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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den 1.15.2 -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server, no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.
    How old are you: 29
    In game alias: doctorrotcod
    How did you find out about Jackal's Den?: I believe you PM'd me while I was looking for servers
    Have you read the rules and agree to follow them? Of course
    Tell us about yourself: I live in Florida and have been playing minecraft since 1.0.0. I love minecraft and had been on the same server for about the last 1.5-2 years. When I joined it it was billed as a mature server experience, with community builds, and a few fun plugins. For awhile, that is exactly what it was. Eventually it became overrun with teenager drama and owner disinterest, and I've spent the last month trying to find a nice map to build on. I was initially skeptical about Jackals' Den because I worry about being the only one on a world who isn't already flush with resources, but your forum page (with its maturity) is especially impressive, and I'd love to get a chance to play with all of you.
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    posted a message on Brand Spanking New Vanilla Survival server 16+
    IGN : doctorrotcod
    AGE : 29
    Maturity Level in % : 99 (we all have a little crazy in us)
    What Do you Think about The Anti Gay Olympics In Russia? : While I try not to get involved with politics, I suppose I fundamentally don't agree with the violation of basic human rights.
    Skype : I don't post this publicly. Sorry
    Mic : logitch, decent
    Recording? : Nope
    Where are you from : EST USA
    Tell me about you in at least 20 words ( I Will Count!!) : I'm a mature player who sticks around. I was on my last server for going on 1.5 years, but it's kind of winding down and I'm looking for another place to play and build. I enjoy large projects and community builds. I am hoping to find a map to do so.
    What would you do if your house was mysteriously set on fire? : Probably ­ and moan for a few hours then move on.
    More Info : I love cake
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    posted a message on The GG :: Vanilla - Protected - 24/7 - One Rule - 1.6.2
    IGN: doctorrotcod
    Name(opt): Rob
    Age: 28
    Location(opt): Florida
    Cake or Pie? Cake! (Carrot, preferably)
    Anything else? I'm looking for a strong, mature community, and it sounds like that is what you guys have.
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    posted a message on [Mature 16+] New 24/7 Semi-Vanilla Hard Difficulty Survival Server – [Anesthesia] – [Whitelisted][Teamspeak][Dynmap]
    IGN: doctorrotcod

    Age: 28

    Timezone: EST

    Strengths: large builds, quests, creativity

    Weaknesses: red stone just kills me. Also, baby zombies are the scourge of my existence

    What kind of player are you; what do you bring to the community?: I like to think of myself as a builder. I like making structures other people can enjoy. I'm a mature player who will treat other players with respect

    Have you ever been banned?: No

    Favorite Biome: Mushroom!

    Favorite Mob: Mooshrooms, naturally

    Do you understand netherhub mechanics?: Yup!

    Minimum distance from spawn you should build: 500 blocks

    What rule did I repeat twice?: Recycle!

    Anything else Minecraft related you’d like to share? (Youtube/ Twitch/ Resource Packs/ Modding): Nope! Thanks for considering my application
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    posted a message on (1.5.2) Rich, Creamy Vanilla Bean Craft - Closing June 14th. Thanks for the good times! Details in thread.
    Actual Application:
    In-Game Name: doctorrotcod
    Age (We don't discriminate based on age, only on maturity): 28
    Time Zone (if you don't know, put your location): CST
    Have you ever been banned? If so, why? (honesty is key, we do background checks!): Once, from a prison server. I logged out standing next to a wall, and logged back in on the ceiling, outside the prison. I played around for a bit, then they said they had to ban me. Rules are rules.
    Why do you want to join this server? (Aim for at least 3 sentences): I'm looking for a good server with a strong community. I like group builds and I like vanilla mine craft, so I'm hoping to find a friendly group of people to make some awesome things with.
    Why do you think we should accept you? (Aim for at least 3 sentences): I'm a good builder, and I'm mature. I like to think I'm a fairly reasonable player who doesn't make a lot of outlandish demands. Also, I love helping out with group builds/towns.
    What do you aim to accomplish on the server? (Aim for at least 3 sentences): I'd love to be able to build a large city with a group of people, or at least be part of a pre-existing community within the game. I'd like to make some truly awesome builds.
    Tell us a bit about yourself (Interests? Hobbies?): I like books, movies, tv shows (The Walking Dead is my favorite), sports (I'm a former rugby player), etc.
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    posted a message on Outlands: Apocalypse Australia Revamp| Post-Apocalypic Serious RP Server | 5 Factions | Instances | MCMMO | Emerald Economy
    Just joined the server, and it's great. The admin-built cities are fairly INCREDIBLE, and the world really does feel like it's been lived in, likely because the map carried over from the last server. With settlements scattered about the world, it makes everything feel alive. Also, I've had some great RP experiences with a couple people, but if there were more people involved we might be able to elevate things to an epic scale.
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    posted a message on Outlands: Apocalypse Australia Revamp| Post-Apocalypic Serious RP Server | 5 Factions | Instances | MCMMO | Emerald Economy
    Out of Character (OOC)

    Minecraft account name: doctorrotcod
    Country of Residence and Time Zone: (So we know when the best time to restart/update is) USA CST
    Do you have any experience roleplaying? (It IS a roleplay server after all) Lots.
    Why are you applying? I'm looking for a good RP server. I signed up for one that doesn't really offer much rp, unfortunately. It uses the Last Days texture pack, which I enjoy a lot, and think there is a lot that can be done in a post-apocolyptic RP.
    Have you ever been banned and if so why? Once from a prison-break server. I had the fortune/misfortune of logging out next to a wall and then logging back in on the roof of the prison. I was like, okay, I'll explore. That didn't go over well with the administrators.
    Do you agree with the rules? Yes, of course.
    Will you destroy/steal/grief admin created structures? Of course NOT.
    Will you use our custom Last Days texture pack? Yup, I love it.

    In Character (IC)
    Name: Brock Boosalis (though he just goes by 'Brock')
    Faction (Optional): None at the moment.
    How old is your character: 25
    How does your character act? Brock is a little bit cocky, very sarcastic, and can come off as stand-offish. He has a hot temper and a troubled past, which makes him a bit tough to get along with. He is fiercely loyal but it takes awhile for him to get to the point where he will stick his neck out on the line for someone.
    Does your character have any family or close friends? He has two brothers, but he's not currently with them.
    Is your character educated (Read and write)? He's not the most educated man on the block, but he can read and write.
    Does your character have any special skills or proficiencies? Brock has survived thus far based on his strength and guile. He's quick, strong, and sneaky, which has allowed him to pass in and out of towns more or less unnoticed, taking what he needs to survive.
    Does your character have any weaknesses? He's a bit of a liar, and often gets caught as such.
    Does your character hate or fear anything? He does not like being alone, but, as you recall, he's a tough person to love, so he tends to self-sabotage any relationships he forms and end up an outsider.
    Your character’s story so far (At LEAST 5 paragraphs): There was a time in history when the world wouldn’t let an eight-year old boy be the sole provider for his two younger brothers. Apparently, there were millions of dollars in resources and thousands of caring individuals who would prevent a few children from slipping through the cracks. During that time, Brock’s story might have also been remarkable, and caused people to take notice. After the world ended, everyone suddenly stopped caring about philanthropy and orphans, probably because no one had anything to give, and the people who needed help outnumbered those who had anything to offer.

    Brock was born and grew up underground. His mother was a kind woman, but was weak and sickly from years of overwork to provide for her three boys. Brock was old enough to remember his father, as well as the bruises he suffered from his hands. At the same time, he was too young to understand how or why he could have left them all, as he did.

    His mother died from an illness when he was eight; he doesn’t know or care what it was. It came fast, incapacitated her, and claimed her life within a week’s time. That left his two brothers, age six and age two, under his care. Without his mother’s meager income, they were evicted from their tiny hovel, and forced into the streets.

    Brock was too young to work, but small and fast enough to steal, and he did so at every opportunity. When he was old enough, his younger brother joined him, and combined they were able to get by. There were times they were caught and beaten, but this hardened them. After a time, Brock stopped being so small, and was able to rob from the vault dwellers more directly and violently, as needed.

    It was through this that he began to raise the ire of the local authorities, who began to track his movements. In a robbery gone wrong, he was pursued and chased from the vaults. As he tried to flee, he was struck by a crossbow bolt in the shoulder and taken to the ground.

    The next few months, he lived incarcerated. Scarcely fed and mostly forgotten about, his only reprieve from starvation and isolation were the occasional lashings at the hands of the authorities. This continued for some time, until someone decided it was foolish to waste time and resources on a common criminal. He was taken above ground for his execution, but the sentries who escorted him were young and inexperienced, and used to more passive victims. Despite his bindings he was able to wrestle one of the sentries to the ground, and uses his knife to free himself. He then took the blade to the neck of both his captors.

    No longer a thief but a murderer, Brock fled from the vaults, his brothers’ fates uncertain. He has gone from settlement to settlement, lying, stealing, threatening, and, occasionally, charming his way to get what he needed.

    Provide an example of a role-play situation with some dialog (At least 2 paragraphs):

    Villager: Who goes there? (crossbow at the ready)
    Brock (holding his hands in the air): I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm no one. I'm just a traveler passing through.
    Villager: Come forward and show yourself...but keep your hands in the air.
    Brock (advancing forward): I don't mean anybody any harm. I'm just trying to survive out here like the rest of you.
    Villager: You armed?
    Brock: Well, you'd better believe I am. Don't survive much out here without a weapon. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to trouble you any, but would you mind if we continued this little interrogation closer to town? I'd prefer not to be caught out here by mutants while you frisk me.
    Villager:...alright. But you'll go first, and keep your hands up.
    (they head towards the lone lit up house)
    Brock: All by yourself out here?
    Brock: I know, I know, you don't trust me and you think I'm some sort of thief or murderer. I get it. I've run into my fair share of wanderers and they're never exactly what I'd call upstanding citizens.
    Brock: Look, I'm just trying to find a safe place to stay the night. If you've got room and you're willing to trade with me for a bed, I'd be much obliged. Otherwise, I'd say you can just stop the whole suspicious landowner act and let me loose.
    Villager (relaxing slightly): Suppose I say I do have a room. What do you have to offer?
    Brock: Well, that depends what you're in the market for. (He reaches his hand into the bag at his hip)
    Villager: Put your hands back up or I'll...
    Brock (pulls out a handful of seeds): Or what, you'll shoot a man with a handful of melon seeds?
    Villager (lowers the crossbow): Look, I'm sorry, it's just with these raiders all about I don't know what people are going to try to pull when they come by here. Let me see those seeds.
    Brock: My pleasure. (He throws the seeds at the Villager's eyes; he yells and raises the crossbow; a bolt fires off into the wall. Brock hits him firmly in the waist with his shoulder and tackles him to the ground, disarming him. He punches him three times until he goes limp; blood drips from his nose)
    Brock: Yes sir, you do need to be careful who you trust out here. Never know who you're going to run into...

    Describe what your character looks like and provide a picture of the skin:

    He's blond, with a scruffy beard. He's muscular but also lean, which makes him seem deceptively small.


    I slept with a cow
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Porkchops in ma underwear

    Quote: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
    Out of Character

    Minecraft account name: doctorrotcod

    Country of residence and time zone: USA - Central

    Define role playing in your own words, do you have any past role playing experiences?: Role-playing is exactly that; playing a role. It involves immersion in an alternate reality and trying to think as a person would when placed in that world. It involves assuming the role of a different person and actually trying to be that person. I have done a lot of rping, both in minecraft and otherwise

    What is your reason for applying to this server?: I’m looking for a good rp server that’s a little outside the vanilla experience.

    Have you been banned before, if so why?: I think I was once banned from a prison server when I logged out next to a wall and then respawned on the outside of the prison. Other than that, no. I don’t use hacks and I don’t break rules.

    Do you agree with our rules, how about the lore? I think the lore is great, and I agree to the rules.

    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Yes.

    Define Powergaming in your own words, example: It’s basically the formation of a “perfect” character, who has the answer for all situations even when it is clearly outside of the reality presented. An example would be someone who plays a simple civilian who suddenly is proficient with all weapons, builds a huge castle, and lords over everyone like a ruler…despite the fact that nothing in his/her background suggests this is possible. Even in the face of objections from others he/she declares all of his actions are a great success and basically forces everyone else to do his/her bidding.

    Define Metagaming in your own words, example: Using knowledge that shouldn’t be available. For example, if players are asking OOC questions that give away their location, if I were to go over to said location, “stumble upon them,” and kill them, that would be an abuse of OOC knowledge.

    In Character

    Character name: Bronson Aural

    Your character's story so far:

    When he was a little boy, Bronson’s father told him there was a time that being born amidst a meteor storm would be considered significant. But all the children of the forties were born as the sky fell, and most of them died during it too. So while the auspices of his birth were not the blessing they might have been during simpler times, his father still believed he was lucky, at least compared to the rest.

    Bronson’s father had been trained as a physician, back when there was still time for such things and university and medical school education. He became enamored with a young woman during his studies whom he eventually married, and this was Bronson’s mother. She was strong and bright, and had dreamed as a child of being commissioned with the United States navy. With the collapse of the government, this became impossible. The next best thing was IntraCorp. She joined first as a grounds operative, in charge of managing a squadron of robotic elite soldiers; as the need for human supervision waned, she was promoted into the tactical unit.

    This provided a nice life for her and her husband. But while she originally imagined her work with IntraCorp was for the good of society, once she was promoted behind the curtain, she began to learn of the horrors her company was really behind. Murdering humans for their brains, wiping our rebel groups simply for opposing the future of robotic science…this was not what she signed up for. Eight months into her pregnancy with Bronson, she resigned from her post.

    In other times, they would have killed her. But her resignation came at the dawn of a new era for Earth: the end of days. As meteors pummeled the earth, IntraCorp was destroyed…as was virtually everything. Bronson’s mother was more prepared than most, and had created an underground shelter for her and her family. It was here that she gave birth to Bronson, and where he grew up.

    Bronson was a quiet boy, but very observant. He watched as his father tinkered with an old radio he had saved from the end of the world, and as he poured over old books looking for answers. He watched as his mother trained, hour after hour, working herself into a frenzied sweat. As he grew, he began to do these things, too. His father trained him how to use machines, and how to use medicine. His mother trained him how to survive.

    When he was eighteen years old, his world changed. From his father’s workshop, the static of the radio turned to a voice. “Hello, hello, this is Adrian Pazillo, broadcasting from <static>. We are a group of twelve-hundred survivors, fighting daily to maintain the way of life we knew before the meteors. If there are other survivors out there, please respond. We will be broadcasting every day at this time on this frequency. I repeat, if there are survivors out there, please respond.”

    Bronson had never heard a voice that was not his own, his mother’s, or his father’s. His father approached the radio, but his mother cut him off. It could be a trap, she said. Regardless, they can’t be better off out there than they were in their shelter. We’d have to share our food, which wouldn’t last a month for twelve hundred people. Bronson’s father argued, but to no avail. Every day at noon, they listened to the same message, but they never responded.

    Bronson’s mother had prepared well. They had decades of food and supplies. They rationed their gas supply, and had limited electricity thanks to advanced generators she had obtained during her time at IntraCorp. However, time takes a toll on all shelters. Over time, gas had begun to leak out of its storage container, slowly pooling along the back wall of the shelter, along his mother’s training area. One day, a spark was formed, but by what, Bronson could not be sure. It ignited the gasoline and caused a large explosion. His mother was killed instantly. He and his father pulled her from the burning room, but it was too late.

    But she was not the only casualty from the explosion. Mutants, roaming the land above, had been caught in the blast. While some were killed, the others poured into the shelter from the hole that had been formed.

    Bronson’s father closed and held the door, and commanded his son to run. To find help, to find survivors, to survive. His father promised he would be okay…and promised to find him one day.

    Bronson ran into his room, and grabbed the backpack his mother made him keep ready at all times in case of such an emergency. He then climbed up the metal staircase, and opened the hatch, and felt the warmth of the sun upon his skin for the first time.

    Does or did your character have any companions or family?


    How old is your character?


    Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features?

    He is blond and pale, much more so than most who survived the apocalypse, as he has been underground from the majority of it.

    How does your character act?

    He is thoughtful and observant. He can sometimes come off as a little bit socially awkward, as he hasn’t had much exposure to other people.

    Character's occupation:

    None, really, though he’s had some rudimentary training at hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and medicine. His father also taught him some about growing plants.

    Does your character have an education?

    He can read and write, though is a little naïve.

    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced:

    He’s got some medical knowledge, and in his bag has a medical textbook that will give him some (but certainly not all) ability to deal with some minor injuries.

    Does your character hate or fear anything?

    He’s had kind of a sheltered life, so everything is a bit new and unreal to him.

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP, and Long):

    (perhaps after stumbling upon a city and finding its abandoned and overrun)

    “I’m not sure what I expected to find. I’ve been chasing this voice from the radio, with no idea where it has come from. And I’m alone. I don’t think I’ve thought about that much…I haven’t had time to. Always running, never safe. I don’t actually know if anyone else is out there…if I’m looking for something I’ll never find. “

    (yelling, now) “Can anyone hear me?! Is anyone there? I’ve done what you asked, I’ve come to this godforsaken place! I’ve left everything. Where are you? Who are you? You said I could find a safe place, that I could find…someone. Anyone. Anything.”

    (his voice is hysterical, with tears running down his face. He softens his volume to a whisper) “You said it would be better here. Whoever you are. “

    Bronson picked up his backpack, and walked off to the east, looking for survivors.

    Anything else to add?


    Provide an image of your character's skin:

    Here’s what I’m using now. I’m not super attached to it if it needs to change. http://www.minecraft...2/cloud-strife/
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]
    When will the server be up today? It keeps telling me it's down.
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]
    Excited! The spawn town (and especially castle) look great and there's a lot of good land around for expansion!
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]
    A bit of lore, still pending approval from the boss himself...

    A Primer on the Religions of Etharia

    The Scriptures of Ios

    In the first moment, there was nothing. In the next moment, there was Ios.

    The universe was unformed, but from oblivion Ios created the sun and moon, and the stars in the sky. These entities brought light to the empty universe. But though there was light, Ios was displeased. This luminescence, while beautiful, was stagnant, and through the light he could see he was alone. So Ios reached down within himself and pulled out two sparks of the energy inside him. These sparks twisted and grew in Ios’s image. Grieve represented Ios’s intellect, creativity, and insight; Vierge represented Ios’s physicality and emotion. He called them his sons.

    For a time, the three of them were all that existed. But as Ios’ sons grew, they became bored with the moon, sun, and stars. They implored their father to create more.

    So Ios created land, large stretched of plains, deserts, and forests. Then he created large, sprawling oceans, and brilliant blue skies. He populated these lands and waters with animals of all types, to keep his sons occupied.

    And they did…for a time. But soon, Vierge and Grieve grew tired of the wordless cats, the mindless cows, the simple wolves. They cried out to their father to create more beings in their image, whom they could rule over as Ios ruled over them. So Ios pulled deep inside his sons and pulled out two more sparks. From Grieve, Ios pulled the elves, and from Vierge, the humans. Ios then gave each of his sons a planet upon which their races could live and grow.

    Grieve’s elves were insightful and crafty, and they quickly learned to become one with the land and to live in harmony with their surroundings. Under Grieve’s guidance, they learned to tame the wild beasts that hunted the land, and to harvest from nature only what was needed to survive. Vierge’s humans were untamed. They ran wild across their planet, digging mercilessly at the earth to find food and tools. Yet with Vierge’s help they learned to band together and form great cities across the landscape, with bustling farms and magnificent castles.

    This continued for eons. But slowly, the elves began to vanish. While Grieve had taught the elves to rely on themselves, he had failed to teach them to rely on each other. Instead of reproducing and filling the world, the elves mostly stuck to themselves, living as hermits scattered across the planet, dying off one by one. Meanwhile, Vierge’s humans needed no help in dying. Vierge had taught them to expand and to dominate the beasts of their world. Yet when everything had been defeated, they began to war with each other. They drained their world of every ounce of energy, every precious resource, just to be the last human standing on a barren world.

    Ios saw this, and was displeased. He summoned his sons to him, and mocked their failures. It was a waste of their godly life-force to allow their wards to die off so easily. He told them he would allow them to begin again, but on the same world this time, and that the demise of their races would mean the demise of them. With that, he banished them both from the heavens, and down to Etharia.

    The brothers sat atop the highest mountain, and for days they spoke and they planned. They reasoned the only way for their races to survive were to coexist, and to learn from each other. And so it was; Vierge’s humans were stopped from draining the world’s resources by Grieve’s elves; Grieve’s elves were driven together to from cities and bonds by the threat of Vierge’s humans.

    So it came to be that the people of Etharia worshipped Grieve and Vierge, and above all Ios, who mad the lives of the elves and of humanity possible. For generations, soldiers have passed down prayers spoke to Vierge, who has numerous times been spotted on the battlefield fighting alongside the true believers. And as such, those in need pray to Grieve, who has often presented his followers with precisely the gift that will get them out of a tricky situation. But all know that it is Ios who brings the sun, and Ios who brings the rain. He does not waste time with games; when he is crossed or spited, he simply swallows the souls of those who would oppose him.

    The Ancient Gods

    Though the Order of Ios is the largest religion of Etharia, there are still those who believe in the Ancient Gods. Though there have been many reports of Grieve and Vierge wandering amongst human and elven society, the Old Religion does not deny the two’s existence; it simply believes in a separate origin.

    In the Old Religion, Etharia existed first, before all other things, a barren wasteland. From within the bowels of the planet itself sprung the Ancient Gods, who shaped and formed the planet.

    Galavar shaped the land and gave birth to the plants and animals that provide the people of Etharia with food and resources. His blessings bring good harvest and booms in the animal population; his punishments are pestilence and drought.

    Piel formed the oceans and the creatures within them. His blessings bring calm seas for travel and good luck to fishermen; his punishments are terrible storms that cause much destruction to men and their property.

    Fenris created the skies and filled them with the sun and the moon. Her blessings bring about long days and calm weather; her punishments have been known to cause endless night and endless rain.

    Grieve created science, and brings to men and elves the intellect to advance their societies. He rewards his followers with precious gems and new technology; he punishes his enemies by stopping their growth and striking them with senility.

    Vierge created war, and gave men and elves strength to fight. His blessings bring good luck in battle; his punishments are certain death and defeat.

    Shiara created monsters, and all things unnatural. She is reviled by most, but for those who choose to worship her she grants protection from the undead and evil creatures that stalk the earth; she punishes the rest with her never ending swarms of darkness.

    Bastria and Farothar created the netherworld and world of end. While good men and women who pass into the afterlife ascend to the stars for eternity, those who die with evil in their hearts return as beasts of the netherworld, forever basking in the stifling, arid heat. For those whose lives have been less black and white, they are reformed and men and women of the End World; faceless, emotionless creatures who forever wander the surface of Etharia until they have paid their penance and are allowed to finally move on.

    Religion, as it stands today

    The vast majority of humans belong to the Order of Ios, though some are unaffiliated with any religion. The Old Religion is less popular in humans and has mostly been stifled by the Order within most human cities; though it is not uncommon to find those who live away from centers of commerce who still believe in the Ancient Gods, they are generally used by most civilized humans in the form of superstitions, old wives’ tales, and storybooks.

    The elves are much more complicated. Isolated elven cities are dedicated nearly entirely to the Old Religion. The practice of the Old Religion in many human towns is forbidden, and thus there are many Elves that have assimilated into human cities and converted to the Order of Ios, though there are still certainly those who practice the Old Religion in secret. There are some elven settlements that have entirely converted to the Order of Ios, though large sects of the elven population have sworn off religion all together.

    The leader of the Order of Ios is the High Vicar, who is the final word on all official religious practices of the Order. The Old Religion has no formalized leader, but there are local leaders with various titles whom hold much sway over the devout.


    That's it for now, I'll be working on expanding this information. In the spawn town you'll find a church dedicated to each religion, The Order of Ios (insignia: a lapis crescent moon), and the Old Religion (insignia: an emerald symbol that looks very slightly like the "pi" symbol). I'll try to add lore in the form of books as I am able...which is pending my being on when the server is up!
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]
    I never seem to be able to find the server when it is open! I'll keep trying!
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]
    Forgot two things...

    First, Gustave is a human.

    Second, sorry about the dead parents. Just read the other posts. At least it's somewhat different.
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    posted a message on Etharia [Medieval RP] [Survival] [1.4.5 bukkit]

    Name: Rob
    IGN: doctorrotcod
    Age: 28
    Current Server: Craftsylvania


    Character Name: Gustave Armand
    Wanted Job: Farmer, and perhaps Innkeeper
    Character History:

    Gustave was born into wealth. His father was a a powerful and somewhat notorious lord, imperialistic and stern. He conquered the surrounding provinces and waged two decades of war, laying siege to claim after claim until the entire region was under his control.

    The people of the province, unsurprisingly, suffered from the endless turmoil. But while they slaved away in the fields and lost their lives on the battlefield, Gustave had the luxury of a privileged upbringing. While the youths of the province were stolen from their homes and trained to be soldiers, Gustave learned etiquette and diplomacy. While the men and women of the land mourned their fallen loved ones, Gustave was groomed to continue his father's conquests.

    Gustave's fathers militaristic ways, however, had not gone unnoticed. The remaining lords of the province met in secret and devised a plot to finally bring an end to his tyranny. They began to send spies to stir up unrest amongst the population of the province, and this unrest turned to revolution. In the middle of the night of his eighteenth birthday, the citizens stormed their lord's manor and seized him and his entire family. They burned them alive in the streets, and then took to the pubs to celebrate their freedom.

    Gustave may have lacked the strength to stop them, but his years of high-borne living were not without some merit. As the people stormed his home, he disappeared through an underground tunnel. While the people rioted, he assumed a new identity as a vicar in the clergy, and escaped the province as part of a pilgrimage to foreign lands.

    Two years have passed since he left his homeland behind. His wayfaring is at an end, and he has just arrived in the lands of Etharia. On the surface he seems kind and generous; out of his church he operates a large farm and gives much of what he grows to the poor and needing amongst the populace. His doors are always open to those who have nowhere else to go. But beneath his exterior, his motives are unclear. Has he left his past truly behind him, or is there a larger scheme at play

    I'd love to get a chance to RP with you guys, and would certainly be willing to help out with creating spawn or anything else that you might need help with.
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    posted a message on 1.4 Co-operative survival [Whitelist] [Vanilla]
    IGN: doctorrotcod
    Age: 28
    Blue, Green, or Red?: Blue! Though I suppose I much prefer yellow
    Structural Creation skill level of 1-10: 8 (I deduct two points for my crappy redstone skills)
    Violence Strategic skill level of 1-10: 2? I'm not sure I understand what you mean but I've killed me some enderdragons in my day
    One complete sentence of what you can provide for this server: I'm friendly and helpful, and I love building and farming
    How active can you be?: Usually fairly regular, though might have a couple days in a row where I can't be on
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