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    I am not the best at writing these, but please hang with me.

    This is LameMC, we have been around since 9/3/19! The world is brand new. I have hosted servers before, but they always fail. With the question: "Whats your favorite fruit" put - "I dont eat fruit". This is gonna be my first server thats not gonna fail(Thats the goal)!

    LameMC is gonna have many kinds of players that have certain abilities, and are great at them. For example, I am great at building.

    I am looking for:
    -Game mechanic experts

    -Be Nice

    -Be Mature

    -Have Common Sense

    -Dont grief. You wont get away with it =)

    -Dont ask for staff. I will give trusted players access to certain things(Will be moderation powers)

    -Ask if you want to use a minimap or quality of life mods. If caught using and did not get perms to use will be punished(Not banned).

    -Have FUN!

    If any of this interests you please send this application to: The_Lame_Guy#7632 - You can also send questions, concerns too.


    -Preferred name:
    -About your self:
    -What are you good at:
    -Screenshots of your work(Most important one):
    -Why do you want to join LameMC:
    -Whats your favorite Fruit:
    -Marvel or DC Comics(Optional):

    Thats for reading this far if you have read this far! Hope you liked it!

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    I like that the community is super nice, and helpful. The staff is cool, and always takes your suggestions, ideas into consideration if they have the time to do so.


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