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    Quote from GoombaGeek3

    Okay Jeb i have an idea for Minecraft,

    Someone got the name right, finally!! :D

    since the well in the desert was added people have been wondering if there's going to be a new feature in the game.

    There is. It's called "desert wells". Sometimes I blow my own mind.

    So Here's the idea, the well leads to some underground dungeon like the stronghold but in a more desert theme

    Any elaboration? Let me guess: no. Sigh...

    and in the place there's a portal to another boss realm.

    YAY, ANOTHER BOSS PORTAL!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY. Apparently just having a (possibly immobile) boss spawn in the overworld is too much. (As long as it can't both move AND break/phase through blocks, it should be okay.)

    If you like the idea feel free to put it in the vanilla, if you don't like it then okay

    Instead of saying "haters suck" he said "it's okay"! For a pretty bland suggestion, the writer sure is a nice guy I hope he isn't only being nice because he thinks he's addressing Jeb.

    from: me

    Aww, you were even polite! This suggestion is cute and better than most other bad suggestions I hope the replies aren't depressing and mean.

    if u don't like the idea ok

    Work on the spelling and you could soon be a productive forum member!!

    but i think minecraft needs something more to it.

    Well, okay.

    just look at the updates since 1.0.0 there's been no game changers except for the apple's falling from trees

    WAIT A MINUTE!! We have jungles and cats and Anvil (which is HUGE) and copy-pasting in chat and plenty of neat little touches AND the door-breaking zombies and vastly improved AI. Did you miss all this?!

    and the new biome.

    Oh. But still!

    in my view minecraft is the similar every world and there's no denying it.

    I can totally deny it. (Also, this sentence makes no sense.) Here's my view of this: Minecraft now has more realistic terrain, but I think it looks nicer. It's cool. Stop hating new updates, dammit!

    take a look at the villages (there squidward!)


    they have no use except for a home

    Iron golems = free protection. Also blacksmith loot. Also free stuff.

    and i just think minecraft has no point and (unless you count the troll credits)

    The credits aren't troll, they're PHILOSOPHICAL. Also it's a sandbox game, so get used to the lack of big obvious missions and objectives.

    it needs some more plot.

    Yes, Minecraft totally needs a plot. And a skill tree! And mandatory quests! "action: 'Mining Diamonds' "You cannot [Mine Diamonds] until you have completed [Mission: Up A Creek]!" Sounds like FUN!

    but don't get me wrong i love the game and play it all the time

    Aww, well, that's good. But no plots

    i just think there's a ton of things that can be done with this well

    It's a well. It has water. Potential?!

    and mojang isn't using that potential

    The amazing potential of WATER!!

    and it's going to turn out like the villages rare but use less.


    at least there should be a rare item that u can get from it.

    Naw. Okay, next reply!

    let me guess your one of the people that play on peaceful all the time aren't you

    Goddamnit, you ruined it with a insulting generalization. let me guess your one of the people who makes generalizations all the time aren't you

    i have nothing to say but thanks for the opinion
    Quote from Jango_22

    um i ****ed up my reply but really what update was this in and as i failed at saying, just a small room of sandstone with the hieroglyph blocks and a chest would be good

    still good effort.

    even that would be good
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