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    posted a message on Does cps actually matters?

    So i want to ask a question to the 1.8 pvpers.

    Does cps actually matters?

    Bcuz I've been playing on a server with my friend whos cps is like 8.

    I have 14 cps with jitter click and 21 with butterfly clicking. But he still kills me every time.

    I want to take advice from you guys like what should i use during pvp?

    I cant do w-tap bcuz i cant get the timing.

    Im Sorry if this is this wrong thread to post this kinda stuff.

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    posted a message on Redstone concrete converter
    Quote from Mythbusters123»

    Does anyone know how to make the concrete converter Mumbo made in his Redstone video: ? can someone show me how to make it without all the clutter around it, been trying for hours, can't seem to get it to work.

    EDIT: The farm that you specified is works to.
    Its Redstone it can be a mess

    make a zero tick piston near a water to turn the concrete powder into concrete.

    Then push the concrete to a place where a tnt can explode it.

    Check this video of Mumbo.

    I know thius is a snapshot video but it still works on 1.15

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    posted a message on Pull 1 stack of items only

    It is possible.

    Firstly you need a chest or a hopper with 1 stack of items.

    Take a comparator output then connect ot with a powered rail

    When the one stack is done then the minecart will go off in the distance.

    If you want a tutorial kinda thing, check out mumbo's super smelter.

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    posted a message on A New Enchantment Idea - Freeze aspect

    Like the fire aspect can be applied on the sword.

    There should be a Freeze Aspect. (Name is under process)

    Freeze Aspect would freeze any mobs or player when used.

    And Like Flame on Bow

    There should be ice on the Bow also

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    posted a message on What is wrong with my mob farm?
    Quote from dexstorm96»

    Sorry but I tested in a world and that's spawn :/ I really don't understand

    Can you do F3+G ? See if something is wrong

    Or give me the world on mediafire

    I Just deleted the world and made a new one.

    It works in the new world.

    Was not working on this world, For some reason idk.

    Well it is fixed now. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    posted a message on best way to mine for cobble in SKYBLOCK.

    I was just playing Skyblock.

    I found a weird way to mine cobble. So that it does not lose in the lava.

    When you mine the cobble block, Stand on top of it.

    And then Stand on the place where your cobble will generate.

    Stay in the place and keep mining the cobblestone.

    Like showed in the pictures.

    Most of the times you will not lose the cobble.

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