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    posted a message on Help! I screwed up my server world because I'm an idiot! Help!

    Okay, running 1.13.2 , hosted on my own machine, it's the latest spigot MC and a handful of plugins, but that's not important. my problem is a vanilla problem

    it's a survival world, with economy, and land claims, quest adventures, and all that stuff. theres about 90 players registered, 30 or so active, 6 months of existence, about 3 GB of mapdata. so not huge, but definitely a lot of stuff we dont want to abandon, and we've spent a long week upgrading it from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 overall pretty successful.

    then i did a dumb thing, combined with a really stupid thing.

    the dumb thing was trying to fix some /execute and /kill command strings in a worldguarded adventure map. i'd been having problems with the new command structures working right with the plugins, and what the heck i went and did a /kill @e[type=!player,distance=..99] from the server console which then killed about 700 entities, not at all what i wanted to happen. dumb, right?

    the stupid thing i did was not backup my world for a week. i dont have a good reason. stupid. stupid. stupid.

    here's my problem: many of these entities are item frames for multiple player shops, and a huge recently-constructed world map, and of course everyones pets and farms and stuff. that's gonna hugely people off to replace. but if i used the old back up from a week ago, I've undone everything everyones been doing for the past week, which is quite a lot of work.


    HERE IS MY IDEA. I dont know if it will work.

    Can i use the "region" .mca data from the "world" folder, from the old backup, to retrieve those deleted entities, and put them into the current world/region data? I can figure out how to edit the .mca files, i just dont know if this is even possible so i want to get your opinions or suggestions before i start.

    thanks for considering :D

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    posted a message on Which server idea will work out better?

    i personally like the second idea better. it seems quite novel, but also keeps the familiar aspect of factions GvG. it might be harder to pull off though as it seems you have to maintain a sizable player base. im just thinking out loud, would you restrict the boundaries of the world depending on how many players (or factions or nations) were active? that way they'd be forced to compete more than just hiding out far away and stockpiling. im thinking of the way the SmallWorld board game operates to limit the world size and resources

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    posted a message on how to use /execute to kill all skeletons within a certain sphere near a given player?

    omg i have to put doublequotes around coordinates. is this something new?

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    posted a message on how to use /execute to kill all skeletons within a certain sphere near a given player?

    still doesnt work :<

    says "Expected whitespace to end one argument, but found trailing data"

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    posted a message on how to use /execute to kill all skeletons within a certain sphere near a given player?

    i used to do it like this:

    execute %player% ~ ~ ~-30 minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:skeleton,r=90]

    now i'm trying all sorts of variations of this, but i just don't get it.

    execute as %player% ~ ~ ~-30 minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:skeleton,distance=..90]
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    posted a message on My Modded Server's Modded Block Placing Isn't Working! Help Please!

    I KNOW THIS IS HOLY STALE THREAD BATMAN, but this is the first place i've found that explained clearly why I couldnt get my mods to run on the forge minecraft server. so it's worth keeping for reference.

    grimallc, thank you for humoring me. i now got my modded forge minecraft server working. i wasn't calling the universal server, but was calling the vanilla server that is distributed with forge. seems simplisticly stupid, but i was beating my head against a wall for a few hours.

    Note to anyone else having this problem, you need to have the vanilla minecraft server in the same folder as the universal server that you are executing via the java command. and if you're running linux, you probably will have to run the universal server with a sudo command, unlike the vanilla. i dont know why the universal server needs sudo permission and the vanilla doesnt, but at this point i dont care lol.

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