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    posted a message on 😈 KA Anarchy Server 😈 NO RULES 😈 NO ADMINS 😈 WAR ON SERVER 😈

    Now there are a lot of anarchy server's what makes this special?

    Duh, no rules, no admins, fresh new map, war on server.

    So hacked clients?


    Owner? Hard to say?

    Discord is basically anarchy too. You can chat on it, make friends, and best yet, it's not setup.



    main IP mc.mcnm.pw
    ALT IP

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    posted a message on [Whitelist] Majestic Thrive [1.9.X - 1.12.X] - No greifing - Server/Player decided resets

    Server owner : djlw78 been hosing since 2012

    This server is targeted for mature Minecraft players, although we will consider you 14 and up.

    Our plugins

    Core protect (To Backup players builds)

    Furniture (used to reward players for good building)

    ViaVersion (Allows players to join from 1.9 on 1.12)


    No Greifing

    Friendly PvP only

    No modded clients, or hacks

    No racism or extensive bad language

    No spamming or advertising

    No theft

    If you are banned for any reason your stuff will be open house

    In the comment section submit your application


    General Location:

    Your reason for wanting to join the server?:

    Will you join our discord server?:

    What kind of skills do you have in Minecraft?:

    What style of builder are you?:

    Have you read the rules and additional information?:

    discord: https://discord.gg/wBfsM8b

    ",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif">Server IP:

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    posted a message on Livel Craft Survival Themed Server, Protocol Support, Old Mechanics!

    Survival server, infused with old minecraft mechanics, protocol support, paperspigot maximum performance. grief protection, rollback plugin.

    Discord = https://discord.gg/pXMSm9u

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    posted a message on PrivateCraftMC - Bounced up survival that meets your creative needs. While staying calm. Interactive, looking for mature players

    Well, I see you have found yourself clicking on my privatecraftmc post, now this server uses a number of plugins to make sure we can keep things together a few rules and guidelines follow, and a signup form you can post in the bottom or Join our discord.

    I won't be too specific on what we use to ensure security, we have a basic anticheat, among other protection plugins that protect against grief.

    Essentials - only with the help of admin mode

    Craftbook - This is where the magic happens, this plugin allows you to expand your survival with bridges, tree farms, doors, everything you need.

    Player Time - Check how long you have been on, the longer you have the more we will respect you.

    ViaVersion - This allows you to go back to 1.9 and play on our 1.12.2 server if you wish. Not sure why but some people find older versions less laggy.

    Basic rules:

    Don't be abusive to other players, chat wise, or troll wise.

    Don't grief other players.

    Be respectful to an accepted extent. Voicing your option is okay just don't use caps...

    Don't attack players without concent, punching to get attention is okay, try asking them first.

    [possible to add more as time goes on]

    You can leave this template here or on discord, we also accept streaming as long as you don't leak IP.

    We only accept people over 17, if you are caught lying about this you will be removed and players will be able to claim your stuff.


    IGN (in game name)*:



    Why should we accept you:

    Anything else, thing's you wish to see? events?... :

    Join Our Discord -> [https://discord.gg/XUeSCSK]

    Don't have discord? you can remain in contact here, but discord is highly recommened.

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    posted a message on White-listed, Pure Vanilla, Mature, Discord, Friendly Server! *Apply Now*
    IGN (In game name) Required: xOpWarriorx
    Discord Username + 4 digit code (example: FrankTheTank#2301) Required: djlw78#8980
    Location on the Map: USA? Very specifically Iowa.
    Age (reference to school/work) Required: Senior Year, 18
    What are your intentions when you come on?: To make Minecraft great again To be very helpful, and build amazing things.
    Are you willing to speak verbally with the owner upon joining?: Yes need to figure out were I put my headphones but that is a possibility.
    Will you abide by all rules stated above?: Indeed. They are all necessary.
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    posted a message on RedCraft - Vanilla - Whitelist - 1.12.2 - Starting Soon!

    Age: 18

    Minecraft Name : xOpWarriorx

    Discord : djlw78

    Favorite Thing To Do Ingame : Administrate I suppose, my field of interest lines with developing operating system's anymore. I want to explore my old favorite game opportunity's though.

    Strengths : Just about everything I have a good strength in. (I am really good at management)

    Weaknesses : Total complete idiots. Possibly having a builder's eye. I am bad at designing the finest details.

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    posted a message on ∞Infinity Factions ∞ ∞Need a Co-Owner∞

    I applied I PM'ed you.

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    Are you using java 7 or 8?

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    posted a message on My Server keeps on crashing and idk why!

    double check that all your mods are updated to 1.7.10 and match the client this should fix it.

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    posted a message on (URGENT HELP) Disable 'Saved Toolbars' on server

    Umm just downgrade there's no good way to disable it without plugin packets. Also my.to is a virus site.

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    posted a message on Server laggy with low TPS

    Did you try giving your server a rest? They should stay cool but if they get too warm (bad on management end) then will not work as well. You also may want to check out your malisiscore. It is generating some nice network info.

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    posted a message on My Server keeps on crashing right when I start it!

    I am no professional at reading error logs but I can suggest if you have control over it get a fresh copy of everything (fml, mod loader, what ever you use)...

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    posted a message on [1.8] Permissionsex Problem

    You could also do "pex user [user] group set [group]". This might also help, in a fair alternative if you feel comfortable putting your perms file on a Pastebin and ill fix it.

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    posted a message on [Custom] I'm updating an old server and i'ts generating unexpected...

    I'm updating an old server (developing) and it's generating unexpected errors. I can fix all these error's I need help pin pointing where they are possibly coming from.

    Each time I join it generates a new crazy error. Example:

    Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: readerIndex(6) + length(8) exceeds writerIndex(6): PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf(ridx: 6, widx: 6, cap:6)

    I'm using http://wiki.vg I am unsure if I am reading it correctly but I can guess i'm right.

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