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    posted a message on Minecraft Snapshot Installer
    It does not really need to be simplified. All you do is drag it into your minecraft folder and remove the old minecraft jar and you're good to go. I can do it in 15 seconds.
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    posted a message on Anvils should spawn in Blacksmiths
    Out of all the things I picture a Blacksmith having, an Anvil would be on the top of the list. Which is why, they should spawn near the lava part of blacksmith buildings. So it is not over powered however, they will spawn with some durability already gone.
    Small idea, but agree?
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    posted a message on They should add armor in pocket edition
    Wrong section.
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    posted a message on I Found Herobrine!
    Seems legit.
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    posted a message on Beacon Block woes
    I wish they stayed with the design from 12w36a. And give it a damn function upgrade already.
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from Knochenbowser

    What kind of huts have you seen? I only know huts made out of WOOD. And it's not even a real house.
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from cadika_orade

    1. Please explain how you'd make a hut look "creepy". Build a better hut or I'll consider you a hates-everything-even-though-he-can't-do-better-loser-moron. Like the majority of rage posts.

    2. What else would you expect it to be made of? Iron blocks?

    3. Witch drops potions. Also, cauldron. Do you NEED a reason to kill the witch? Is it really so important to you to have a motive to murder and rob every living thing you see? See you on death-row, psycho. o_O

    4. Okay. Good point.

    5. You really don't know anything about European/American witchcraft lore, the history of witchcraft in Europe/America, or anything outside of your own head, do you? Witches were/are outcasts, driven from society and considered lucky if they found an abandoned shack to sleep in.

    6. Now that's just plain stupid. They are clearly attached to the walls. :/

    7. And you want free brewing stands too? If there WAS a brewing stand you'd no doubt have written that bullet as "ZOMGBBQ FREE BREWING STANDS MAKE THE GAME TOO EASY".

    8. Has there been confirmation that there were no cats? For that matter there aren't even any witches in the huts. Conclusion: Witches will never spawn in huts.

    9. It is sad that you can sit there and complain about 100% optional and relatively rare things, yet cannot come up with any coherent suggestion as to how it can be improved.


    1. You are just looking for something to whine about because you want attention.
    2. You are too dim to realize that you could just ignore the huts and witches entirely and they'd have no effect on you at all.

    Regardless, behold my signature and watch as your ignorance is made obvious!
    First of all, stop being a **** please. Now secondly, I'll take the time to respond to these things.
    1. I'm not going to waste anymore time building a creepy witch. They should just give it webs, vines, heads etc.
    2. Oh I don't know? Cobblestone? Types of Stone Bricks?
    3. Yeah, because 5 pieces of cobblestone and 2-3 potion supplies is SUCH a great reward for finding a witch hut.
    5. Why should I care at all about what society says about Witches exactly? They should have larger rooms then 3x2...
    6. Who is their right mind would design a cauldron where the top is touching the ceiling so you can't get it.
    7. Yeah, 1 blaze rod is probably way to overrpowered of a reward.
    8. Actually, dinnerbone said that cats or witches on broomsticks would be added eventually. Cats are much more likely.
    9. Want a suggestion? Make Witches a harder mob to beat. So then once you kill them and get into the hut you get a couple of small treats.

    1. Look, if you're hear to complain about me complaining about a currently bad feature, you're not making a good arguement.
    2. Was attempting to insult my intelligence really nessasary?
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from Rufus

    Fancy that, the first live test of witch huts didn't turn out perfect. Who would ever have thought that might happen? I mean, it's not like they include these these things in the snapshots with the express purpose of testing them with a larger audience to see exactly how they will turn out or anything, right?
    How could they mess up the generation of a 5x5 house? Sorry Mojang.
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from Excellion1498

    Assuming that by "potion supplies" you mean items like nether wart, that would be ridiculously overpowered if it also had brewing stands. Since now nether wart grows in the overworld, the purpose of finding a nether fortress would be completely negated. Don't need blazes, don't need nether wart. The only items you would actually have to visit the nether to get, in your ideal 12w40a, would be soul sand, netherrack and glowstone, all which are relatively easy to get.

    Quote from algebraicAT333

    No brewing stands. Period.
    Well then what do you want the reward for finding a Witch Hut and killing the Witch should be. It needs some reward, even if it is a very small one.
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    posted a message on Witch Huts suck
    Quote from Epicness1324

    I don't like the design, but adding a brewing stand would be too OP.
    What about a loot chest with a couple of potion supplies in it?
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