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    posted a message on Bukkit 1.5 download [WORKS]
    Thank you, should be good enought to add basic protection to my temp vanilla server :)
    sneaky is clever - that code helped me gettin my fork right! genius!
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    posted a message on 100% Bukkit 1.5 usable items!
    Complete ­, you cant have whole redstonelogic and chestupdate in your build.. i tried it myself and got a built with crashin items and chestfix, i also came around changin properties of new items to stone and addin them but for whole logic and api we got to wait for new bukkit. Your completly lyin - even if you have that friend from bukkits core devs(that you aren't namin - which i would if i have one) the first devs on their internal jenkins are NOT finished in that short time...

    Fake and Gay - Close please.
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    posted a message on BAMcraft needs YOU to become a part of it.

    Since BAMcraft started in 2009 we had a several thousand players playing here. While we had home-servers in 2009, serving Minecraft classic with an always-full 30 slot mclawl/mczall server we changed 2010 to hosted v-servers with h-Mod and in 2011 to a full dedicated Minecraft server on Bukkit.

    We never had great income with donations, but i also never cared for it, i am paying the server out of my pocket and as long i have the great fun in technically administer it its no problem for me. Since we were offering Minecraft Beta servers restricted to the German language we lost a lot of players so we decided to reopen our server to worldwide players early this year. We hoped finding more people joining & actively playing on BAMcraft and we are having a great progress on that – but we are loosing them as quick as they are joining because of inactive mostly German Moderators which are no longer willing to play because most of them lost the fun in it. As result of it there are less people joining and playing, and my mods are even more unmotivated…

    I’am not sure what the reason is, and why we are not really having success with our servers since we are by far more structured stable and blessed with good plugins than a lot of other servers with 200+ active users. Users.. That’s the key to our success and that’s where i am currently out of ideas.

    We are searching new Admins, Mods and Supporters which are willing to help me out. We want them to become a active part of BAMcraft, help me and other players and bringing the server back to the glory of its younger days… If you are feeling mature enough to take over some responsibility and are able to spend some of your free time you can for sure have a great time at BAMcraft and build & play together with your friends.


    We are probably searching not many of them, our team currently has 2 Admins, bloodsushi and djrazr and could maybe need 2 more Admins. Requirement is mature behavior and being active in-game and on our Teamspeak 3 Server. Nice would be if he comes from the american timezones cause we are currently having alot of players from canada and amerika, but no staff from there.


    Moderators are like Admins but with less responsibility. I would also allow younger players to become a member and help fighting Griefers & Idiots. Mods are the right hand of admins & also a important part of the team. They are keeping the mass of common problems away from Admins & are polite supporters for players problems.


    While Admins and Mods are not longer real players cause they have no real inventory, no money and no homes (they are still playin here ant there – but they are a bit more busy doin other stuff) supporters are real player. There are not mutch benifits in being a supporter but they have some of the commands vips are having (Fly and Tp). Supporters are really just the friendly guys helping new players but also people helping the server to grow with making Youtube Videos or Advertisements for BAMcraft. As loosy as it sounds, they are really important in forming the public image of BAMcraft.

    Feel free to write an application at our forums ( or just help me out posting your ideas & tips.

    I really appreciate any kind of answer to this. I am not sure how long ill keep the servers up if nothing changes.

    Have a look at our Server at
    or speak to us on our Teamspeak 3 Server at
    We also have a Website at

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    posted a message on + Minecraft Weekly Builds - Snapshot "Pre-Releases" +
    I'am currently workin on a small "Get latest Build" Script.. maybe i'll add RSS if its wished :) Other technical possibility would be a Twitter Account which checks for latest Build and Posts that...

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    posted a message on [TOOLKIT] Mod Coder Pack (MCP)
    Okaay... is there a way to have the reobfuscater more secure? Because all my new code is now easy to see with the others having the mcp too ... -.-'
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    posted a message on BAMcraft [Bukkit][Multiserver][Multiworld][200+10 Slots]
    Welcome to BAMcraft! We are a young multigaming clan and want to present you our minecraft server.
    It is quite new (installed on 20/3/11) but full of plugins right now.
    We also have a connected second server for events, and stuff like that.
    Special on bamcraft you can visit nether, use Speed/Fly Hack (We are proud to introduce the BAMclient at this point)

    Usable installed features:
    NPC (+ buy & sell system)
    Money drop on mobkills
    Home, Home set and Home invite
    Usermap (dynmap)

    To pay our server we are also offering a VIP rank for 2€ a month.
    Specials are /i (give items) and /tp and /tphere
    IP: &
    Temspeak 3:
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    posted a message on zombe's modpack [V9.0.2 upd: 02 Dec. 15]

    Second: For all lazy Guys.. I wrote a little Patcher.
    It includes zombe's and the Serverport Plugin. (

    PLEASE ZOMBEE!!! Would u add a command to choose last commands... u know those irc features... with arrow up..
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    posted a message on Add an Online/Offline indicator to your Server Topic
    Server Status: .. doesnt work
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