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    Hi! I'm looking for a mod pack that's heavily focused on Adventure/Action. I'm familiar with FTB, Tekkit, and ATLauncher, and have tried many of the packs.

    I personally love Regrowth, but I'm trying to set up a server with just a few friends, and one of my friends really isn't interested in setting up machines and automated processes, and would rather explore, fight, and adventure.

    The problem is, most mod packs I've played, even the ones with adventure, don't really focus on it. Or, even if they focus on it, there's no impetus to actually participate in the combat/adventure.

    Ultimately, my perfect mod pack would be like Regrowth, but also with some kind of Invasion Mod. We need some reason to go out, explore, and fight, that's not just extra. Attacking mobs, or giant strongholds that need vanquished would be great. A mix of Act Raiser and Minecraft would describe it perfectly.

    To give another example, we love the Twighlight Forest mod, but there's still no real reason to participate.

    Anyway, thanks for reading; I welcome all comments and ideas.


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    Quote from zorog4


    I am intrested to join becuase i love working on builds and i would like to have a nice server that has skype as a option of communication

    aswell as a friendly community my skype name is Zorog4

    Perfect! You're added, zorog4.

    Please remember to not grief.
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    posted a message on Granite (No PvP, Persistent, Nice-Cooperative)
    Thanks everyone, this post is closed.

    Oh! I forgot the rules:
    1) No griefing of any kind. (Just don't mess with other people's stuff at all. If you didn't build it, leave it alone)
    2) Be nice?
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    posted a message on Looking For ACTIVE Players For My Survival Realm
    IGN: dontremb

    I am very polite and respectful. (Age: 34)
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    posted a message on Brand new survival realm!
    I'd definitely be interested in trying.

    IGN: dontremb
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    Quote from kenkojuko

    Dimensional doors, anybody?

    There are some similarities. However, these mods will have vastly differing purposes.
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    Quote from NoNiMad

    Okay for the whole face, i understand.
    About getting stuck, i agree, it's better.
    I think it's possible to do the same thing inside, with the same GUI.
    I haven't any preference, "Space Folding" is a bit difficult to understand but it's cool :)

    I think it could be like this : When you leave the dimension, the player is teleported on the top of the block (it's not really useful to store where was the player before teleporting, because the coordinates of the block are known), and if the block is destroyed, we could imagine an effect : all the players are "ejected" from the block with a little motionY to propulse them in the air.

    Thx for your answers, i can code serenly now :) But i'll probably have more questions later (about multi-block and how to choose the size, etc...), so follow this topic, your help is welcome ! (Or maybe you got another way to communicate ? ^^)

    Ok , perfect. I have sent you a PM.
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    Quote from NoNiMad

    So the whole face will be connected to the redstone signal (or fluid, ...) ? I mean, if you transport fluid to the 5x5 wall, and if there is more than one pipe connected on that face, how the mod decide wich one will get the fluid ? Will be divided or random choosen ?

    Okay, so if you're not allowed to enter and if by any reason your inside the dimension, you can't escape ?

    - To configure wich player can enter, I think of Shift + Right Clicking the block.
    - What's the real name of the mod ?

    I started to code yesterday and I already got a functionnal block wich teleport you inside a new dimension (composed for know by a 16*16*16 bedrock cube, but i can make larger and smaller easily), with no way to escape (except killing yourself). I'm working on making the whole thing functionnal (authorizations, getting out), then i'll focus on transmitting the redstone signal.

    PS : It might be obvious but, if you are in an anchor block in another anchor block, and you exit the innermost dimension, you just go in the previous dimension and not in the overworld, right ?

    The whole inner face will be connected to the redstone. So, every block on the sharing inside face, is connected to the sharing outside face. So all 5x5 blocks on that same face will show that they have redstone signal. This would be the same with liquids, etc. It's like a 1 to many connection. If water was being pumped to the outside face of the block, all blocks on that same face on the inside would be able to connect to the water connection. If you attached 2 or more pipes to those faces, they would all just share the water input. (If you were doing 50mB/tick going in, then 2 pipes attached to the inside face could each carry 25mB/t.

    As for getting stuck, that's a good point. What if you can always leave the anchor block (say, by right clicking on the ceiling, for example) but you can't enter a dimension unless it's your block, or if you're set up on someone else's permissions?

    -Shift+Right click to bring up a gui might work. Then you could choose to enter, or set permissions. (The same thing could happen inside?)

    -I'm not 100% sure on the name of the mod yet. Do you have any preferences?

    As for getting out, what if you used something like what Mystcraft does? When you enter a dimension block, it just records your starting point as a teleport location? Then, when you exited the dimension, you actually just get teleported to whichever dimension you entered from. (Also, you could be forcibly removed from the dimension, if your anchor block is picked up. In this case, you would also just teleport to your starting location.)

    PS: Yes, that's exactly right. If you are inside a dimension, inside a dimension, then exiting the inner most dimension would just teleport you back to your starting location next to that block. (So, you just go to the previous dimension, not the overworld.)
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    Quote from NoNiMad

    Really love your idea ! I have two questions :
    - How are you supposed to link machinery inside the pocket dimension with the faces of the block itself ? Does the room got sorts of outputs in the center of the faces ? It could be a solution ^^
    - Why generate in the same dimension ? You can generate a small empty dimension for each block. Each of the dimensions will be loaded into memory only if the block is placed. Therefore the machinery will be "paused" if the block isn't placed ;)
    - How are you supposed to get out of the dimension ?

    For the first question, yes. If you connected a redstone signal to the outside of one of the anchor block's faces, the INSIDE of that block face would have an active redstone signal. So, if the inner space was a 5x5 cube, and the west outside of the block was connected to redstone, the west inside 5x5 face of the cube would be connected to redstone. This is the same with power, liquids, gas, items.

    As for your second idea. It's perfect. I'm going to edit the main description to clarify that point.

    As for getting out of the dimension, I was thinking the same way of getting in, just right click on a block face. If you're outside, it teleports you in, if you're inside, it teleports you out. This would work only if it's an anchor block that you created. The current vision is that these blocks will be locked to a player, so you can't go inside anyone else's block. (But you could still use it, if someone gave it to you.)

    Thanks so much for your comments.
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    posted a message on Space Folding (Compact Factories)
    Edited main post.
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    posted a message on Space Folding (Compact Factories)
    Quote from Ayo99

    What, A bit like a Pocket Universe from Doctor Who

    It would be a bit like that.

    You have a block, that is only one block in size, but when you right click on it, you go inside, and it would be bigger. 5x5 or more.
    And unlike the tardis, you can hook up power to the outside of the block, and still have access to that power from inside.

    Quote from TNT123BOOM

    Really Someone SHOULD make a mod for this
    i'll see if anyone can make it (i got friends who make mods)
    ..... this is the best dimension idea for now (IN MY OPINION) :D

    Awesome, thank you for your interest.

    I would appreciate any assistance in getting this mod created.
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    Space Folding
    from DonTremb


    Craft a single block that when placed and activated, one can enter a pocket dimension of various size. Anything can be placed in this pocket dimension, and the faces of this cube can receive various inputs. (Redstone, power, liquids, items, etc.) After leaving the pocket dimension, the block can be moved and replaced.

    For the Love of All that is Holy and Good, Why?:

    More dimensions!? Why? There’s the Nether, Underdark, Promised Land, Aether, MystCraft, The End, etc. Well, micro dimensions are different. There’s nothing in them. (But they aren’t boring.)

    Vanilla Scenario: Ever have to smelt a bunch of stuff? Multiple stacks of ore, sand to glass, precious life-sustaining food, cactus green, etc. There are a few ways to handle this, usually with an entire wall of annoying furnaces, perhaps with hoppers, that must be fueled, filled, and emptied.

    Modded/ModPack Scenario: Need MOAR gunpowder for my Blood Majiks!!!!!!

    Possible solutions: Create and pulverize sandstone for salt peter, pulverize netherack for niter, pulverize coal for pulverized coal dust = gunpowder

    Alternative solution: Use Thaumcraft automated alchemy to pump gunpowder/charcoal/cobble in to make gunpowder.

    Alternative solution: Use bees to make gunpowder.

    Ok, But How do Micro Dimensions Help? (And How Do They Work?):

    Instead of building all those machines and pipes/tubes/cables/conduits/ducts/hoppers in the basement of your beautiful home, you can build them in a Micro Dimension.

    OMG! R U Copying Inception?!:

    Well, first of all, nothing in Inception is new, or unique. (Still a good movie, though.)

    Second of all, yes, you can place Micro Dimensions within Micro Dimensions, creating more and intricate and complicated factories/circuitry. You can use these personally, or even to buy/sell/barter in Server Play. (Imagine buying a completely self-contained block that just produces charcoal, or ender pearls.)

    How do I Get This Mod? (Well, I hope you’re asking that.)

    This is what I need:

    I would like to have a discussion on this forum to refine some of the details of the mod.

    * Creation of the Block:
    Currently, I’m thinking about requiring the construction of some kind of multiblock, then when an Ender Pearl is dropped in the center, a fancy effect sucks in the multiblock, and deposits the Micro Dimensional Anchor Block of whatever size the multiblock is.

    * Can the Anchor Block be moved (without direct player intervention)
    I would like to make sure that nothing breaks when these blocks are moved by pistons/MFFS/frames/etc.

    * Owner/Rights:
    By default, I think only the creator of the Anchor should be able to enter the micro block once placed. I think this is important, to protect the architectural genius of whomever creates the mechanism within. Additionally, these blocks could be used as safe houses, so they should be safe. However, if there is interest, the ability to unlock it, or allow other users, or transfer ownership probably wouldn’t be too difficult to add.
    Also, while the inside of the block walls are indestructible, the Dimensional Anchor block is not. If it was dropped into lava, for instance, it would be destroyed, along with anything inside. (Including players.)

    * Graphics:
    I’ll need some ideas on what the block should look like. Additionally, I want the outside faces to change based on what types of inputs are attached. Same for the inside faces.

    * Inputs/Outputs:
    The Anchor block needs to be able to connect to pretty much everything. Power (of all/most kinds), liquids, items, redstone. If there’s anything else, please help out. The faces of the block should correspond to the inside faces of the block, to transfer the items.

    * Pocket Dimension Physics
    NoNiMad had a great idea. Each anchor block creates it's own mini dimension in Minecraft. When the block is placed, the 5x5, 7x7, or 9x9 dimension is loaded. When the anchor block is picked up, it's not loaded.

    My primary idea is to not make these pocket dimensions actual dimensions. The reason for this is issues with Memory Leaking, Chunk Loading, long(er) load times when traveling, etc. I would like the room that is created to actually be in the same dimension, just located somewhere inaccessible without an Anchor Block.
    The pocket dimension should be created as soon as the Anchor block is placed for the first time, and then exist until that Anchor Block is somehow destroyed. Any machinations within the Micro Dimension should pause, or do nothing, if the Anchor Block is not placed or picked up. (Everything inside is still the same, you just shouldn’t be able to access it without placing the Anchor Block.)

    * Coder!
    I do not code. So I’ll need someone to actually code this. This is just an idea that I came up with, and would like to use, but someone else is going to have to create it. If you are interested, feel free to just use the idea, and post the mod. If you want to include my name in the credits, I would be grateful, but it is absolutely not necessary. Furthermore, if, during the creation of this mod, you would like my input, I would love that as well, but it is also not necessary.

    * Forum Post Ideas:
    If anyone has any questions/concerns/ideas, please let them flow. I especially would like any feedback regarding this actual Forum Post. If anything is confusing, or could be organized better, more/less spoiler usage, pics, vids etc, please let me know, and I’ll try to fix it.

    * You CAN’T; It’s IMPOSSIBLE!
    If anything I have proposed here is not possible/probable to do in current Modded Minecraft, please let me know. I will either find out how it CAN be done, or I’ll come up with a workaround. (If you have suggestions on how to actually do something that I have come up with, those are welcome, too.)
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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29
    If you pipe items into the altar, you can put at least a stack (maybe more) in it at the same time, and the blood (while still using the full amount for each item) will turn them all at the same time.

    I don't know if this is a bug, and I'm not sure if it takes longer to turn them (but I could find out if needed). Also, I don't know if it has already been reported, but I didn't see any mention of it in your change log.

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    posted a message on Mariculture ~ Updated 21/04/2015
    I apologize if this has been answered.

    I'm playing Magic Farm 2 Modpack from FTB, but when using the Sluicer with a water tower to make pressurized water, I can't find ANY material that won't break. My tower has now bored all the way past bedrock, and people are falling into the void, if they get stuck in the water.

    I've tried obsidian, iron blocks, half blocks, bedrock. Is there a way to make pressurized water from the sluice without having to keep the front block empty? I've tried to do some internet research, but it seems all information are theories from people who aren't the mod maker, or videos that don't mention the block breaking at all, so I don't know whether their set up will eventually break, like mine all have.

    Thanks very much.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Atomic Science - Nuclear Power and Antimatter! [2,000,000 + Downloads]
    Wow. Ok, why is there no accurate, or current information about this mod? Not even the mod spotlights are current, or correct anymore. And even the official web site has virtually no information. Even the official wiki basically just tells you that a Fusion/fission reactor makes energy.
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