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    I have decided that for too long trekkies have not had a minecraft mod! I will make that mod. This mod will be developed by a team (U.S.S Modder). The team is currently:
    Captain doctor82

    First Officer:

    Commander 89Mods

    Commander 89Mods

    Engineering (Textures):
    Lt Cmdr CubedCraftingMan

    Science (Modelers)
    Lt Cmdr Spencerthelizard

    We are looking for anyone willing to help out. An very experienced coder would be a great help though.

    Pm me/Post below if you are interested in joinin

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    Quote from darlekhunter

    I want to help out i am in the process of learning to code for mods such as this. also i am a Trekker and will gladly help.

    Question what time period or series do you want to create the mod for. TOS, TNG, ENT, or the Temporal cold war?

    I think I will try to make it as generic as possible but will, when nessecary base it off TOS
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    Quote from whoeverheis

    Now that I think about it, where'd the Doctor go? He must have time traveling to work on the TARDIS and he got the timing screwed up when he tried to come back. Now I know how Amy must feel. You're keeping us waiting, Ragedy Man! And nobody here gets the reference I'm making, huh?

    People don't understand time. It's not what you think it is. … People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect... but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff.
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    I am starting an xcom in minecraft mod. Please put it here if you are interested in helping me.
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    This is my first Challenge please suggest ideas for later levels.

    The aim of this challenge is to make a city but instead of slowly building a medieval or modern city like many Tekkit challenges
    you will start from a stone age camp ending with a modern city.

    In many levels there are item requirements that use the format ([number]xP). in this P is the number of players eg (2xP) means 2 of this iteare needed for one player, 4 for 2, 6 for 3 ect

    Every few levels there is an sognificant event. They will hepave various effects that last until specified. Any updates during levels is maked with [Event:(EventName)] then the change.


    Alpha 1.0 - Created challenge
    Alpha 2.0 - Added Stage 2
    Alpha 3.0 - Added Stage 3
    Alpha 3.5 - Added Maggot Infestation

    You cannot mine without a helmet

    You must mine in a 3x3 tunnel or staircase with support beams every 10 blocks (cave do not have to be supported, as they are natural)

    You must build paths between all buildings as you make them to progress in a stage

    You may use things you find in villages, chests, or from rare mob drops (excluding ingots) that you are not allowed to create yet

    Play on any difficulty you wish (including peaceful)

    Rotten Flesh does not count as food to meet food need in stages, however it still may be eaten.

    Items that need to be in the Treasury or Research Center must stay in the Treasury or Research Center (Well, at least in the Research Center until it is not needed there any more). If for any reason you need to take some out, they must be replaced in order to complete the stage. Items that are needed but not for Treasury or Research Center may be used after stage is complete without any penalty.

    You Must follow all rules and restrictions for every stage!

    No Cheating or using mods or Texture-Packs like X-ray!

    Only play challenge in Tekkit Mod Pack (NO TECHNIC! This challenge was not designed for it, as it has mods that are not in Tekkit.)

    You May do this Multi-Player, but all players must have a home of their own

    Lvl 1: Pre-Stone age


    You must create the foundations of your city in order to begin colonization, but it appears this place is not as desolate as it first seemed.....

    No use of any blocks of any block you need a pickaxe to mine (excluding Coal)
    Only Wooden Tools Allowed
    No crafting anything from mob drops (excluding bone to bonemeal)

    Need To Progress:
    Build a house with:
    A front door
    A Living Area
    A seperate bedroom (with bed)
    A fenced off farm with:
    (10xP) Wheat
    (2xP) Flax

    Items Required:
    (1xP) Stacks of planks or (16xP) logs
    (5xP) Food
    (1xP) Leather Helmets

    Lvl 2: Stone Age:

    Your tribe is rapidly expanding and have discovered stone. You must upgrade you camp to make room for the expanding population

    No Building with Stone/Sandstone/Marble
    No Modded Items (except Sickle)
    No Smelting/using Ingots

    Need To Progress:
    Build 2 more houses with:
    A front door
    A Living Area
    A seperate bedroom (bed not needed)

    Build Elders House with:
    A Front door
    A Chest (the treasury)

    Up grade farm to having:
    (20xP) Wheat
    (8xP) Flax
    (3xP) Sugar Cane

    Mine 10 blocks deep

    Items Required:
    (1xP) Full sets of stone tools (Hoe, Sword, Sickle, Pick, Axe, Shovel)

    Lvl 3: Bronze age:

    Your tribe has discoved the fact that if you put ore in a furnace you smelt it and has discovered bronze.

    You can only use tin and copper for smelting bronze.
    No making machines
    No using mods other that ic2 and weapons mod but only for tools
    No building with stone

    Need To Progress:
    Build a small blacksmith's house with:
    Front Door
    Living Area
    Seperate bedroom
    Seperate work area in front connected to the living area by a door
    A furnace in the work area
    Build a tribal barracks with:
    A training room with a dummy in it
    A storage room with a chest with an Bronze Sword in it

    Items Required:
    (1xP) Bronze Sword
    (1xP) Bronze Chestplate

    Significant Event: Maggot Infestastion

    For the first day you must collect as much wheat as possible. From then on the wheat not stored is infested with maggots so can't be harvested.

    To Be Continued...
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