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    Post Ideas in comments

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    Rick And Morty Mod

    This Mod is still getting made

    What Is The Rick An Morty Mod
    The Rick and Morty mod is based off of the TV show of the same title.In this mod you will be able to travel through dimensions or worlds with your very own portal gun.You may see enemy's like members of the galactic federation.Maybe you will come across a Morty. Whatever you see in the show it will be here.

    (not ready for your eyes)

    What does the Mod Offer





    Jerry's R2-D2 Coin

    Mega fruit

    Rick's Portal Gun


    Rick's lab coat

    Rick's pants

    Rick's Shoes

    The Steel helmet

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    Hey I had this idea to make a mod and now it is becoming a reality i am still figuring out the portal gun but i am making it

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