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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.2]FeatherSong (Updated 7/25)
    feathers, this is gorgeous! you are such a wonderful artist!
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    hello people. I have 5 min so I am checking out your new pack feathers. good to see you all.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    I like that I visit this thread to say WOW steelfeathers, you have done an amazing job! and yet the conversation is about me.

    I feel shitty disappointing all you guys at the moment. I miss you all.

    oh and BUMP.
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    posted a message on [32x][1.1] Grimpack - Right off the grill!
    croc, this looks great mate. good to see you smashing the 32x section mate.
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from Draconus

    This is great. Seriously. It is amazing.

    I love the muted tones of the landscape and cannot wait for the update.

    If my current project goes ahead, will you mind me using this in a video? I'll give credit.

    What you need to update:
    Nether Bricks.
    End Portal Frame
    End Stone
    Lily Pads

    Sorry for the incomplete list. I'll add to it later.

    cheers! I fear there might be another couple of blocks I am missing somewhere there too but that is a great start. Hopefully some time can get set aside this week to do some things. (I really hope i am not too out of touch to make this as good as it was)

    thanks for your undying support guys, even when I am such a useless artist at them moment.
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from imnumberfour

    YES! Welcome back Dorian, have a seat! I'll get the spiders to dust the houses and the owls will fetch you a nice cup of tea!

    But seriously, post more! :3 I also want a 1.0.0 download dearly!

    thanks four.

    Quote from synfull74

    Seriouly, thank you, and when you do set up a paypal type system I'm first in line.

    I will keep that in mind.

    Quote from vfd42

    You can not believe the squee I had when I saw this thread on the front page. I'm so happy this is getting traffic again, I really miss this pack.

    Whelp, hope this momentum doesn't die out.

    gah, i need work to show for momentum to happen again.

    Quote from Korthos

    I really can't wait until it's 1.0.0. If I had the skills, I would update it myself for the hell of it.

    Im sure your skills are more than adequate

    Quote from 42and19


    Good to see you back. I had to take a break from the forums as well. Seems like a good time to return. Looking forward to your upcoming work. :smile.gif:

    good to see you are still around 42.

    So I havent had much of a chance to play MC let alone work out what has changed, is there anyone who would be will to help me out with what i need to update?
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from PumpkinTv

    Looks great!)

    thanks mate.

    Quote from demonox

    i cant wait for the updated version, one of my favorite texture packs :tongue.gif: keep up the good work!

    Gah, I will try asap... need to work out whats changed!

    Quote from synfull74

    Hello, I'm still fairly new to Minecraft, but once I found this texture I just fell for it. I am wondering, 1) if there will be an update for the offical release to 1.0, and number 2) wether or not you have a paypal donation system? Im sure there is a good possibility that I have just not been very observant so cant find the answers at the moment, but I would appreciate any information. Your texture pack is absolutely beautiful, I love it, and thank you so much for taking all the time you did creating it.

    there is plans, I am just not sure when they will unfold. and I do not have a donate system as I cannot set aside the time to be paid for or donated to at the moment.

    Quote from Sivri

    Eagerly waiting for an 1.0.0 version here :smile.gif: I hope you find the time at some point!
    This is definitely one of my favorite packs :happy.gif:

    Quote from belator

    I second this notion! I cant build good without this texture pack T_T or else my mind says what in gods name is this block supposed to be. (when using the default)

    you flatter me. I will do my best.

    Quote from Leostereo

    Now this is pretty creepy. :ohmy.gif:

    The guy who uploaded this video is named "leostereo1983".

    rather creepy, and FANTASTICALLY off topic hahahah.
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from Amanda_Palmer

    I really love your texturepack and I'm glad to hear it will be continued. You have done great work! :Diamond:

    thanks mate.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    gah so much has happened. I meant to check this like the next day and again got dragged away. your new texture look amazing steelfeathers, super jealous of your work as always, and good to see this pack sitting at the first page as it should be. So consider this a friendly bump from a part time ghost :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from Demonette

    Good to hear you are still alive and didn't looked at your own picture.

    I would hope for a return soon but it's okay if not... sadly all stuff i like (even a little) seems to die out after a while =/ Maybe it's a curse...

    Whatever it is... i'll see if i find some time to help you out like i did and do for mythos...

    Till that i wish you more spare time!


    Thank you demonette, your kind words are always welcome.

    Quote from imnumberfour

    Yay! A post from you again dorian :3! I really do hope this does get updated, it is one of the most beautiful packs ever, and I can tell why you dont have time to update it. I am just happy you posted again!

    thanks mate.

    Quote from Gestankfaust

    I'm with you on that Dorian. I got no time, health isn't up to par, and then I feel so out of it.

    Hope all is well though.


    yeah my health just caught up with my lifestyle and has gone to **** ahahah, so not fun.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    I love this pack steelfeathers, it has been to long since I have been here to say that.
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    posted a message on (32x)[1.8] The Picture of Dorian Grey |0.9a|
    Quote from Cake101

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, are you doing a 1.9 pre5 version or are you waiting for the proper release, one more thing,

    ..................................................................I like your profile picture

    thanks i drew it myself. I will be waiting for the full release before I touch this again, when that is out I will make a promise to finish up the terrain in my spare time. Sorry to all the fans out there I know it seems so dead here.

    Quote from imnumberfour

    He has basically left the forums and discontinued his pack. :3

    this is awfully big speculation, I have not been active on the forums, but this thread has been dead for weeks so I havent had anything to reply to. I realise this is because of my lack of progress but I honestly cannot keep up at the moment. When the full release comes round I will find some time to put aside for this.

    Quote from Demonette

    Did he really? =(

    That makes me kind a sad as i seen the birth of this pack =( I know that i took more some very silent picks but now it is gone?

    *sigh* let's hope for a return...

    I have been around, just not posting, I cant find spare hours in the day to keep up with the forums at the moment. I reply to whats posted here (if there ever is posts) :smile.gif:

    Quote from Glimmar

    That would make me very sad too. :sad.gif:

    I really hope that isn't the case, as Dorian is one of the nicest guys here on the forums and a very talented artist too.

    I hope everyone can give this some more lovin' in the hope that Dorian looks in soon!

    OH glimm, I do not like letting people like you down, I have watched your pack evolve from just an idea in to something wonderfully developed and lovingly made. I do miss being around here, but work/art/concept work has made me so busy and when I sit down for 15 min I would rather read a book than go back in front of my computer again at the moment.

    Quote from Liahna

    Great texture pack. Not sure if i am downloading it yet. Going to watch the topic though.

    there will not be much to watch at the moment I am sorry, hopefully down the track this pack will flourish again, for now it is stagnating till I find time and motivation for this.

    I will state this for anyone still reading this pack. It has halted progress, I am less active around here and I am sorry to have disappointed any fans I have left. I beg your ultimate patience, this is a project I need to finish, but I am in front of a computer nearly 12 hours a day at the moment, and my spare time is reading books and drinking coffee to escape from the PC a bit.

    If someone wants to update this pack till I have the time, you have my permission on two conditions. 1. the updated content is only posted here. 2. you send me a PM so I can add it to the main post for you with credits for what you have done.

    Thanks heaps for the support guys/girls.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    Quote from OmgsMeowMix

    OMG. How come every texture pack you've made I LOVE? :iapprove:

    that would be cause she is an amazing texture pack artist.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    Quote from steelfeathers


    What's that sound?


    I think it's coming closer....


    OMG IT'S AN--


    New for v0.9

    All tools completed. :3


    Autumn biome shading (default). Happy Halloween!

    GUI! (Inventory and allitems)

    HUD bar


    More wool patterns. Good for wallpaper.

    Change list:


    -Alt pink/purple/red/green wools, iron block
    -Autumn biome shading (default in the pack-- summer biome shading also included)
    -Inventory screen and allitems screen
    -HUD bar and icons

    -Error on the top of the stone slab

    I had the hardest time keeping quiet about this. I wanted to surprise you guys. ^^

    @#4: Delete the cookies and cache of your web browser. That did the trick for me.

    this is why I admire your work. Well done feathers.
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    posted a message on [32x](1.5+) ~Steelfeathers' Enchanted Pack~ [Updated 3/16]
    Quote from steelfeathers

    *grimace* yeah, that's probably it.

    In other news, I was goofing around with the scene I set up for the fall biome shading and adjusted it for the spring shading. The two make a nice comparison, me thinks. ^^

    Why are there melons growing on that tree?

    This. Is. MINECRAFT!

    And I'll have melons growing from my trees if I want. :tongue.gif:

    loooove these!

    *the spiders tell me you should do more of these awesome pictures.*
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