.zip in your .minecraft/texturepacks folder.
    4. Play Minecraft.

    Completion -
    Terrain %95
    Armour %0
    Items %0
    Art %0

    A word about remixes -

    This texture pack is protected under intellectual property. Reproduction of content or Distribution in any other way isn't allowed. You can ask permission to use any content. If you have permission to use my content it must be for non-profit purpose, links like adf.ly aren't allowed and to make it clear: No other download links are allowed! This pack is Copyrighted form circ40 under U.S. law © 2011 Modcon GFX solution All rights reserved.

    Here is a great signature made by steelfeathers -


    Packs I recommend -

    16x -

    The Darkening
    - This is basically like a little brother to my pack. Its 16x, its dark and it is brilliantly done.

    Jolicraft - a happy go lucky pack with a fantastic colour palette.

    Norsecraft - One of my favourite 16x packs, norse theme, great artist, all round quality stuff.

    Elds Pack - one of the first packs I used, is and always will be one of the best.

    Frendens Detailed Pack - this guy is an amazing pixel artist, the best vibrant pack around.

    Wayukian - this is a great pack with some of my favourite armours ever.

    XSSheeps Packs - three great flavours of pixel goodness.

    32x -

    John Smiths The epitome of texture packs. Has been my default pack since it was released and will continue to be inspiration for me.

    Glimmars Steampunk - for all your steam punk needs, with a creator that is all about his fans and the quality of his work. Pop over and check out his thread, offer him a cup of tea.

    Steel Feathers Packs- the enchanted pack and the lost valley are some of the most stunning pieces of work on these forums and should be admired by all!

    Giffca's Grandcraft- A great pack with a cartoon feel! A must see.

    64x and above -
    as I dont use these there is not many I know of, but these 3 packs/artists I fully endorse.
    Aaegons Pack list- any and all of this mans work is stunning, a true HD master.

    LB PHOTO REALISM - I remember this pack way back when it was a weeeee new one, and now look how its grown.

    Swiss Rustic - two brothers working on this great pack, the are also fantastic members of the community, go support them.

    I will add more to these as time goes by.

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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    Quote from kabonos

    45 over 6 hours


    100 over 4 hours... sigh. I don't seem to have a fan base anymore.
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    0.9 has appeared through a portal.

    So I figured Its about time I updated.

    I have completed Bricks, mossy brick, cracked brick. Netherrack, Cake, Lava, Tweaked Torch, Iron bars, WIP GUI and LOTS of tweaks for the 0.9 update. As well as adding in the default placeholders for textures in 1.8 I haven't done yet.

    Download is here


    thanks for your support.

    p.s. sorry there is no screens but I haven't found any new places in `1.8 yet.


    Screenshot comp, in progress - End date is tomorrow around lunchtime.
    no post editing is allowed, there is 6 screenshot spots in the OP up for grabs from the 6 best screenshots entered into the comp, credit will be placed under screenshots

    and hopefully I will run the ones that don't make it in the second post for a little bit.

    enjoy the screenshots of 0.8a taken by some amazing users on the forums!










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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    Quote from TheMirror

    Alchemy! :tongue.gif:

    full metal alchemy?
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from Gestankfaust

    No doubt....I so wanna make a creeper :biggrin.gif:

    I want to make mobs, but again inspiration and care for these forums is really lacking at the moment.

    Quote from 42and19


    I don't want to know what that is faust.

    Its a mob in game? I could be wrong though. Either that are its a tall, hard, throbbing, exploding object....

    Quote from steelfeathers

    So everyone's partying over here now, huh? Well pass me a beer, I could use one after that marathon of posting.

    a glass of red? its all I can offer at the moment sorry.

    Quote from XSSheep


    I missed sheep. welcome BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ck.

    Quote from Gestankfaust

    I miss Sheep


    (can I get away with a +1 cause I posted other stuff too?)
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    posted a message on [Discussion] THE FORUM IS BEING RESTRUCTURED
    Quote from xaivern

    Uh... no please. That isn't fair at all. For me, half the fun of minecraft is the textures! So removing this from the forum over time would be a HUGE mistake and be removing a part of minecraft... from the MINECRAFT forum.

    dont stress, they are not removing this forum. They are just ruining it.
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