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    I really liked the seed so I went and mapped the whole seed. And it should look like the picture provided. You're missing some things so I will put forth what I found.
    I will describe the top 3 layers of the maps. (X,Z) (1,1) is an example of how I will relate the things found. Useless means i found nothing in terms of structures. I only looked for villages, pyramids, and surface dungeons. So for the first layer which I named Top goes as: (1,1) top left; useless. (1,2) Top Mid Left; mineshaft exposed in ravine. X:-1299 Z: -1918. (1,3) Top Mid; useless. (1,4) Top Mid Right; useless. (1,5) Top Right; useless.

    Y is not needed because they're all seen from above surface.

    Second layer is called upper:

    (2,1) Upper left; useless. (2,2) Upper Mid left; Surface Zombie dungeon X: -1096 Z: -833. Blacksmith Village X: -974 Z: -824. Pyramid X: -930 Z: -707 all 3 structures are in close proximity. (2,3) Upper mid; useless. (2,4) Upper Mid right; Exposed mineshaft in ravine X: 709 Z: -1368. (2,5) Upper right; Mineshaft exposed in ravine X 1582 Z: -524. Surface Skele dungeon X: 1583 Z: -854. Pyramid X: 2314 Z: -1476. Blacksmith village X: 1893 Z: -958. These last two are in close proximity. Blacksmith village X: 1561 Z: -1437. Pyramid X: 1672 Z: -1406.

    3rd layer simple directions.

    (3,1) Left; useless. (3,2) Mid left; useless. (3,3) Middle; you already have these but I'll still put them. Blacksmith village X: -316 Z: 137. This village is in close proximity to this, Pyramid X: -407 Z: 300. And lastly another Pyramid X: 330 Z: -198. (3,4) Mid right; useless. (3,5) Right; Useless.

    The bottom two layers looks like you have everything. (4,4), (4,5), (5,4), and (5,5) have nothing relating structures.

    And that is pretty much it. Have fun fellas. If anyone can scout the jungles to find the jungle temples have at it. You can look for more witch huts as well to further improve the discoveries. Happy holidays
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    Awesome seed! Just began using it, and by the looks of it you missed a surface dungeon by one of the villages. One with a blacksmith. Like literally right next to one of the farms. Would you care to share any extra info? Anymore villages or temples? Seems like you only explored the southern part.
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    Is this compatible with mycraft? because when i run mycraft it crashes and when i run normal version it doesn't. is there a way to fix the problem?
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    hey i have a similiar problem like Idycopaka ive installed everything you need but theres no pokemon & when i go to my inventory for toomanyitems the things the mod adds look like leather helmets & they all say unamed im pretty sure it a mod compatability but i don't know which is it
    The mods i use are
    1.singleplayer commands
    2.too many items
    3.the cape mod
    4.smart moving
    5.dynamic height
    6.mc patcher
    8.clay soldiers
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