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    This is beyond ridiculous. I've sat about 2 hours on this stupid frikking research of obsidian wand core. These stupid runes don't want to form a birdge, and I haven't got points to spent to activate and deactivate nonstop. The aspect points necessary are always a frikking rarity. "Go explore.." How much more can I go to explore? Been exploring about 10 hours just for aspects nodes. They're rare, but they're there.

    This research system is the absolute utter garbage. I get that the old system in TC3 was too easy. People maxed out stuff in matter of hours. But now, sitting hours on end on one single piece of garbage research? Really? Gimme a break. When I play a game, I want to play a game for entertainment not work. When I go to work I earn a paycheck not frustration.

    I found this system cool and easy you will have to activate and deactivate runes a few times some times so you can move them since you cant move active runes and that can be a pain but overall this system is so much better then the old research methods. It makes you think some and thats good.
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    Hey, first of all I want express my never ending love for this mod! It's so great. <3 But I was wondering if there was a quicker way to stack up on research points for the primal aspects? Having to wait for them to regenerate on the research table is a ­, expesically when you get stuck on a particular research note.

    Also, link to the new wiki? It's not popping up on google yet.

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